BlogClan 2 Wikia


Hello lovely people! I'm Mountainpaw/storm, but you can call me Mounty, or Mounto, or Mount, or Mountain! I really don't mind which :) I'm a warrior of BlogClan! My mentor was the wonderful Coldheart, and my apprentice is the awesome Strempaw.

Feel free to pop in and say hello, I'm happy to chat a bit, draw your purr, or help with something! Well, except maybe coding pages because I'm pretty terrible at that. Don't hesitate to vent on my wall either, MPS (Mountainstorm Postal Service) is great at delivering cookies, gifs, and advice that might hopefully help a little! ;)

Now, talking of gifs, here are some, with a few adorable animal pictures that will hopefully make you smile :)

Code from the coding shop, made by Wollow!