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BlogClan 2 Wikia
Safe Space

You're in a safe online place. You will not be discriminated against for your gender, orientation, race, political beliefs, religion, culture, home country, or ANYTHING else.


Coding by Gracey <3

Hey, There![]

Welcome to my page! I'm Gracepaw/blossom, more commonly known as Gracey or Gracie on BlogClan!

I'm not active that much on this page, but sometimes I'll pop my head around or update here! I love to talk, so feel free to leave any comments for me on my message wall <3

For more information on me, see the All Links section!

Related Links[]


I run a rotation-style game called Gracey's Games on my secret page on the blog!

I'm active on Meadowpaw/poppy(Medoa)'s clan, LilacClan! I serve as the allegiances editor :D


All the information about me is on my page on the wikia!