Other Names Wavepaw (former), Wave, Waves, Waves, Mobile Wavey, Frozen Wave of Glittering Ice
Relatives Icepaw (brother)
Affiliation BlogClan
Biographical information
Mentor Breeze that Glides Through Summer (formerly)
Apprentice Stoatpaw
Rank Senior Warrior
Physical description
Gender Female
Breed Cat
Fur Color Silver with white paws, ear-tips, chest, muzzle, and tail-tip
Eye Color Green

Wavey’s note: I made this page back in seventh grade and the language/content is very reflective of that version of me. I don’t know where to start revamping it so for now it stays as is. But please keep in mind this isn’t all reflective of how I am now. <3

Wavesplash is a silver she-cat with white paws, ear-tips, chest, and muzzle, green eyes, and a long, white-tipped tail.

- ✿ Personality ✿ -

Wavesplash is kind of shy and funny (or tries to be). She is creative, witty, and passionate about the things she loves. She tends to question everything and debate until she thinks it's right. She's a very musical person, hates being left out, and can be bossy. She has autism and is a bit uncomfortable with it, as well as anxiety. She can be fierce and very, very stubborn. She's very calm in emergencies and loves to make people laugh. She is also verrrrrry ambitious and a perfectionist. She describes herself as cheesy. She cares too much about what other people think of her and is very over-analytical, sensitive, and temperamental. She is kind, caring, and compassionate and likes to help others, and gives very good advice. She is protective and often puts others' wants and feelings before her own but isn't afraid to speak up for herself (most of the time). She is asexual and fine with that. She has loads of ideas and is very creative and imaginative, but is a perfectionist and a procrastinator and has a hard time actually getting things done.

(also Wavey is really good at convincing people not to be stupid. I know from experience :P -Wollow)

- ✿ On the Blog ✿ -

Wavesplash is very active on the blog, and comes on every day. She tries to comment everywhere and be very active. She really enjoys writing/reading fanfiction, posting random things on the Tavern, having fun on the live chat, taking over the “Recent Purrs” section, (hey, it happened!) doing polls, doing name generators, and playing Name That Apprentice! (she plans on winning, folks.) Her friends include Flowerkit, Iceflower, Streampaw, Sunnystripe, Stoatpaw, Maplesky, Owlwater, Gladepaw, Goldenpaw, Maplekit, Willowpaw, Tinyspots, Goldenflight, Icestorm, Breezey, Gigglepaw, Willowstream, Foxpaw, Littenpaw, Winterwhisper, Owlheart, Mistypaw, Blueheart, Sundance, Cheetahspark, Rainshine, Mapledrift, Lionfire, Rosefur, Bluebellpaw, Kat, Flowerstream, Birchfoot, Shiverfur, Shadowkit, Swanfeather, Fallenpaw, Laurel, Jasminepaw, Irismist, Cloudpaw, Fireleap, Appledapple, Shadefrost, Jaysky, Juniperpool, Ivy, Skysong, Flashtail, Sparktooth, Thunder, Frostfeather, Moonsky, Willowstep, Foxi, Flamebriar,and many more. She loves making new friends as well, and adding them to her list!

- ✿ On the Wiki ✿ -

Wavesplash's wikia username is Wavesplash (XD). She joined to chat and become closer for her fellow BlogClanners. She is also a part of the Wings of Fire wiki, her own roleplay wiki, and most secret Clan wikis.   Wavesplash loves to roleplay and is part of every group on the BlogClan RP. Her characters are: (Note: I'm really bad at updating this so be warned that this is probably not all of them and some of the names/ranks/allegiances/life or death/existence may not be quite up to speed, but it's mostly correct)

~I’m not really active on the RP anymore (*sob!*) but this took so much work and I don’t want to delete it :P~

Main RP


✿ Hazel (Hazel and Aurora's Group)

✿ Snowflake (Hazel and Aurora's Group)

✿ Azalea (Hazel and Aurora's Group)

