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14 of August, 2022.

Welcome. This is my page, so you can get to know me. Pop a comment down below so we can get to know each other C;

Credits: Thank you Coldie for the gradient, Eggy for fixing my code, Frosti for the name, (coldie coding), and every bloggo-bean who contributed to this page <3

Of course, this is Winnie-chan's domain, so feel free to pay respects to Crystalday's alter at the bottom :)


(motivated :)))


My sonas

(past and current) Furrsonas


win's current sona is a small, silky silver-whitish she-cat. They have silver, gray, and dark-gray patches, with a small scattered silver specks around her fore-paws like a bracelet. Her eyes have tear-drop silver shaped around them, which glows dimly in the moonlight. Their eyes are a dim, pale golden.


Hazelmist: sleek, golden tabby with bright amber eyes, and beigeish paws. /this had a medium reign, but xey got bored of it quickly and changed.

Raincloud/Hazelmist: sleek, small, fluffy, dark-brown she-cat with small white flecks and leaf-green eyes, and beige paws./this was the longest sona i had.

(others i can't really remember but- 🏳‍🌈)

About Me

General Trivia

  • NOBODY likes me:')
  • i have a discord username, That one person #7294
  • be my friend😩✨
  • my first name was Griffinclaw :P
  • i joined sep, 4th (i think) of 2021!!
  • i hate tomato sauce
  • i love y'all
  • emotionally depressed-
  • B
  • T
  • S
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
  • favorite color is purple
  • gachatuber C;
  • loves jinnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (and the rest of bts)
  • sunshine deserves more :C
  • fav song is yet to come by BTS <3 [their last song they currently made before going on hiatus :(]

Warriors Trivia

My fav is Ivypool! Her personality is great and she is good at everything <3 Twigbranch, Pebbleshine, Stonefur, Juniperclaw, Princess, Blackstar are close tho!

If i was a cat, and i would apply to the rules of pelts, i would be a brilliant, flame-coloured she-cat with a fluffy tail and green eyes :D and i will be called Flamesplotch cuz it sounds nice :3

My tribe name is Wren That Flies Through Flecks Of Rain

Will you believe it? My spirit animal is A TURTLE? I THOUGHT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A CAT OR SMTHING

I am in ThunderClan-SkyClan

I am most like Lionblaze what

My fav med cat is Alderboi

I am most like Cinderpelt as a med cat

Oh yea thats all ikr


  • first up, my beloved fanfiction, Final Wish!


My personality is hard to pinpoint. When you get to know me, i'd be silly and outgoing. I'm extremely possesive of my things, which include books, toys, and others. I'm generally friendly, but i dont trust anyone irl friends enough to tell them my true feelings. I fiddle alot.

what people think of me-

I'd say i'm kind, have a lot of courage, as well as being brave enough to say what's on my mind. (By Sorrels) Funny, unique, outgoing, and a great mentor :> (by Rabbi) sarcastic but generally friendly, also supportive of your friends (by Snowwy) Very nice, caring, generous smart and so slicky swicky frickity frackity wickity splat AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (By Foxi!) Tysm guys!


Life Goes On by BTS

Epiphany by JIN of BTS


Euphoria by Jung Kook of BTS

Love Shot by EXO


Magic Shop by BTS

Love To Hate Me by BLACKPINK

Permission to Dance by BTS

Butter by BTS

Filter by Jimin Of BTS

Stay Gold by BTS

Lovesick Girls by BLACKPINK


Christmas Tree by V of BTS

Spring Day by BTS

(there's way more :P)

On The Blog

I Joined In...

Hazelmist joined the blog on September 4th, 2021. She was under a different name, Griffinclaw. She is now known as HAZELMIST ofc.

Where I Am

I usually am very active on BlogClan Art, The Tavern, Roleplaying Discussion Page, and birthday posts <3. Sadly, i do not visit the games page, hug page, and some others, because i am busy with work (I pop in and out tho!)


I consider anyone my friend! Write your name here!! <3333

Lilypaw/fox (Foxi) <3

Your loving father, Keeko




Frosti (Frostpaw/shine)

Margaydrift (aka Loneheart)


Embersong! (emmy)





Monkeyfreeze :P

Glitchedstorm <3!


Rabbitpaw/fur ^w^

(How dare I not be here sooner) Lionesspaw ♡

Froggy! :D

Aquila :)

MabelBarley (Hazelpaw)!

Coldie! <3

(I thought I was already here) Daydust!

Ivyshadow :)

Minty<3(I also thought my name was already here)

Flarey (Flareheart)

Mounty! :)


Stormiiii (Stormpaw/flurry) who should have been on here a lot sooner 😛 (ah hi Stormi!)

Captain :D

Fluffy! (Fluffpaw)

Scarketkit would like to meet you

Cricket! (Cricketheart)



Write here what ya think of me!!

