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My purrsona is a gray tom with black forepaws, white hind paws, and bright aqua blue eyes. His fur is made up of shades of gray, ranging from a very light gray (like those smooth pebbles) to a really dark gray (that almost looks like black). The shades of gray are in order from lightest to darkest, starting at his head and ending with his tail. His usual facial expression is one of wistfulness, but if you try hard enough it will break into a laugh. Be warned, if you fail... he WILL roll his eyes at you.


He (me really) is a very kind and gentle cat who cares for others. He can be witty, but it's very rare and comes in spurts. He is also hard-working and determined to do what is right. He can also be a bit too curious, adventuring to discover the unknown when a lot of cats would be afraid (it's not that he doesn't get scared, he forgets to because of his curiosity). He's also a bookworm (wait what cats can read? totally) and is pretty introverted. He acts very polite around others but with his family and friends can act a little goofy. I try to stay positive, but I can get pretty down sometimes. I'm also very forgetful, so if you ask me to put your OC in my fanfic, if I don't do it immediately I'll forget and you'll have to remind me XD.

On The Blog[]

I joined the Blog on May 27, 2021 (I found out thanks to Goldi!) and the wiki on October 10, 2021. I'm really active on the Blog, but usually on the FanFiction pages lol. I read A LOT of fan articles, and usually I'll speak my mind (I try to be respectful of other people's opinions). I am currently making my very first article and am very excited (I'm not even halfway done and it has like 2.5 K words...)!


You can be my friend (I like everyone), so add yourself!

Silverstorm (we're doing a fanfic collab)

Wolfblaze (also doing a fanfic collab with them)

Mossi :3 (Mosskit/fire)

Minty <3


What Is Said About Me[]

Add what you think of me.

You. Are. Amazing. :3 - Mossi Violetpaw edit- Awww thank you so much Mossi! Hope you have a good day.

Violetpaw is so nice....and AWESOME!~Silverstorm Violetpaw edit- Thank you Silvy! You as well, have a nice day.

Violetpaw's such an amazing, talented, compassionate person. I'm lucky to have him as a friend <3 Wolfpaw Violetpaw edit- Thanks Wolfi! I’m lucky that you’re my friend too!

Violwtpaw"s really nice and im glad hes a part of TwixClan and BlogClan cuz it would just be weird without him-Snowwy


  • I am 13 yrs old
  • My B-day is August 29
  • My astrological zodiac sign is Virgo and my Chinese zodiac sign is the rat
  • My spirit animal is a bear
  • My favorite color is blue
  • I love reading and writing, and I am currently writing a fanfic collab called Shadows Rising
  • I could not draw for the life of me (aka I have no artistic skills at all)
  • I speak English, moderate Spanish, and basic Polish
  • I have OCD and possibly ADHD
  • I am pansexual
  • I support LGBTQ+ rights
  • I am writing a fanfic called Shadows Rising with Silverstorm and Wolfblaze (feel free to check it out).