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Hayo Mayo, and welcome to my user page! I'm open to being a fabulous friend of yours and a kitty companion! [Check out my EggCave pet _Nightshade_!]

Today's date is August 14, 2022, and a cool day to be alive! It's currently a Warm and Cozy Summer day, where the grass is green, and the skies are blue! It is 01:54 right now :)

I was born in the fall, on September 30th!

Notice Board

  • I'm running for senior Warrior on the Blog! I'd appreciate any couches :)
  • I'm drawing BlogClan cats in minecraft! Go to the BlogClan art page and fill out the form! :333
  • School starts soon! Good luck, to those who are going into a new school :D
  • Sooner or later, I will be a senior warrior [Probably in at least 6 months but we can hope] and will be getting an apprentice! Look out mentoless appendixes
  • No other notices! <3