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A pale grey she-cat with darker stripes and white paws, tail-tip, and chest. She also has black ear-tips and toes. Her tail is just slightly fluffy, but the rest of her fur is pretty short, so it doesn't have much fluff. She is about average-for-her-age size, her fur strands are thin, but she has so many of them that it's still thick. Her fur is soft, and close to waterproof. She has a grey-pink nose and she doesn't really wear accessories.


Sweet, childish, kind, can get very passionate about certain things. Helpful, and excited.


  • Willowsong's preferred nickname is Willa.
  • She likes Keeper of the Lost Cities. A LOT.
  • Her patronus is a Bottlenose Dolphin.
  • Her favorite Sophie-ship is Team Foster-Keefe
  • Her favorite character is Dovewing.
  • She lives in the U.S.
  • She would live in RiverClan if she was a Warriorcat.
  • She says "Warriorcat" instead of "Warrior cat." Not sure why.
  • She *hates* vegetables.
  • She loves dancing (surprise, surprise)
  • Her Birthday is August 24, 2009
  • Her Clanniversary is October 12th, 2020

On BlogClan[]

-The Warrior Games Page, where she hosts NTA and NTI games every Monday, and NTK every Tuesday.

-The BlogClan Art Page where she takes requests sometimes and asks for them others. Or both. :P

How She Found These Sites[]


Willa was making a slideshow about Warriors with Fernwhisper, and she was searching for pictures of Dovewing to add to it, when she saw the name of an article that looked interesting. So she clicked on it and it brought her to BlogClan. Willa read the article and decided she loved it. She searched "BlogClan" later and explored the site, writing her first comment ever, and making her a part of the Clan! Her first comment was on an article called, "Why Ashfur Can't Be The Imposter" on October 12th. Her first name was Willowleaf.


She clicked on a clicky name (sorry I can't remember who's) and it brought her here. Then she decided to make her own page, and asked Coldie to code it, and here we are! (Thank you so much, Coldie!)

(Coldie edit: <3)


Willa is so nice and kind to everyone! She’s pretty active and whenever she’s on the blog it makes me happy! :D ~ Freepaw

(Aww, thank you, Freepaw! :) You're so nice to everyone all the time, too! ~Willa)

I was always sort of amazed by Willa and from what I've seen of her she's great! ~Bri

(Thank you, Briarpaw, I think you're great, too! :D ~Willa)

Willa is so amazing and kind, and I always love to see her fun and positive comments! The Blog really wouldn't be the same without incredible, caring Willa. ~ Coldie

(Thank you so much, Coldie! The Blog wouldn't be the same without your niceness (is that even a word? :P), either! ~Willa)

Willa is eleven out of ten person! She is so kind and makes me smile every time I talk to her. I'm so super lucky she is my apprentice! She gave me the coolest nickname and an amazing drawing of my purrsona. She is always kind and the blog wouldn't be the same without her! ~ Luna (aka Firemoon)

(Oh Luna, my lovely mentor, I could say the same about you with the eleven out of ten, but I think I'll go for a thousand out of ten. Whenever I talk to you I grin so much that I'm worried that my face will look like Dove's old profile photo, the one with the cat's smile stretched unnecessarily huge so much that the ends poke off the side of the face. XD The blog wouldn't be the same as you and neither would my (online) life. ~Willa)

Willa's really nice!-Snowwy


You can add whatever you want to here. (So long as you actually said or thought it)

A new school old is happy ever after with a riddley tounge dark bird and a fruit! Wonder far, and blueberry muffin flip! You me in one light. ~Willa on the Hazelpage

If you insult Dovewing, you insult me! ~Willa when she sees an article about why Dovewing is a bad character

Forever be happy ~Willa on the Hug Page

"the floor here is made of carpet"-Snowpaw/storm(Snowwy)


  • Haydawn
  • Briartilt (Frienemy)

IRL Friends[]



-Briartilt (Frienemy)


BlogClan Friends[]

Feel free to add yourself to the friends list!


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