✿ Dove (Barn Cats)

✿ Strawberry (Barn Cats)

✿ Storm (Barn Cats)

✿ Bubble (Barn Cats)

✿ Light (Outside the Territories)

✿ Snow (Viper's Group)

✿ Star (Ragnarok's Group)

✿ Rain (Flora's Group)

✿ Clover (Flora's Group)

✿ Luna (Flora's Group)

✿ Spider (Speckled Moon's Group)

✿ Flame (Speckled Moon's Group)

✿ Pinepaw (Outside the Territories)

✿ Whisper (Outside the Territories)

✿ Lexi (Outside the Territories)

✿ Moonwing (BlogClan)

✿ Rainbreeze (BlogClan)

✿ Wavestorm (BlogClan)

✿ Blueclaw (BlogClan)

✿ Darkfall (BlogClan)

✿ Sorrelflower (BlogClan)

✿ Cinderblaze (BlogClan)

✿ Echopaw (BlogClan)

✿ Lilypaw (BlogClan)

✿ Flamekit (BlogClan)

✿ Sunpaw (BlogClan)

✿ Goldenmist (BlogClan)

✿ Minnowflower (BlogClan)

✿ Smokefall (BlogClan)

✿ Smokepaw (BlogClan)

✿ Cloudpaw (BlogClan)

✿ Berrykit (BlogClan)

✿ Crow (BlogClan)

✿ Sparkflower (BlogClan)

✿ Puddlepaw (BlogClan)

✿ Primrose (Outside the Territories, soon BlogClan)

✿ Evergreen (Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Ripple (Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Shell (Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Sunny (Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Night (Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Blaze (Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Pearl (Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Owlpaw (MarshClan)

✿ Snowspirit (MarshClan)

✿ Frostpaw (MarshClan)

✿ Frostheart (MarshClan)

✿ Silverflight (MarshClan)

✿ Ribbonpaw (MarshClan)

✿ Birchkit (MarshClan)

✿ Applewing (MarshClan)

✿ Leafpaw (MarshClan)

✿ Mintflower (MarshClan)

✿ Sageflower (MarshClan)

✿ Fawnheart (MarshClan)

✿ Olivekit (MarshClan)

✿ Blossom (MarshClan)

✿ Willowkit (MarshClan)

✿ Aqua River at Flowing at Dawn (Aqua) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Breeze That Floats Up From Sea (Breeze) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Song of Rising Swallow (Song) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Petal That Twirls in Wind (Petal) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Sharp Talons of Dusk Crow (Crow) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Shimmer of Moonlight on Night Frost (Shimmer) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Mouse That Leaps Swiftly (Mouse) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Lynx That Leaps Through Snow (Lynx) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Sierra (Sierra's Group)

✿ Gray (Sierra's Group)

✿ Angelica (Sierra's Group)

✿ Ivy (Sierra's Group)

✿ Spice (Sierra's Group)

✿ Dapple (Asia's Group)

✿ Spark (Asia's Group)

✿ Spruce (Ally's Cats)

✿ Marigold (Silver's Group)

✿ Madison (Maddie) (Indigo's Team)

✿ Seafoam (Indigo's Team)

✿ Sabella (Alphabet Gang)

✿ Basil (Alphabet Gang)

✿ Grace (Kittypet)

✿ Eliza (Kittypet)

✿ Melodie (Kittypet)

✿ Winter (kittypet)


✿ Sky of Colorful Flames (formerly Stoneteller) (StarClan)

✿ Brightfall (StarClan, formerly BlogClan)

✿ Honeywing (StarClan, formerly MarshClan)

✿ Birchwing (StarClan, formerly MarshClan)

✿ Oak (StarClan, formerly Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Shadowkit (StarClan, formerly MarshClan)

✿ Dawnkit (StarClan, formerly BlogClan)

✿ Bramble (StarClan, formerly Outside the Territories)

