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Willowpaw is a pale silver-gray she-cat with ice-blue eyes.


Willowpaw isn't very sure of her personality. She can be nice, but when she is irritated she can be sarcastic. On BlogClan, she tries to be a kinder version of herself. She is also kind of uncomfortable in very emotional situations, because she doesn't know what to do or say, and she's really sorry if she says the wrong thing.

On the Blog[]

Willowpaw is very active on the Tavern and the Name Generators page. She's somewhat active on the Fan Fiction page, the Warriors Games page, the Polls page, the Harry Potter discussion page, and the Percy Jackson one.

She joined on March 4th, 2021. Her first article got published on July 19th, 2021, and Eagleflight (Aquila) became her mentor on July 21st, 2021!

How I found BlogClan[]

Willowpaw had been looking up Stormtail (she didn't like him that much and wanted to hear other people's opinions) and she found an article on him. She read that article and quickly found other pages. She stalked the blog for a few months (since around September 26th, 2020, she thinks that's the approximate date) then she decided to join!


Willowpaw has written many fanfics, but she only has two short stories on BlogClan. They were an Ivypool x Squirrelflight fanfiction for Lilykit's contest, and one involving her OC's for Pinestripe's contest.

Click here to read her Ivy x Squirrel fanfic.

Click here to read her other fanfic.


Add yourself if you like!

Reedpaw/wish! (Ofc)

JuJu! (Fallowheart)

Willowdance (Willa)


Frogpaw/storm :)

Hollyfrost loves Mha (holly)

Dazzlepaw/Daze :3


Aquila! (Eagleflight)


Willowpaw currently has one published article, "StarClan or Dark Forest?"

She also has submitted a colab with Hollyfrost and Reedpaw/wish, and she's working on another one with Reedpaw!

Ships and Characters[]

Some ships Willowpaw likes are Fire x Sand, Gray x Turtle, Leaf x Crow, Squirrel x Bramble, Lion x Cinder, Fern x Dust, Bracken x Sorrel, Feather[tail] x Leaf[pool] (for some reason), Raven x Barley, Tall x Jake, Tiger x Dove, Ivy x Fern, and a lot more ships that she can't remember.

Some ships she dislikes are Spotted x Fire, Gray x Slate (though she still likes Slate!), Tiger x Golden, Hawk x Ivy, Dust x Sand, and a lot more ships (probably).

Some characters Willowpaw likes or loves are Ivypool, Bluestar, Gray Wing, Squirrelflight, Sunstar, Turtle Tail, Whitestorm, Slate, Windstar, Riverstar, Shadowstar, Tawnypelt, Hawkfrost, Fernsong, Willowshine, Cinderpelt, Featherwhisker, Spottedleaf, Feathertail, Firestar, Jayfeather, Lionheart, Hailstar, Crookedstar, Hollyleaf, Storm, Rainswept Flower, Brambleberry, Tallstar, Dustpelt, Sandstorm, Honeyfern, Willowpelt, Sorreltail, Dovewing, and Needletail.

Some characters Willowpaw dislikes or hates are Millie, Star Flower, Rainflower, Ashfur, Tigerstar 1, Berrynose, and more.

Note: Those aren't all the characters Willowpaw likes or dislikes, of course; she just can't think of any more.


- She is a fan of the Harry Potter series and the Percy Jackson series (her favorite characters are Hermione or Luna, and Annabeth or Leo, respectively).

- Her favorite series is the Hunger Games (with Warriors close behind!)

- She goes by she/her pronouns, but she's fine with they/them too.

- Her 16personalities type is an INTJ-T, though she's gotten a lot more results (INTP, ISTJ, ISTP, ENTP, ESTP, and ENFP to name a few :P)

- Using cognitive functions (which she doesn't know very well), she is pretty sure she is an ISTP or INTP, and she's leaning toward ISTP.

- Her favorite character is Ivypool, with Bluestar being her second, Gray Wing being her third, Squirrelflight being her fourth, and Sunstar being her fifth.

- Bluestar was her favorite character for a long time.

- Her enneagram type is a 6 wing 5.

- She got Ivypool on the What Warrior Cat Are You? quiz on the Warrior Cats website.

- She's a Gryffinclaw (Gryffindor + Ravenclaw)

- She's been reading Warriors ever since she was in third grade

- She's a vegetarian

- She joined BlogClan on March 4th, 2021!

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