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hi it's me hollyfrost! im still kinda new to this but here is my warriors story called 'warriors: the suns wish'

NOTES/UPDATES: finished chapter Twelve, chapter Thirteen coming soon! :3 once i finish it there may be a sequel TvT,it depends if i have more idea's for the future of it,it might even turn into a series!



somewhere in the camp is a kit that refuses to trust anyone after anger and betrayal arrived, or should i say,two kits. Sunkit and Lynxkit try to escape their mother but whatever they do or say,she's always there. will they ever be free? read to find out!


Goldenshine stared at her three kits, ‘i hate them! I never even wanted kits, what am i supposed to do now?! This is all Cloudfrost’s fault!’ she thought with hatred, she then spotted Cloudfrost walk into the nursery “their beauti--” he said but got cut off. “NO THEIR NOT! I HATE THEM! I HATE YOU TO CLOUDFROST!!!” Goldenshine screamed. Cloudfrost’s eyes widened and his ears flattened, “i thought….. Nevermind, we should atleast name them-” he said “ok! Their names are stupidkit,dumbkit and uglykit” goldenshine declared. “fine! if your gonna be like that i’ll name them!” cloudshine hissed “their names will be lynxkit,brightkit and sunkit” “whatever,i don’t care about them anyway” goldenshine snarled and fell asleep. Cloudfrost woke up another queen,specklesong. “Please feed them….”he said,specklesong nodded and took them over to her nest, cloudfrost took one last look and goldenshine and left the nursery.

A few moons later, goldenshine decided to beat up her kit’s and yell at them ‘i don’t care about them,they deserve to be beat up,i wouldn’t care if they died!’ she thought every time. “Mama this hurts!” lynxkit mewled “yea! Can’t we eat?!” brightkit screeched, sunkit was silent,she was too scared to speak up. “NO YOU STUPID KIT”S!!! YOU DON'T DESERVE IT!” goldenshine yowled at them, the kit’s started crying and goldenshine smiled, she than said: “brightkit, come with me, i want to show you something,oh wait! We aren’t going anywhere” “what about us mama?” asked lynxkit. “Oh! Just stay where you are!” she smirked. Brightkit stood there shaking,then she walked up to goldenshine. “Y-yes mama?” she asked shaking. “Oh just wait for a second, i need you say goodbye to your sister and brother first.” she replied quickly. “I-i don’t know why so i’d rather not….”brightkit mewed. “Suit yourself, stupid ugly kit!” goldenshine hissed than pinned down brightkit. “Because your about to die!” she added. “NOOOOOOOOO” brightkit screeched.sunkit leaped forward but it was too late, goldenshine sank her teeth into brightkit’s neck and blood rushed down from her neck and goldenshine’s mouth. “This is what happens when you stupid ugly kit’s exist” goldenshine told them with anger flashing through her eyes “go see your idiotic father and pretend nothing happened” she added padding away with brightkit’s body and quietly placed her body at the entrance of camp without anyone noticing.

Chapter one[]

Sunkit woke up and looked around with worry flashing through her eyes, she didn’t wanna die like brightkit did. She remembered just the day before her mother,goldenshine, had said “if you kit’s aren’t awake by dawn i’ll kill you next! You may ask, why before dawn? So you can leave me alone!!!”. She was really scared of her mother after she killed brightkit, to make things worse, she always yelled and beat up her and lynxkit. ‘I NEED to wake up lynxkit before mama wakes up!’ she thought. She jumped up from her nest trying not to wake anyone,than went up to lynxkit and kept whispering: “wake up!wake up!”. Soon enough,lynxkit woke up, “let’s hurry and leave the nursery!” he said. Sunkit nodded and they ran into the clearing. Sunkit spotted specklesong and her kits: icekit and splashkit,they were playing mossball and laughing with each other. ‘I wish me and lynxkit had a family like that…..’ she thought. She and lynxkit than spotted their father, cloudfrost. ‘ At Least i have one parent that’s nice to me’ she whispered under her breath. When cloudfrost spotted them,he ran up to them and smiled. “Hey kits! What do you wanna do today?” he asked. “What about hide and seek or tag?” lynxkit suggested. Cloudfrost’s eyes gleamed with pride and said : “that’s a great id---” “cloudfrost!” yowled the leader, birdstar. “Im so sorry kit’s…. I have to go…..”  cloudfrost sighed “i’ll catch ya later!” he said than dashed away. “Of course.. He’s always busy… since he’s the deputy” lynxkit mewed. “Let’s go find something else to do….”