✿ Drizzle of Falling Rain (Drizzle) (StarClan, formerly Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Dewkit (StarClan, formerly MarshClan)

✿ Applekit (StarClan, formerly BlogClan/Dusk Syndicate)

✿ Mistfang (Dark Forest, formerly BlogClan and Twolegplace)

✿ Tawnypaw (Dark Forest, formerly BlogClan)

Hunger Games RP

✿ Stonefeather (alive)

✿ Mistheart (alive)

Clan Academy RP

✿ Swiftheart (FireClan, group 5)

Maple's Harry Potter/Warrior Cats/Wings of Fire Crossover RP


✿ Professor Shadows (History of Magic and Ancient Studies)

✿ Professor Whirlpool (Apparition)

✿ Professor Treble (Wizard Music)

✿ Professor Night (Band)

✿ Crescent (Gryffindor, year 4)

✿ Diamond (Gryffindor, year 3)

✿ Clay (Gryffindor, year 2)

✿ Doe (Gryffindor, year 1)

✿ Asteroid (Ravenclaw, year 6)

✿ Wave (Ravenclaw, year 4)

✿ Peridot (Ravenclaw, year 3)

✿ Sycamore (Ravenclaw, year 1)

✿ Potato (Slytherin, year 5)

✿ Pine (Slytherin, year 1)

✿ Spring (Hufflepuff, year 2)

✿ Storm (Hufflepuff, year 1)


✿ Snowdrift (IceWing)

✿ Amber (SkyWing)

✿ Cherry (RainWing)

✿ Ocean (SeaWing)

Icy's RP


✿ Ravensplash (NightClan)

✿ Dawnpaw (NightClan)

✿ Lionfeather (NightClan)

✿ Briarkit (NightClan)

✿ Ashblaze (NightClan)

✿ Whitesky (StreamClan)

✿ Tigerkit (StreamClan)

✿ Duststar (StreamClan)

✿ Bluesky (StreamClan)

✿ Willowpaw (StreamClan)

✿ Flamebreeze (MeadowClan)

✿ Stormfeather (MeadowClan)

✿ Amberpaw (MeadowClan)

✿ Specklekit (MeadowClan)

✿ Flickerkit (MeadowClan)

✿ Leafbreeze (MeadowClan)

✿ Coral (None)


✿ Raindapple (StarClan)

✿ Spiderkit (StarClan)

✿ Dustflame (Dark Forest)

Wavey's RP

✿ Stonebreeze (SunClan)

✿ Cherryflower (SunClan)

✿ Acornkit (SunClan)

✿ Emberpaw (MoonClan)

✿ Winterstar (CloudClan)

✿ Dragon (CloudClan)

✿ Wingpaw (CloudClan)

✿ Jason (CloudClan)

Cin's RP

✿ Willowflower (RainClan)

✿ Snowstorm (fake PetalClan)

✿ Typhoon (fake PetalClan)

✿ Tsunami (fake PetalClan)

✿ Lily (fake PetalClan)

✿ Hollyfrost (BerryClan)

Wistep's RP

✿ Wrenpaw (IceClan)

✿ Dewfrost (IceClan)

✿ Blizzardkit (IceClan)

✿ Hollystar (PineClan)

✿ Lionfeather (FlameClan)

✿ Ashpaw (FlameClan)

✿ Amberpaw (FlameClan)

✿ Clearpool (SplashClan)

✿ Riverpaw (SplashClan)

✿ Rainstorm (Outside the Territories)

Mistle's RP

✿ Dewpaw (PeakClan)

✿ Hollystar (NightClan)

✿ Ivyflower (FireClan)

✿ Ashblaze (FireClan)

✿ Ambersky (FireClan)

✿ Mistpaw (FireClan)

Icy's Wolf RP

✿ Willow (Snow Pack)

✿ Rainfall (Snow Pack)

✿ Flurry (Snow Pack)

✿ Snowflake (Snow Pack)

✿ Griffin (Snow Pack)

