Other Names Winter, Win, Wint
Relatives Two Brothers
Affiliation BlogClan, BlogClan 2 Wikia, Warriors Wiki
Biographical information
Mentor N/A
Apprentice Formerly: Willowpaw (Willowrain), Lupinepaw (Lupinetail), Bluebellpaw (Bluebellsponge)
Rank Currently: Senior Warrior

Formerly: Warrior, Medicine Cat Apprentice, Apprentice

Physical description
Gender Male
Breed Cat (Human)
Fur Color White-and-Black
Eye Color Dark Green

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Winterwhisper is a tall, fluffy white tom with black blotches, a black tail, and a black face spot covering one eye and ear. He has big, dark green eyes, and a long, plumy tail.

Personality[edit | edit source]

When Winterwhisper first joined the Blog, he was very shy and nice and innocent. Over time, especially after being chosen as the Medicine Cat Apprentice, he became louder and more flamboyant. He was sassy and snarky and just a generally big personality. That phase lasted a few years, and got him involved in some drama. He never consciously meant to be obnoxious or conceited, but he lacked self-awareness. Eventually, around 2017-2018, he mellowed out a bit as he aged. He still had some signature sass, but was a lot more empathetic for people and let them talk.

Now, Winterwhisper tries to be a lot kinder and calmer. He will always have a tinge of snark, but it is rooted in fun. After becoming a moderator on the wiki and eventually the Blog, he realized there was a certain professionalism needed to be successful. Winterwhisper will always be dramatic and loud and full of attitude, but he strives to mix some kindness, thoughtfulness, and care in too.

On The Blog[edit | edit source]

Winterwhisper joined BlogClan on July 10, 2015, and was active until late 2019. For 2021, he mostly focused on his moderator duties, and not much else. He was chosen as the medicine cat apprentice by Kat in the 2015 election. He continued in the position until the 2017 elections, where Flowerstream and Birchfoot got inaugurated in October. He did run in the 2017 and 2019 elections. He has an introduction on the New Member's Page.

Winterwhisper tried to participates in several Gatherings, but often struggled to because of timezones. He loved the game Name That Apprentice, and won the third round solely. He has judged a few rounds of it in the past, whenever Iceflower needed help.

His former mentor was Kat, as mentioned, but before that, Heart That Shine's Like a Hobbit's. When Winterwhisper switched over to Kat's medicine cat apprentice, Hobbitheart then took Stormy Sea, Kat's old apprentice, as her own. They flip-flopped. Throughout his blog years, he made friends with Flowerstream, IceflowerEmberdawn, GoldenfawnWavesplash, Birchfoot, Fernfall, Cypresswind, Maplesky, Sundance, Lilyshine, Streampaw, Snowpuff, and others. He gets along pretty well with everybody.

Winterwhisper liked changing his name for holidays and rogue name or Tribe name weeks, when those happened. In gatherings, he was formerly a Time-Travelling Otter, then a Relatively Excitable Stoat, but is now on StarClan's side. He enjoys talking on the live chat, but always leaves without any confirmation.

Winterwhisper became a member of BlogTeam, the BlogClanner in the Spotlight Editor, on April 12, 2019, along with seven other candidates. He now moderates comments and live chat, writes BITS posts, and followers general matters of the Blog.

On The Wiki[edit | edit source]

Winterwhisper used to be quite active on the wiki, often more than on BlogClan, even.

He currently has Special:Editcount/Winterwhisper432 edits on the wiki. Winterwhisper used to run the News section on the main page of the wiki, and also the Featured Fanfics section, which is now gone. He and Emberdawn redid and organized the forums together. He helped moderate the both roleplays and is active in both. He was a content, chat, and discussions moderator on the wiki, before becoming an administrator on April 25, 2019.

He always tries to do or learn new things. He discovered coding, thanks to the talents of Willowlight and Foxstep, and practices it every once in a while. Mostly on this very page. He usually codes all of his pages, some in similar styles to another.

Winterwhisper can also be found on the BlogClan Discord.

Roleplay[edit | edit source]

Winterwhisper enjoyed roleplaying.

Fading Futures

For Fading Futures (the first main roleplay of the wiki) Winterwhisper was the third person, after Flameshine and Flowerstream, to make a character and join. He was the main manager of the roleplay allegiances, with Emberdawn, Iceflower, Juniperpool, and Flowerpetal helping. He created the roleplay rules, and also helped edit and accept character forms on the signups page, along with Jetclaw and a few others.

His favourite roleplays were the Twolegplace, Dusk Syndicate, and BlogClan.