They decided to play mossball with specklesong,splashkit and icekit. Specklesong was like a real mother to them. “I wanna go swimming when im a apprentice!” lynxkit said while catching the mossball. “Well, i’ll be the BEST waterclan warrior!”icekit said proudly while she kicked away the mossball. “I wanna be the medicine cat!!!” said splashkit as he swiped away the mossball “what do you wanna be sunkit?”. Splashkit’s question surprised her, she didn’t know yet...perhaps leader? She really didn’t like talking to people.. So she was quiet for a moment, than the mossball fell in front of her. “Well…?” icekit said. “W-well maybe leader…” she mumbled quietly while she threw the mossball away to lynxkit. “Um im gonna go get some food” sunkit said than dashed away. ‘No one has ever really talked to me… or asked me a question’ she thought. She than decided to grab a squirrel from the freshkill pile and took some bites. ‘Being leader wouldn’t be so bad….  But than father and birdstar would have to die… i don’t want that!!!’ she thought.  She than saw how every member of the clan looked at goldenshine when she walked out of the nursery. It’s gotta be fear in their eyes…. “What do you want?!?! Stop looking at me you idiot’s!” goldenshine yowled at them and they looked away quickly. Sunkit noticed that she was walking up to her. Her heart dropped and than finished her minnow and looked up at her mother. “Come with me uglykit” she growled.

Chapter two[]

Lynxkit looked over to his sister quickly as goldenshine walked up to sunkit,he immediately thought ‘she’s gonna get beat up… and i’ll be next….’  “lynxkit are you ok?” asked splashkit. “Y-yea…” he said turning back to his friends 'at least i have my best friend splashkit on my side….’ he thought. “Perhaps we should play a different game?” specklesong suggested. “Um.. i uh im gonna go take a nap….”lynxkit said “oh ok.. Have a good nap!” icekit called. Lynxkit just nodded and ran into the nursery. ‘Why does my life have to be like this… why starclan? First my sister dies and now we get yelled at and beat up for no reason… father is always busy! It’s no fair!’ he thought desperately. Although a nap was his excuse to go away from his friends, he did feel tired. He slowly closed his eyes and saw some ghostly figures, he recognized one one them,brightkit! But he didn’t know the other one. ‘ im probably in starclan….’ he thought. “W-what am i doing here…? Am i dead?” he asked the two cats. “No.. your not..”birghtkit replied. “You probably don’t know me… but im thunderstone im a former waterclan deputy, i died in a battle with leafclan. Since brightkit died at a young age i am her new mother” said the other she-cat.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if your a better mother than goldenshine” lynxkit mumbled “and why are you even telling me this anyway?”. Thunderstone sighed “because your becoming a apprentice soon, and i need to tell you to ignore goldenshine” she said “how am i supposed to do that?!?!” lynxkit yowled, but before he could get a response his eyes opened slowly, he was in the real world now. His eyes widened as he saw all the scratches that sunkit had and that goldenshine had blood dripping from her claws,she was asleep though. “H-how did this happen..?” he asked “it’ll be your turn in an hour!” sunkit shrieked,her eyes had a look of horror in them. “No… we’ll never be free from her!” lynxkit mewed sadly. “Well.. she’ll die eventually” sunkit mumbled. “This is why i should move clans” lynxkit mewed. “You can’t!” yowled sunkit “you can’t leave me here by myself!” she mewed. “Well im not completely sure yet…” he said as he curled himself into a ball. “Im trying to sleep again” he mumbled “wake me when she has to beat me up….” sunkit nodded but lynxkit didn’t see.he had already fallen asleep.

Chapter three[]

Sunkit laid in her nest sighing, she knew the only person she could trust in her family was lynxkit. She watched the sun set and saw all the horrible scratches that lynxkit had after goldenshine had gone to beat him up. She stood up knowing that goldenshine would yell at her if she didn’t have a nest to herself,so sunkit laid in another nest right before goldenshine came in. “GET IN A NEST NOW LYNXKIT!” she yelled. Lynxkit quickly ran over to a nest next to sunkit. Sunkit’s ears started to hurt after her mother screamed so loudly. ‘I hope i don’t become deaf… than how will i be a warrior? Or even leader?’ she thought. She saw goldenshine jump into her own nest and started to fall asleep. “Psst,lynxkit,sunkit are you ok?” whispered icekit. The two siblings nodded. About a few hours later, everyone in camp was sleep,sunkit couldn’t fall asleep so she just laid in her nest and stared at the sky as the sun started to rise,she got up without waking up and sat outside the nursery. She heard some movement inside the nursery, she turned around quickly to see if it was goldenshine,but it was just splashkit who came to sit next to her. “Guess im not the only one who couldn’t sleep” he mewed. “Yea…” sunkit said quietly.

