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Hey, <insert name here> This is Briarpaw, Wiki account Raining Lily.

Honestly I have no idea what I have to fill in here because I already spent half my life(harhar) working on my purrsona page?? I'll try to type in the link because I'm too lazy to copy it: Hmm I think that's it. Okay I admit I looked.

About Me

I'm twelve years old. I'm not turning thirteen any day now. Just passed my birthday (It's in May).

My mentor is Fallowheart and I love the regular long-paragraph conversations we have.

I had a dog, a miniature schnauzer who was easily the cutest thing to ever exist, but he died in 2018. Really, I cannot believe it's three years ago. I had fish, too, and they had tiny fish, but they all died. So I just live with my plants now XD

I'm learning coding from Coldie, currently!

On the Wiki

I'm trying to be active and because I just learned to make linear gradients I'm doing that to my page. This pink, green, blue, and yellow is absolutely stunning together and you cannot change my mind.


Anyways, I have three pages: Briarpaw/cloud, which is my purrsona page, and The Bird's Fall, a page for my fanfic, and Raining Lily's Coding Sandbox where I try out new codes.

I want to comment much but I always think that and never do that, do you get what I mean?

On BlogClan

I'm around in articles, the Name Generator page, Name That Apprentice, Warriors Games Page, BlogClan Art(Not much), Ask the Experts, Allegiances Chat Page, and almost everywhere! I just don't comment... har har har. Oh yes I forgot the fanfic pages! I'm around in the FanFic page and the Fanfiction Organization page.

I try to be friendly to everyone but I'm not that a friendly person. In real life I tend to be prickly to new people, and I'm pretty sarcastic. I hope I appear to be funny and smart though, because who wouldn't?

I published four articles, won one name, Temperedsky, in the NTA, and is hosting a NTA game myself.

"Do you hate me?"

Short answer: No.

Long answer: No.

"Why do you like me?"

Short answer: ?

Long answer: I never said I liked you... mwahahaha

Briarpaw's weird

Yes I'm weird. The fact is proven by the fact that I'm adding weird headings to this.

So I'm going to advertise Fallowheart's fanfic. Fanficsss

Okay she's written like four? so far, Eye of the Storm, The First Warrior, Rising Sun, and Dreams of Mist. They're all super. She's so nice and that's why I literally always comment. I have no idea if anyone will see this page but I'm writing this because of the pure reason that I have nothing else to do and I'm enjoying the gradients effect changing as I add more things to it.

Another reason I'm weird? I'm a grammar freak and a spelling freak. If you mess up in front of me I'll be like 'hmm' you know? But I'm messing up my grammar these days too so maybe I'm a hypocrite. No I'm not.

Why Does She Hate ____?

  • Hollyleaf: Because she's horrid? I hate her hypocrisy and her obsession with the warrior code.
  • Jayfeather: Yellowfang was a grump, too. But you can tell her words were hiding affection. Just, you can. She was caring for the others. But Jayfeather's words are out of pure spite.
  • Spottedleaf: Okay, for some reason my hate has lessened but I still can't stand her. She's portrayed as a beautiful perfect she-cat by the narrative, and I hate her attitude.
  • Others: Wow

Briarpaw As A Warrior

She'll probably cringe at all this. "AGHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE I WROTE THIS BRIARPAW COME OUT THIS SECOND" Was I right, Briarcloud?

Yup, my name'll be Briarcloud. Briarsnow would be nice, or Briarshade, too, right? Hmm but if I start this again my brain won't last. I argued plenty much with Briarfrost, Briarshine, Briarwing, Briarfern, and Briarcloud and I will not, I repeat will NOT do this again.

Heyo Briarcloud. Have ya changed yur name? Have an apprentice yet? Choose a super apprentice like me. Uh huh don't take this too seriously.

Justifying Myself

Okay. Before I go I want to make sure nobody thinks I'm weird after reading this. I know I said I was weird but I think I was beyond weird this time. Like, the ridiculous headings I did? I'm rather proud of them but I want to look good, everyone wants to, in front of you guys.

Even though nobody may read this, I'm going to make super duper sure that I'm a regular person who's normal as any of you.

'Kay, since I think I justified myself, I'm going to let you on a little secret that's not a secret. I'm just calling it a secret because I always wanted to say "I'm going to let you on a little secret". It is so cool, don't you think?

This is a trivia; I'm Korean! Yayy

I have something else I want to tell you: vIsIt mY pAGes aNd i wILL gIvE yOU cOoKiEs