✿ Omega/Dusty (Snow Pack)

✿ Beta/Bubble (Lake Pack)

✿ Arctic (Lake Pack)

✿ Darkstalker (Lake Pack)

✿ Penny (Lake Pack)

✿ Violet (Lake Pack)

✿ Tawny (Lake Pack)

✿ Dusk (Lake Pack)

✿ Lion/Alpha (Shadow Pack)

✿ Moon (Shadow Pack)

✿ Star (Shadow Pack)

✿ Coal (Shadow Pack)

✿ Amber (Shadow Pack)

✿ Holly (Pine Pack)

✿ Blaze (Pine Pack)

✿ Sunset (Forest Pack)

✿ Luna (Forest Pack)

The Endless War (Wollow and Steppy's RP)

✿ Topaz (Surveillance Society)

✿ Pigeon (Surveillance Society, Group One)

✿ Luna (Surveillance Society, Group Two)

✿ Daffodil (Spy for Star Coterie, stays with the Surveillance Society in Group Two)

✿ Twilight (Star Coterie)

✿ Honeybee (Star Coterie)

✿ Blue Moon (Moon) (Star Coterie)

Back To the Past (Jetty's Flashback of the Main RP)

✿ Ashpaw (BlogClan)

✿ Brightpaw (BlogClan)

✿ Ripplepaw (BlogClan)

✿ Cloudfang (BlogClan)

✿ Honeykit (MarshClan)

✿ Littlestar (MarshClan)

✿ Sagepaw (MarshClan)

✿ Mintkit (MarshClan)

✿ Sky of Colorful Flames (Sky/Stoneteller) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

✿ Song of Rising Swallow (Song) (Tribe of Melting Ice)

Broken Destiny (Stoatie's RP)

✿ Hollyfrost (TalonClan)

✿ Goldenpaw (TalonClan)

✿ Lionflame (BirdClan)

✿ Hornetkit (BirdClan)

✿ Shadepaw (FeatherClan)

Growing Up (Wavey's AU of the main RP)

✿ Dawnkit (BlogClan)

✿ Moonkit (BlogClan)

✿ Shadowkit (MarshClan)

✿ Pinepaw (MarshClan)

The Clandestine (Steppy's RP)

✿ Ivypool (ThunderClan)

✿ Angelie (Clandestine, sister of Beauty)

Demicats (Wavey's Warriors/PJ Crossover RP

✿ Marissa (Cabin One, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Coral (Cabin Three, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Rachel (Cabin Four, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Kim (Cabin Six, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Hailey (Cabin Seven, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Sabrina (Cabin Ten, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Jamie (Cabin Eleven, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Jennifer (Cabin Thirteen, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Lena (Cabin Twenty-One, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Sierra (Wood nymph, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Lily (Water nymph, Camp Half-Blood)

✿ Ariana (Praetor, Camp Jupiter)

Stoatie's Wings of Fire RP

✿ Princess Azure (SeaWing)

✿ Fabulous (RainWing)

✿ Blizzard (IceWing)

✿ Quickslayer (NightWing)

✿ Queen Puddle (MudWing)

Breezey's Fairytale RP

✿ Colette (Fairy)

✿ Coral (Mercat)

Icy's Kingdom RP

✿ Princess Ripple (Rose Kingdom, princess)

✿ Captain Ruby (Rose Kingdom, captain of guard)

✿ Wolf (Rose Kingdom, knight trainee)

✿ Lantern (Rose Kingdom, medic)

✿ Phoenix (Rose Kingdom, cook)

✿ Canary (Rose Kingdom, attendant)

✿ Spark (Rose Kingdom, attendant)

✿ Seastorm (Rose Kingdom, kit)

✿ Cody (Rose Kingdom, Reading Nook Library)

✿ Liberty (Rose Kingdom, Rainbow Clouds Bed & Breakfast)

✿ Opal (Rose Kingdom, Rainbow Clouds Bed & Breakfast/townsperson)