Here is a list of Winterwhisper's current characters:

  • Twigstar (BC)
  • Sagestep (BC)
  • Webshine (BC)
  • Winterwhisper (BC)
  • Houndblaze (BC)
  • Shine (DS)
  • Spirit (DS)
  • Lavenderbrook (MC)
  • Rowanhawk (MC)
  • Indigo (TP)
  • Lava (TP)
  • Skylla (OTT)
  • Fawnsong (DF)

Northern Stars

Winterwhisper was an administrator and activity check manager for the Northern Stars roleplay. He was an active roleplayer, and was a part of the creation of it. He helped with decisions whenever he can. He aided in the migration to Discord.

Here is a list of Winterwhisper's current characters:

  • River Blossom (FA)
  • Isle-Drift (SS)
  • Cardinal That Sings Softly (TOWP)

Trailing Stars[edit | edit source]

Winterwhisper has been in at least two chapters of Trailing Stars. He was mentioned in Chapter 19 by Geckopaw, and chapter 17 by Meadowpaw. He was also mentioned here and there in other chapters. He was shipped with his former ship partner, Maplesky, though that sunk. Winterwhisper wrote Chapter 23, where he tied up loose ends with Maplesky and helped a patrol capture the badger. Sorrelstream edited his chapter.

Fanfiction[edit | edit source]

Winterwhisper used to be a very avid and regular fanfiction writer. He has many fanfictions, most inspired by his dear friend and fantastic writer Cypresswind.

His Warriors fanfictions are:

In Progress:


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Winterwhisper is currently ranked 4th on the wiki!
  • This page is ranked #1 for most categories.
  • His one fanfiction page, The ThunderClan Eight, is in the top five longest pages, and his other co-written fanfiction, The Hidden Army, is in the top ten longest.  
  • Winterwhisper was chosen as medicine cat apprentice (MCA) on Nov. 2, 2015. He was a candidate, and Kat chose Winterwhisper in the end, after consulting the BlogTeam. He took over the role, succeeding Silverwind, who became inactive. Kat announced he was her apprentice in live chat, and he was so excited and freaked out that he forgot people who congratulated him, and his mind blew.
  • He became a chat moderator on the Warriors Wiki on December 26, 2018. He stepped down a few months later, in June 2019.
  • Winterwhisper was made a wiki live chat mod on July 10, 2016, the day of his one-year clanniversary. He is the first and only male chat moderator, first and only male content moderator, and so on. He was made a content moderator on October 17, 2016. He was made a discussions moderator on January 11, 2017. He became a Senior Warrior on March 5, 2018.
  • His first collaboration was with Snakepaw, writing Light Fading. A sequel, Darkness Ascending, was planned and partially written, but abandoned and given up on after inactivity. Shortly after, his collaboration with Cypresswind, Aspenflame, Moonpaw and Hobbitheart happened, but that was cancelled too.
  • List of Winterwhisper's ships:
  • Winterfall (Winter X Fernfall: Sunken. First ship.)
  • Rinter (Winter X RaggedOak: Sunken, Reactivated, Sunken)
  • Minter (Winter X Maplesky: Sunken)
  • Wist (Winter X Mistpaw: Sunken)
  • Wowl (Winter X Owlwater: Sunken)
  • Cynter (Winter X Cypresswind: Sunken)
  • Winterwave (Winter X Wavesplash: Sunken)
  • Strinter (Winter X Streampaw: Sunken)
  • Wilwin (Winter X Willowlight: Sunken)
  • Steppinter (Winter X Foxstep: Sunken)
  • Wicy (Winter X Iceflower: Longest Running Ship; Sunken April 18/17)
  • Winterwhisper has 2 phobias. They are:
  • Major:
  • Ophidiophobia (Fear of Snakes)
  • Minor:
  • Astraphobia (Fear of Thunder)
  • His favorite sport is volleyball and his favorite hobbies are reading, writing, watching television, going on the internet, playing with cats, and relaxing.
  • His favorite color is orange!
  • He lives in Canada. Winterwhisper has a huge interest in Europe. He would like to explore the USA, and maybe other parts of the world too.
  • Some of his biggest fandoms on the screen are: Orange is the New Black, Designated Survivor, Wentworth, How To Get Away With Murder, Bojack Horseman, Schitt's Creek, Grace & Frankie, and so many more. His favourite TV show of all time is Big Little Lies.
  • His favorite animals are cats and foxes. He also loves birds.
  • His least favorite animals are snakes, and all reptiles/amphibians in general. He’s also not a fan of dogs, and used to be afraid of them.
  • He is a loner outside of school, but very social during school. He has a habit of wandering around the school and finding people to talk to...during class. He oddly gets along well with elder people, but often cannot stand young kids or teenagers. He is slightly afraid of people his own age. He does not like large crowds and busy places. He is socially anxious and has anxiety in general.
  • Some of his favorite YA books are A Very Large Expanse of Sea, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Salt to The Sea, We Were Liars, Lost Stars, Gemina, The Hate U Give, We Are The Ants, The Sun is Also a Star, and the One of Us is Lying duology.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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