Raincloud is so smart, they're so cool and kind and NOICE and just so uhkyiftudyrs ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and a big part to the blog *breathes* it's just.... ya can't just replace them// Raincloud is that great <3 -ANONYMOUS :0- (jk it's Foxi <3) (Driftie edit: Thank you so much!! Your the best!! (P.S for a moment, i thought you wrote ugly in the key smash 😛

Snowdrift has a cool name.and is really nice-Snowpaw/storm (Drifto's Edit: Tank YOus! Your name is cool to! <33333)

Snowdrift is really cool!!! They are an amazing person and they make the blog a better place! Also, good luck getting in the Emberden, it's quite hard >:) - Frosti. (Thankies, Frosti! And i shall get in >:) And i like cupcakes, especially you >:)

Drifto is amazing and ahhhhhhhh what would the blog do without you? :) - Mossi (AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH WHAT WOULD THE BLOG DO WITHOUT YOU? <333333333)

I really appreciate Snow's vibrant personality and presence on the Blog. She's truly a one of a kind person - Margayyyyyy the proud INFP-A (drifto edittt: thankiessss your the best!)

Snowdrift is- AMAZING. She is always popping in the tavern and never misses a chance to help people and relate. I love YOu! <333 -Iceriver (Ahhh thank you Icie! ILY <33333)

Snow's JUST well- the best! She has an amazing roleplay, Fallen Shadows, and i love her positive and caring nature! - Emmy (Embersong) (✨ILYSM✨, Embersie! (can i call you that?) thank for advertising my roleplay and thank you for your kind words!)

🤔hmmm🤔 Where should i start? Yes! ❄Snowz❄ is a great and funny person and i love her creative names. ;jfdkfjheifhdjkfhekfsjh she is da best! she is brilliant at ✨KINDESS✨ and stuff <333333333 - Coldflake (oh, oh, oh, thank you so much for writing this! Your also the best, Coldy!)

Snowdrift is amamzing and cool and kind and fun and caring and crative and the coolest person ever and she is active everywhere and i love ur coding, by the way! - Catheart (Thanks, Catheart! Yes, i love the coding too)

ahhh lemme just list the words your are: kind, tender-hearted, loving, perfect - Goldenie (Ahhh i don't deseerve this, thanks, Goldenwish!)

Snow is a great writer and a very kind soul! I enjoy her company even though I don't know about her much </3. I hope to learn more! Good job Snowie! ~Glitchedstorm <3 (ooch, Glitchedstorm, thank you! I also enojoy the company of you. Thank you!)

Snowy is an amazing kind and wonderful mentor! I can't imagine my blogclan life without her as my lovely mentor:D - Rabbitpaw/fur, your fluffy apprentice (Thanks, Rabbitpaw! Your the best (and Only) apprentice i could have! I can't imagine my life without you!! <33)

Snowdrift is really nice! She is amazig and so much fun to talk to! I love her bouncy persoality and she is literally just AWESOME!! <3 _Frogpaw/storm :D (Oh Froggy, thank u so much! I could say the exact same abt you! <33)

Snowdrift is kind, caring, and helpful! We all arre lucky to have her on the blog. -Nightpaw/wind (Awww thank you! I appreciate this <3)

Snowdrift is the best! She's so kind and cheerful! She's active so she never misses anything on the blog! we are so lucky to have her a part of BlogClan. -MabelBarley (Hazelpaw) (tHANK YOU SO MUCH HAZELPAWW ILY! Thank you for the kind words, i appreciate it :D)

Fren (Friend) :D -Daydust (Woah :O Big word :OOO You are my fren too :F)

Raincloud was very friendly and welcoming to me!! I don't know you very well but hopefully we can be friends! - Ivyshadow (Thank you so much, Ivy! You are an amazing person and deserves to be welcomed)

Raini has awesome art and an even awesomer personality!! I love being her friend and I appreciate her presence on the blog! ~Tricks <3 (Trickssss tysm! You have awesome art and i'm glad i'm considered ur friend <3 You are mine <3333)

Hazie is very nice and kind to others and sweet too! She is a great friend! -Minty<3 (Ahhh Minty thank you so much! I appreciate what you said, and tysm for your kind words <333 ily)

Hazie is so funny and bubbly and awesome and adventurous and just a really, really awesome person who is greatly appreciated on the Blog! Hazie, keep being the amazing person you are!! ~Mounty (Thank you Mounty! This is really kind and i could say the same about you! Unrelated, ily fanfic! tysm ily <3333 ^^)

Heyyy your bestio friend Icee here<3 I am so happy to be here writing on this expertly coded page, and coded with excellent colors<3 I am hoping that we become great friends<3 Love again your bestio frendo Iceeeeee<333 (Thank you so much Icee! This is Coldie's coding but thanks anyways!)

Hazie is super amazing and fantastic and an awesome sister!ilysm ur amazing!-Snowo/Snowwy


If You've made art of me, feel free to put the here!

Thanks to Mounty, Nessi, Rabbi, Wolfsong, and many others for drawing me! Ilysm <3

My Art!

This is Art I've Made! If I've Drawn You, Feel Free to Display It!




Old Purrsona!