✿ King Supernova (Star Kingdom, king)

✿ Prince Midnight (Star Kingdom, prince)

✿ Lady Twilight (Star Kingdom, lady)

✿ Sunset (Star Kingdom, medic)

✿ Firefly (Star Kingdom, cook)

✿ Blueberry (Star Kingdom, attendant)

✿ Lapis Lazuli (Lapis) (Star Kingdom, servant)

✿ Doe (Star Kingdom, servant trainee)

✿ Luna (Star Kingdom, kit)

✿ River (Star Kingdom, Blue Moon Diner)

✿ Rose (Star Kingdom, Twinkle Candle Shop)

✿ Cocoa (Star Kingdom, Big Dipper Bakery)

✿ Sprinkle (Star Kingdom, Starbright Sweet Shoppe)

✿ Isabella (Bella) (Star Kingdom, townsperson)

✿ Hailey (Outside the Kingdoms)

Starfall (Stoatie's AU RP)

✿ Hollyfrost (Eclipse Glade)

✿ Hawkfeather (Nightmare Wilderness)

Flame's Steven Universe RP

✿ Jade (Crystal Gem)

✿ Silver Quartz (Crystal Gem)

✿ Black Opal (Crystal Gem)

✿ Purple Pearl (Crystal Gem)

✿ Mari (Human/Crystal Gem)

✿ Coral (None, on Homeworld but soon Crystal Gems, human/Lapis Lazuli hybrid)

✿ Pink Tourmaline (Homeworld)

✿ Emerald (Homeworld)

✿ Fire Opal (Homeworld)

Volcanoes (Wavey's RP)

✿ Birchflower (MagmaClan)

✿ Blackpaw (MagmaClan)

✿ Snowstar (IceClan)

✿ Crystal (ship's cat)

The Rising Clans (Roo's RP)

✿ Ripplepelt (WaveClan)

✿ Silverpaw (WaveClan)

She also has many characters on other wikis and is a "regular" at the Hazelpage RP. She has her own wiki dedicated to roleplaying. She makes most of the allegiances for the side RPs and has a special website she puts them on!

- ✿ Trailing Stars ✿ -

Wavesplash (mentioned as Wavepaw) is mentioned in Meadowpaw's chapter (chapter 17). She is shown wondering why Kat didn't come back earlier, and joining a bunch of other cats at Cakestar's den with Birchpaw and Snakepaw. She is also mentioned in Cheetahspark’s chapter (Chapter 24) when she is trying to convince Cakestar that killing the badger would be the safest and best course of action.

- ✿ Fanfictions ✿ -

As she doesn’t read Warriors anymore, Wavey doesn’t write for them much these days. But if you want to read some of her current writing, she has Ducktales fics on her Ao3 account, analyticamethyst. She plans on also writing for Miraculous Ladybug, Voltron, She-Ra, Renegades, Lunar Chronicles, and Steven Universe, among others. Some of her current works as well as some old Warriors fics are on her Wattpad account, PurpleDragon2003.

- ✿ Featured In ✿ -

I'm probably missing a lot, especially in the fanfictions department, so feel free to add a fanfic or blogfic that I'm featured in if it's not on here!

- ✿ Current Projects ✿ -

✿ Setting up the roleplay Gathering each 1-3 months

✿ Writing fanfictions and blogfics

✿ BlogWings (BlogClanners that like Wings of Fire)

✿ BlogClan Wattpad joint account

✿ The Clans' Next Top Warrior

✿ Trying to get a Trailing Stars chapter

✿ Making allegiances for a lot of roleplays

✿ Roleplay poll fanfiction thingy

✿ BlogClan Amino

Introduction Bingo

✿ Cadvent scene drawing

✿ Reviving/moderating and contributing to the BlogClan Newsletter

✿ More

- ✿ Trivia ✿ -

✿ She discovered the blog because of Jayfrost's page on the Warriors Wiki

✿ She has a younger brother, Icepaw, that she introduced to the Blog

✿ She is writing four fanfics, Legends of the Clans, The Cure, Morning Clouds, and Civil War (1st book of Stream Falling) as well as many one-shots