It was silent for a few heartbeats but than: “the sky is beautiful isn’t it?” splashkit said. Sunkit was silent for a moment and said “yea… it is…”. Sunkit felt awkward when it was just her and splashkit in silence. Suddenly she felt more movement in the nursery,it was icekit! ‘Thank starclan!’ she thought. “What are you guys doing up so early..?” she yawned as she sat in space between them. “Er…. “ icekit said not knowing what to say. “You guys are lucky you have an actual family” sunkit blurted out without thinking ‘oh no!’ “um nevermind,forget i said anything….” she mewed. “Ok” icekit replied. To her luck,she figured they didn’t hear her or they were just playing along with it. A few minutes later it was dawn so everyone was starting to wake up. “Im getting prey” she said and dashed off.

When she got to the fresh kill pile, she saw goldenshine. ‘What does she want now?!’ she thought. She took a deep breath and stepped towards goldenshine. ‘She’s up to no good….’ “hello..?” sunkit said, “well since your becoming a apprentice today… i thought i’d get you some prey” goldenshine said, she sounded like she didn’t want to talk to her, ‘because she doesn’t… it’s very suspicious… but at least it’s food…’ she thought. “Thanks she mumbled,as she watched goldenshine run away.she took a bite into the rabbit her mother gave her. It tastes…. Weird? She didn’t know how to describe it, Sunkit looked down at the rabbit about to take another bite,but than she realized… there were deathberries in the rabbit!!!!

Chapter four[]

Sunkit couldn’t believe her mother tried to poison her!! Well,if she was being honest,she actually could believe her mother would do that. She let out a small screech of surprise and ran to the medicine cat den right away! ‘Honeysplash and moonstone will help me for sure!!’ she mewed under her breath. She bursted into the medicine cat den, honeysplash and moonstone looked at her quickly and saw the look of horror in her eyes. “Oh my starclan what happened?!?!?!” honeysplash exclaimed. Sunkit explained everything that her mother had tried to poison her. Honeysplash made her eat yarrow so she would throw up the deathberries,it worked but than Sunkit noticed something… “is it weird that you look exactly like me?”Sunkit asked. “How did she not know yet….” honeyplash whispered under her breath but sunkit heard. “Well you see…. Im your aunt,goldenshine is my sister but i hate her! She’s so disrespectful to everyone!” honeysplash explained. A moment later moonstone left the den to gather herbs. “Let me tell you things, Sunkit…” honeysplash said quietly.

“What do you need to tell me?” Sunkit asked. “Well you see,im half clan...which means you are too, me and goldenshine’s parents, your grandparents, were from two different clans, Lilywhisper,my mother,was in our clan,waterclan. And Goldensky,my father was from lilyclan. The thing is, goldenshine doesn’t know,they only told me because i could be trusted..” honeysplash explained. Sunkit widened her eyes “uhm well then i need to tell you something too” as Sunkit said that,moonstone walked in to listen too. Sunkit proceeded to tell them about how horrible and what her mother had done to her and her brother...and brightkit. After a bit,it was time for her and Lynxkit’s apprentice ceremony. “I wonder who my mentor will be!” lynxkit said happily “yea…”Sunkit replied. A few heartbeats later, birdstar leaped onto starstone’s and sat down swiftly. “Today two kit’s have reached the age of six moons and will now become apprentices. Lynxkit,please step forward” birdstar said. Without hesitation, lynxkit stepped forward,his eye’s showing with pride. “Lynxkit,from this day forward before you become a warrior,you shall be known as lynxpaw,and your mentor shall be rootdance.”birdstar called. Rootdance ran forward and touched noses with lynxpaw,than sat down. “Sunkit please step forward” Sunkit had heard her name so she stepped forward quickly. “From this day forward before you become a warrior,you shall be known as sunpaw,and your mentor shall be moonsplash” birdstar finished.


Sunpaw touched noses with moonsplash, “we will be exploring the territory tomorrow with lynxpaw” moonsplash said as he looked at the sky. “Were going tomorrow since it’s getting dark,go get some rest and make a nest in the apprentice den”. Sunpaw nodded and headed that way ‘a apprentice,huh? One step closer to becoming a warrior!’

Chapter five[]

Sunpaw woke up the next morning to hear lynxpaw bouncing around. “Shut up lynxpaw” sunpaw said rolling over.”but it’ll be our first time out of camp!!!” lynxpaw exclaimed “im just tired, so leave me alone,go hang out with skypaw or someone” sunpaw said closing her eyes. She heard lynxpaw walking out of the apprentice den. She tried sleeping,but a few minutes later she couldn’t fall asleep ‘thanks a lot lynxpaw’ she thought. She sat up and stretched,looking around the apprentice den,skypaw,lynxpaw and stormpaw were outside,but fernpaw and rainpaw were asleep. Sunpaw walked outside the den quietly and spotted splashkit,icekit and specklesong sharing prey,she also saw skypaw,lynxpaw and stormpaw trying to do the hunting crouch. She padded over to the fresh kill pile,and picked up a water vole. “Sup” she heard a voice,she turned around and sighed with relief, it was just moonsplash “hi!” she said sitting down. “What time are we exploring the territory?”.

