Ideas for the new RP can be found here:

A big part of the wiki has always been the roleplays, but they are quite dead right now :P The RP is almost as old has the wiki itself, but it's been getting stale lately. For example, we've had the same high positions since pretty much the start of the roleplay, many people with key characters in the numerous plots are inactive, and the older people can't catch up to all the new RPing but the newer people need them to continue

Basically it's a bit of a mess, and I know it sounds ridiculous but we kinda need a new RP right now. It doesn't need to replace the old one but it would be a great thing to do for wiki revival

Because this awkward not-too-formal-sounding-but-not-too-informal writing style is a pain to use, here is a list of the current problems with the main RP:

  • It's inactive, but all the older people don't have time to catch up and the newer people need them to RP
  • Too many unused/adoptable characters
  • The tangled mess of plots requires a bunch of people to RP and it's really difficult to get anything moving
  • It's hard for new people to join and all the high positions are being held on to by old members
  • It's very difficult to keep track of everything
  • The allegiances are a mess
  • The entire thing is a mess

And here is a handy little bullet point of the benefits/ideas for the new RP system

  • We could give newer people a chance to be more involved
  • We'd make it similar to, but not the same as, the old RP
  • We could have a better adoption system/loaning out characters if you're going to be inactive
  • We'd have rules about cycling high positions every so often to give people a chance (depending on how active it is, maybe you could keep high positions for six months to a year?)
  • If you didn't RP a character for a certain long time (without notice) maybe they could be open for adoption unless you RPed them again
  • We could have a character creation limit where you'd only be able to create a certain number of new characters without permission (adoption would not be counted as creation). This would help people start making new characters in existing families before creating new ones and never RPing them.
  • We would have less big plots and more chances to just RP with smaller plots
  • New rules/plots could be added democratically 
  • It would be a nice refreshing change to help revive the wiki

Please tell me if you think this is a good idea or not, and if you have any suggestions for it! I think it'd be a good thing for the wiki revival effort, but if you don't please let me know! (Jazzy, Frosty, Beech, Lau, and I planned this out on wikichat so it could use some more ideas)

Should we make a new RP?

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