✿ She likes taking over the "Recent Purrs" or at least leaving a comment everywhere she goes

✿ She chose her name because no one else on BlogClan had the prefix Wave-, and no warrior cat did (THEN), but it still made sense

✿ Her favorite color is purple

✿ She wrote a (partly) Hanukkah fanfic on Christmas day 2015

✿ She always remembers the day she joined BlogClan because it was the first of the month.

✿ She has sometimes been described as silver-and-white

✿ She plays the alto saxophone and sings in real life and is a very musical person. She's sad that cats don't really have a sense of music in Warriors.

✿ She is in the process of writing three fanfictions! (and a bunch of one-shots)

✿ She loves to make allegiances and made the Live Chat Allegiances and the allegiances for Kat's fanfic BlogClan Orgins, Creampaw's unnamed (currently) fanfic, Winterpaw's fanfic, and Gladepaw's fanfic (that she doesn't remember the name of).

✿ [OUTDATED] She is a Minecraft player (GoldenGloStone) and plays Animal Jam once in a while (Swimmerawesome3916). She also plays a fan version of Club Penguin (Aceofhearts4).

✿ She hates being left out.

✿ The latest she's ever been on is 11:51 PM (PST). (7/2/16). (although she has been on past midnight she's just too lazy to figure out when and document it :P)

✿ She is a part of:

✿ SwagCats Society
✿ EagleClan
✿ SunshineClan
✿ PieClan
✿ CowClan
✿ FoodClan
✿ And more cuz I'm in pretty much every secret Clan but I'm too lazy to update so when in doubt just assume I'm part of it :P

✿ She's left a comment every single day on the blog (except when she was at sleepaway camp)!

✿ The Wavepaw in TAS is named after her (:O wut how)

✿ On the Warriors Wiki, on Wavepaw's page, it used to say (she got Jayie to change it for her) that Wavepaw is named after the BlogClanner Mobile Wavey. However, this isn't correct anymore because Wavesplash uses her WordPress account and doesn't actually go by Mobile Wavey anymore.

✿ Her signature is "Queen of Canon Correcting." (But it’s not really reflective of her anymore. Apparently it’s “iconic” so she‘s keeping it unless she thinks of something better.) She‘s had it since signatures became a thing, in around September 2017!

✿ When she talks about people she knows irl on BlogClan, she usually gives them a Clan name according to their age. But once in a while, if she's too lazy/upset/tired, she'll use their real name.

✿Wavesplash's fursona has undergone various minor changes but it has always been somewhere along the lines of "silver she-cat with white, green eyes, and a long tail."

✿ She's a senior warrior, but if she wasn't, she'd be a warrior.

✿ February 1, 2017, was her fourteen-month Claniversary. It also so happened that she turned fourteen that month.

✿ The day before Jayie updated the allegiances and she was promoted to senior warrior, her roleplay character Wavepaw/storm, which was modeled after her, was promoted to warrior.

✿ She has a cat named Melodie.

✿ She’s in colorguard, but she’s really bad at it.

✿ She loves cartoons and books, and wants to be an animator and author when she grows up.

✿ She plays the alto saxophone and ukulele and sings. She had a solo once in a band concert.