“In a few seconds”


Sunpaw looked around “shall i tell lynxpaw and rootdance?” she asked. “Rootdance already knows,but go ahead and tell lynxpaw” moonsplash replied “i’ll be waiting at the camp entrance with rootdance” sunpaw nodded and ran over to lynxpaw “LYNXPAWWWWW’ she called when she got over to him. Lynxpaw looked up, “yea?” he asked. “Come on were going to explore the territory” sunpaw explained, they then walked over to the camp entrance and walked out. Lynxpaw and rootdance were jumping up and down and chatting excitedly. “Do they ever shut up?” moonsplash asked “i honestly have no idea” sunpaw replied. They didn’t hear them and kept doing it,it seemed to annoy moonsplash. “Shut up before i claw your ears off,this isn’t a chat all day thing idiot’s, were supposed to be exploring the territory! Sometimes i don’t understand you mousebrain’s” moonsplash hissed. To Sunpaw’s surprise,that shut them up.

They started walking and reached a place… it looked weird,although Sunpaw could see the tiny tip of it from camp. “That’s the twoleg nest, don’t go there unless i say” moonsplash demanded. Rootdance just blinked and stayed silent “uhm yes listen to moonsplash heh” she finally said. “A twoleg thingamabob? I don’t even know what’s happening in my life-” lynxpaw said. Moonsplash sighed,he sounded a bit angry. “Well lets move on! This wa-” rootspring got cut off. “Quiet root whatever your name is,i lead the way,not you,so be quiet and let me lead happy face.”moonsplash interrupted. Rootdance stayed silent and proceeded to let moonsplash lead the way. “Quite a mentor you have huh?” lynxpaw whispered to Sunpaw. “Your just jealous he’s not as good as yours” sunpaw teased  “am not!” lynxpaw replied. “Quiet back there! Even a old tribe cat could hear you from the mountains!” moonsplash growled annoyed. “See what you did?” sunpaw teased again.

Chapter Six[]

All three cats followed as Moonsplash lead them back to camp “go eat otherwise i’ll tell birdstar to make you kits again” he said as he headed to the warriors den,rootdance close behind him. Sunpaw and lynxpaw headed to the freshkill pile,sunpaw grabbed a tuna for them to share. “Moonsplash is so mean! I feel bad for you!!” lynxpaw complained. “Exuse me?!?! He is not mean! He’s a amazing mentor! He acts more like a father to me than cloudfrost ever will!” Sunpaw hissed. “How could you say that?! Are you giving up on him?!? How could you!!!” Lynxpaw yowled. “Yes i am giving up on him! He pretty much Abandoned us!! He didn’t ask when we got beat up! And he didn’t cheer at our ceremony! Don't think i haven’t noticed!” she growled. “ how could you!! He’s deputy! So he has things to do!!” lynxpaw hissed back. “Better things to do than care about us?! Being deputy is no excuse! Any other parent would at least try to hang out with us if they were deputy! How could you support him? He LITERALLY ABANDONED US! He didn’t care when brightkit died! He’s just as bad as goldenshine!”  Sunkit spoke up. “Oh and you probably didn’t notice,like the idiot you are,but rootdance and moonsplash are mates, and their like parents to me!”.it was silent for a few heartbeats than: “you didn’t try to stop goldenshine when she killed brightkit!” lynxpaw snarled.

The memories of brightkit dying flashed through her head ‘how dare he!!!’ she thought. “E.X.C.U.S.E  M.E! I did too!!! You saw me leaping to save her!! What did you do???  You just sat there with a normal expression on your face! Im done with you lynxpaw,im really done being your all nice sister!” Sunpaw snarled back,she turned around quickly,not eating the tuna,and ran over to the apprentice den.She ended up relocating her nest next to skypaw and rainpaw,she was in the middle of them. ‘I guess i really can’t trust anyone huh?’ she thought. She laid down,curling into a ball with her tail tip over her eyes. She soon fell asleep,her dreams were filled with her sad past ‘i have no one to support me anymore….’ she thought. When she woke up for training the next morning, she glared at lynxpaw and stomped out of the den. She was learning battle training with moonsplash today. “Im not hungry let’s just go” she growled “perfect! The smol kit has learned some sense!” moonsplash said. They then got to the waterclan battle training field.

Moonsplash started to teach Sunpaw some battle moves. ‘He’s so good at this!!! I cant believe he’s my mentor! Im so excited to try!!’ she thought. “Ready to try?” he asked. Sunpaw nodded right away,she tried her hardest but than tripped on a twig and landed upside down. “Ouch!” she squealed. “No no no!!!! Not like that you furball!” moonsplash said “but-”Sunpaw mewed “shut up and let me show you! You darn nerd” moonsplash interrupted. He than showed her the move again. ‘Yep that’s my mentor alright!’ she thought. “Stop thinking and get your furry tail over here!” moonsplash said impatiently. “Ack! Sorry coming!!!” Sunpaw yelped and ran over there to try the move ‘just you wait lynxpaw! I’ll become a warrior before you ever will! Then i’ll show you who’s boss!’ she thought.

Chapter seven[]

Sunpaw was practicing the move with moonsplash for a bit now, nobody was around so she thought she would tell moonsplash her secrets.... “Hey uh moonsplash?” she said still trying to do the move. “What,hurry up and shut up after” he said,Sunpaw proceeded to explain about how horrible her past was and what happened with lynxpaw yesterday. Moonsplash just said it was a bad childhood and continued different moves. Sunpaw figured maybe he had a childhood like that and didn't want to talk about it. Soon enough,the sun was starting to set. “Uhm how long were we training..?” Sunpaw asked. “I don’t know but let’s get our tails back to camp and eat” moonsplash replied and walked towards camp. Sunpaw quickly followed behind him, when they got to camp, she spotted lynxpaw. Sunpaw growled under her breath and glared at him. She than looked away and walked past him towards the fresh kill pile. She sat down swiftly and looked around camp. ‘As expected, the know something is up with me and lynxpaw… they always look at me weirdly.. Or do they just like lynxpaw more than me..?’

Sunpaw grabbed a salmon from the fresh kill pile, she was well aware of how many more gazes looked at her as she sat there alone, she noticed that lynxpaw was hanging out with skypaw,stormpaw and rainpaw. She noticed as fernpaw walked towards her. ‘At Least i have one friend through my whole life… at least i hope’ she thought. “Hi fernpaw!” Sunpaw said cheerfully. “Hi!” fernpaw called running up to her. “Wanna share this huge salmon from the fresh kill pile i doubt i’ll be able to eat it all just by myself” Sunpaw asked. “Of course! But may i ask you something…?” fernpaw replied sitting down next to her. “Go right ahead!” supaw said taking the first bite of the salmon. “Well what’s going on with you and lynxpaw? You both were very close… now it seems as if you both hate each other…” Fernpaw pointed out.  ‘Somehow i knew...i knew he would ask’ Sunpaw thought. “well...i’d rather not talk about my brother but if you insist… “ Sunpaw said “it’s hard to explain… so i don’t think you would understand”. Fernpaw just nodded and took a bite of the salmon. “You do know that lynxpaw is going on about wanting to be leader” Fernpaw said ‘WHAT!’ sunpaw’s heart dropped. “O-oh really…. He never wanted to be, i’ve always wanted to…” she said sadly. “Well i don’t know if he’s serious,it’s just what i’ve heard.” fernpaw said.

“Is that so?” said a voice,it was lynxpaw.

“Go away”


“Go away lynxpaw! She wants to be left alone!” Fernpaw stood up for his friend. “I enjoyed sharing the salmon,you can have the rest… im going to sleep” Sunpaw said just to get away, she was happy that at least fernpaw was her friend. But could she trust her? ‘Who am i kidding of course i can! Or can i…?’ she thought. She decided to ignore her thoughts and laid down in her nest next to fernpaw’s,she laid down and closed her eyes.

Chapter eight[]

Sunpaw woke up a few minutes ago and was told that she was not training today until later, because apparently moonsplash had to speak with birdstar ‘i wonder why….’ she thought.she decided to go chat with fernpaw, and share some of the squirrel Sunpaw caught on the dusk patrol. “How was dawn patrol?” Sunpaw asked,taking the last bite of the squirrel. “It was fun,although mountainclan was being so loud! We could hear them from the lilyclan border!”fernpaw said,he looked up at Starstone’s as birdstar jumped up quickly and sat down with her tail wrapped around her paws. Everyone quickly gathered around. Sunpaw noticed that cloudfrost sat so far away from goldenshine that she could hardly even turn her head anymore! “Attention!” birdstar called over all the noise and chaos. “I have noticed some horrible actions in our clan… Moonsplash was kind enough to come to me and tell me what a certain mother had done to his apprentice” she said gazing around the clan. “But first, i believe that our very own DEPUTY didn’t care or question when his other kit had died!” she exclaimed.