- ✿ Fandoms ✿ -


  • Lunar Chronicles
  • Renegades
  • The Riordanverse
  • Wings of Fire
  • Foxcraft
  • Origami Yoda
  • The Candymakers
  • Spirit Animals
  • The Selection
  • Cherub
  • Smile/Sisters
  • Divergent

TV Shows

  • Ducktales 2017
  • Wander Over Yonder
  • Gravity Falls
  • Miraculous Ladybug
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil
  • Voltron
  • Carmen Sandiego
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Tangled the Series/Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure
  • Big Hero 6 the Series
  • OK KO
  • Camp Camp
  • RWBY
  • Steven Universe
  • We Bare Bears
  • Hilda


  • Tangled
  • Big Hero 6
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • The Emperor's New Groove
  • The Road to El Dorado
  • Mulan
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • Mamma Mia & sequel
  • The Aristocats

- ✿ Family ✿ - Brother: Icepaw

Cousins: Violetpaw, Pinkkit, Bluekit

Cat: Melodie

- ✿ Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Wavey? ✿ -

Tumblr & Ao3: analyticamethyst

Wattpad: @PurpleDragon2003

Discord: Wavey #5032

Blog-safe email for Hangouts:

Flight Rising: aquamarine17

Pinterest: @wavesofpictures

Warriors & Svtfoe Amino: Wavesplash

- ✿ Quotes ✿ -


-Wavesplash's favorite greeting whenever she joins chat.

"OMG I just got Washington on Your Side --> We Know ON SHUFFLE...O,O now Hurricane!...Oh wait it wasn't on shuffle."

-Wavesplash about Hamilton songs, on wiki chat.

"Laughter is the best medicine."

-Someone random but Wavepaw adopted it.

"Queen of Canon Correcting."

-Wavesplash's signature on the blog

"Guys I want to join the Wings of Fire wiki but I'm scared."

-Wavesplash on wanting to join the Wings of Fire wiki.

"I'm so confused."

-Wavesplash pretty much every time she joins chat in the middle of a conversation and says something stupid (which is most of the time).


-Wavesplash pretty much everywhere, pun intended or not.


-Wavesplash again pretty much everywhere.

- ✿ More Quotes ✿ -

"Hey Enchiladas! Nice dagger in your forehead."

-Leo Valdez

"You have invented a new kind of stupid. A damage you can never undo, kind of stupid. An open all of the cages in the zoo, kind of stupid. Clearly you didn't think this through? Kinda stupid."

-Angelica Schuyler/Renee Elise Goldsberry (Congratulations)

"I am clearly impersonating Pink Sheep #1097489379091 as you can see by the red smiley face on my left leg."

-Pink Sheep

"And then we get a cool fact. Jake is their father. But this isn't surprising. Jake is everyone's father. Jake is your father."

-Moonkitti in "I spoil the Rise of Scourge for everybody"

"Simon Says, you're lame!"

-Simon Says (akumatized Simon Grimault)

"Seafood? This scampi happening. Let's see if you can carry a tuna!"

-Chat Noir

"Ladybug saved Paris from destruction once again, but who's gonna save Marinette from her homework?"

-Marinette Dupain-Cheng

{"I Shimmerwing,would make the perfect medicine cat because:I would slack off,poison the herbs,I do not remember any of the herbs,most likely kill cats,sleep on the job,be violent,and tell starclan at the moonpool that they suck!"


"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."

-someone on Pinterest

"Why you little perfume ad!"

-Jagged Stone

"Pardon me, are you aaron burrfur?"


"We're on the edge of greatness / Turning darkness to light."

-Aaliyah Rose (She-Ra theme song)


-Melodie (Wavey's cat)

- ✿ Seasonal Names ✿ -

Hanukkah/Winter (December): Frozen Wave of Glittering Ice (2015, became normal Tribe name)

Wavey's Winter Wonderland (2016)

Winter (January/February): Wavepaw the Snowcat/Wavepaw the Snowcat Wants WHITE Chocolate

Valentine's Day: Waves of Love (2016)

Purim and also just normalises because I am so queen and my Hebrew name means queen: Queen Wavepaw (2016)

St. Patrick's Day: Sea-Green Waves With Lucky Clovers Floating (2018)

Halloween: Wave of Halloween Candy (2016)

Wave of Colorful Candy (2017) (wow so much change creativity much see how much i love candy)

Wavey Yashiki (2018)

Thanksgiving: Wave of Mashed Potatoes (2016)

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