Sunpaw looked around the crowd,they had surprised expressions all over their faces. Sunpaw was sad as she remembered the memories, she looked down at her paws than fernpaw’s tail touched her shoulder, “it’s ok,it’s not your fault,im sure they’ll get punished” he said. That made sunpaw feel a bit better, she looked back up at birdstar to see what she had to say. “Thanks” she said to fernpaw. Birdstar stood up,sunpaw knew this was a sign of it getting intense. “As there punishment, goldenshine will be exiled,” she hissed. Goldenshine glared at the leader “HOW COULD YOU!!!  I will get revenge! Just know that!”goldenshine spat loudly. Birdstar ignored her, “as for cloudfrost, he will lose his deputy position and will also get exiled” birdstar said fairly. Sunpaw noticed that it looked as if cloudfrost’s heart dropped. His sad expression in his eyes made her feel horrible. Cloudfrost bowed his head, “instead of being exiled,could i please be a elder? I would never betray you” he promised. Birdstar thought for a moment. “Fine,but you have one shot!” she said. Cloudfrost bowed his head and sat down,goldenshine ran out of camp “you haven't seen the last of me!” she hissed as she ran away

Birdstar watched her leave with a gaze of hatred in her eyes,it quickly faded though, Sunpaw was happy to see her go, she didn’t care if she was gone ‘she was horrible to me anyway, than you moonsplash’ she thought. “I also have another announcement!” birdstar said cheerfully.  “We have two new warriors and two new apprentices!” birdstar’s eyes gleamed with pride. After the clan meeting icekit and splashkit became icepaw and splashpaw, skypaw and stormpaw became skysong and stormflight. Sunpaw was happy that her old denmate’s splashpaw and icepaw moved in,but sad that skysong and stormflight moved out, she had mixed emotions for a while until moonsplash came up to her. “Come on,your going to learn hunting today” he said proudly. “Fernpaw is coming as well as frogpool”.Sunpaw’s eyes gleamed,she was so excited!! As the four cats walked out of camp,she told fernpaw: “lets do this!!”. Fernpaw only nodded and his eyes gleamed.

Chapter nine[]

Soon enough they got to the hunting fields. “This is the only place warrior’s hunt, there are many many more places,this is just where we train apprentices to hunt most of the time” frogpool explained “it’s also my first year training a apprentice here so im really excited!!”. Moonsplash just walked ahead and said “ain’t that something”. He sat down where the mentor’s would usually sit and frogpool sat next to him. “Ok,so fernpaw,since you already know a bunch about hunting how about you show sunpaw how to hunt” frogpool suggested. Fernpaw nodded and got into a hunter's crouch. “Go sit next to moonsplash and frogpool to watch!” he said to sunpaw. Sunpaw jumped up excitedly and dashed over to moonsplash and frogpool and sat down.

She kept talking,her words going from: “ooh im so excited!”, “what’s gonna happen!?”, “i wanna try!!” and “how is it done?!”. “Shush or you won’t see how to do it” moonsplash mumbled. Sunpaw turned quiet quickly after he said that. She watched as Fernpaw was as low as he could be,his underbelly and tail didn’t even touch the ground! He sniffed the air and smelled a mouse,he than spotted it and crept forward not making a sound,he than leaped and killed the mouse with his claws digging into it. Sunpaw’s eye’s gleamed “THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh can i try?!?!?!?” Sunpaw asked,she was really excited. “Thanks! You'll get to try soon!” fernpaw promised smiling. “Excellent catch!” moonsplash called. “Thanks!” fernpaw called back. ‘He must be happy that moonsplash said good catch!’ sunpaw thought ‘because moonsplash almost never says kind things,at least to others.’ “Now fernpaw, how about you show her how to catch prey and water” Frogpool said. Fernpaw looked up at his mentor “that’s a mazing idea! But i think she wants to try catching something first” he said looking at sunpaw as she bounced up and down

Sunpaw was determined to catch some forest prey before she learned how to catch water prey. “Ahem,please watch me do it before,since i am a warrior and not some half trained apprentice” moonsplash said “but-” sunpaw said, she really wanted to catch something right away. “No if,and’s,or but’s, to bad, im your mentor” moonsplash interrupted, “now go sit next to fernpaw and frogpool while i show you” Sunpaw rolled her eyes,lucky he didn’t see, but he was right,he was her mentor. She sat down next to fernpaw and frogpool and watched as moonsplash caught a squirrel. “Ok good now let me try!” she yelled and flung herself down to catch prey. Moonsplash walked back up to the other two cats

“She’s so much like you now,and that’s sorta a bad thing” frogpool pointed out

“You don’t know we well enough,your not rootdance” moonsplash mumbled back and sat down

Soon enough Sunpaw caught her first piece of prey,it was a sparrow! She kept going on and on about it,she was so excited.”how about we try water prey?” moonsplash suggested,Sunpaw’s eye’s gleamed “YEA!!!!!!!” she shouted.

Chapter Ten[]

Soon enough they got to the small river in their territory “really? Isn’t there a better place?! Like let’s say the HUGE lake that no other clan claimed? Well lilyclan tried but than they realized they could only swim partly” Sunpaw said unsatisfied. “Look,your hungry right? Don’t forget warriors have to do patrol’s and there’s a lot more than training,we’ll go another time” moonsplash said. “Fine….” sunpaw said,she watched as moonsplash showed her how to catch water prey,she than watched as fernpaw did it. She was suddenly in a good mood again. “Ok now let me try!!” she exclaimed. She than sat at the edge of the water,hoping underwater prey wouldn’t see her shadow.

Soon enough they had caught a lot of prey and returned back to camp. Sunpaw could’ve sworn she saw fur that was the exact same as goldenshine’s,her fur stuck up like a bush. fernpaw looked at her confused but just ignored it and walked to the freshkill pile. She than snapped out of it as she saw a angry glare from lynxpaw. She just hissed under her breath and stomped off.she continued walked away and looked behind her to see lynxpaw sneaking out of camp from a bush.’is he breaking the code..? Did i actually see goldenhshine?’ she thought. She than stopped walking and looked around,no one was watching her so she turned around and snuck into the bush behind lynxpaw. She hid quietly and realized she had seen goldenshine. “So,what’s the plan mother?” lynxpaw said sitting down.they were in a secret place in camp!! “Atlast you side with your mother… but anyways, use the really impressive move i showed you to become a warrior before sunpaw,than kill the deputy and blame it on sunpaw so she’ll get exiled” goldenshine explained. “Than you can show everyone that your mother was right,and everyone was wrong. And i never beat you up.”. Sunpaw’s fur bristled, ‘NO!’ she thought. Her heart was racing and than it slowed down as she was curious to see what would happen next.

“Than what?” lynxpaw said,his tail twitching impatiently. “You like seeing cats die correct?” she asked “yes obviously” lynxxpaw said rolling his eyes. “Than you can kill the leader than trick everyone into ot trusting each other than create a fun killing game where everyone dies,but you must have at least 3 people in the plan for it to work” goldenshine said with pride in her eyes from coming up with the plan. Sunpaw’s eyes widened with shock,she didn’t want to hear the rest so she ran out of the bushes and ran to the apprentice den. She wanted to tell birdstar but she was terrified… she than saw lynxpaw ask rootdance to go training ‘NO her mind screeched, she knew the plan was going to happen,she could stop it but she was too scared, ‘no,i need too,its the only way…’ she thought. She raced out of the apprentice den at full speed and saw rootdance and lynxpaw walk out of camp. She closed her eyes in frustration than opened them again,she sat down at birdstar’s den,her tail twitching impatiently. “Come in” birdstar said.

Chapter Eleven[]

Sunpaw walked in,trying not to run and wondered how birdstar could sense her from so far away. She eventually got there and sat down on the other moss seat in birdstar’s den. Sunpaw’s golden fur stood up a tiny bit once she saw Birdstar’s Brown and light brown fur and her gleaming blue eyes emerge from the darkness. ‘How can she stay in a dark place like this?!’ sunpaw thought. “Nothing to be afraid of Sunpaw,it’s just me in here” Birdstar said as she sat down swiftly with her tail over her paws. The leader had just said her name! Should she be excited and honored or feel normal? She felt normal since she had always been around her leader and felt comfortable around her. Her fur flattened and her golden amber eyes opened and closed,she was tired and wanted a nap but she had to do this. “What’s the matter? Is it something really important or do you need to ask me something?” birdstar asked calmly. “Well…. Where do i start?” Sunpaw said

Soon enough Sunpaw had explained everything to birdstar. Birdstar looked angry,sunpaw sensed the feeling of anger and betrayal coming from her. She wondered if birdstar didn't even believe her….. “Thank you for telling me, im glad you told me. Are you free tomorrow after training?” she asked. Sunpaw froze,was she in trouble and about to get beat up…? “U-uhm i was going to hang out with fernpaw but i can tell him after whatever you want me to d-do” sunpaw said trying not to let her fear show. ‘I really really don’t ever want to get beat up ever again! But if birdstar orders than i have to obey.. She’s the leader after all’ she thought sadly. When she looked up she sensed happiness coming from birdstar and saw her blue eyes shining proudly. “Great! After your training tomorrow we’ll go for a walk in the forest,your dismissed” she mewed. Sunpaw dipped her  head and walked out of her den. ‘A walk with the leader? Sounds great! Im not so scared anymore’ she thought

She than spotted fernpaw and she wansn’t so tired anymore, her tail stood up and her eyes golden amber eyes sparkled,she hadn’t hung out with fernpaw all day! She ran towards the light gray tom with white paws,chest,underbelly and tail tip. “Fernpaw!” she called while still running towards him, he looked over his shoulder and spotted her, he ran towards her too. “Hi Sunpaw! What’s up?” Fernpaw said. “Nothing much,just told birdstar something” sunpaw replied sitting down next to him. ‘Please don’t ask,please don’t ask please don’t a-’  “what did you tell her?” he asked curiously,also sitting down ‘he asked….’. Sunpaw sighed, “well…. I’d rather not say,it’s sort of personal,i hope you understand”she replied calmly hoping he wouldn’t pressure her. Fernpaw nodded “i completely understand and respect it. Are we still hanging out tomorrow after your training?” he asked looking at her,his green eyes filled with curiosity. “About that…. Birdstar wanted to take a walk with me so we can hang out after that,is that fine?” sunpaw asked, fernpaw looked at her and said: “of course! I’d hate to get in way of important business i also think frogpool wanted to do extra training today,so that’s completely fine” he said,standing up. Sunpaw sighed with relief.Wanna watch the sunset?” fernpaw said randomly. “What-?” sunpaw said confused. “Than people will think-” “so what?!” fernpaw said juming up “come on it will be fun” “fine lets go..”

Chapter Twelve[]

Sunpaw started walking side by side with fernpaw. “Where are we going..?” sunpaw asked, she didn’t know where they were going to watch the sunset. “Well… i know a perfect place,i always explore when nobody’s awake,this place is perfect to watch the sunset” fernpaw explained “but why are you only taking me? D-do you like have a crush on me or something?” she asked with a confused face. “Because your my best friend duh,it’s fun only by ourselves, also NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! Why would you think that!!!” Fernpaw exclaimed.”as i thought” sunpaw replied sighing,she looked over her shoulder and saw splashpaw chasing them from far away. ‘Don’t i ever get a chance to hang out with fernpaw by ourselves?’ she thought annoyed. “Go faster,splashpaw’s coming…” she said quickly,soon enough fernpaw and sunpaw started running faster.

“WAIT UP!” splashpaw shouted angrily,Sunpaw and fernpaw both knew they had to stop now because they were sure even a very old tribe cat could hear him. They both stopped and waited for splashpaw. ‘I NEVER get to spend time with fernpaw by myself these days’ she thought angrily. Eventually splashpaw caught up. “Where are you two going?” he asked with a challenging voice,his gaze directly looking at sunpaw. She looked at her former denmate from the nursery,it was as if he was trying to stop her from going with fernpaw. “We were uh going hunting,and splitting up to hunt….”sunpaw lied,she noticed that splashpaw didn’t believe her. ‘He’s SUCH a pain….’ she’d admit,he wasn’t that bad,he was just annoying sometimes. “You can tell me the truth im not gonna fall for some mousebrained lie” he said acting all smart ‘i bet brightshine told him where were going’ her mind hissed.

“I know your going to watch the sunset you lovebirds” he said partly growling. “Lovebirds?!?!” sunpaw hissed ‘he’s got it all wrong!!! This can't happen, he’s only my best friend!’ she thought. Her thoughts kept rushing through her mind. “Speak of lovebird’s,don’t think i haven’t seen you and rainpaw, it’s obvious you like my sister. Next time don't accuse and focus on what’s in your everyday life!” fernpaw said defensively. Sunpaw laughed a bit as splashpaw’s cheeks turned bright red. “What’s so funny?!” splashpaw said in a squeaky voice “oh nothing!” sunpaw said. She noticed that fernpaw had also laughed a bit. “Hmph! I don’t like her!!! Anyways,im coming with you!” splashpaw hissed. “Why..?” fernpaw asked. Sunpaw sighed,she felt like she knew the answer,splashpaw was too predictable. “Because i heard you say it was the perfect sunset so i csn’t miss out!”he mewed

‘Knew he would say that’ “Whatever let’s go” fernpaw said. But then they all noticed that it had turned dark. “Darn it! Whatever bye see you in the den” splashpaw said running away. “I think he’s scared of the dark” sunpaw joked. Fernpaw laughed “yep definitely!” he said. “We can watch the sunset tomorrow,just gotta be sneaky” he whispered to sunpaw. Sunpaw nodded “let’s get back” she said. They walked back to camp to see a dead cat.they both gasped in horror, they than ran into the camp. ‘Oh no… who is it..?’