aka Moonstripe or Moons

  • I live in a galaxy far, far away...
  • My occupation is watching random stuff on YouTube
  • I am an annoying Sonic fangirl

My Wiki page is here.



Other Names Moon, Moons, Moonie, Broomstripe
Relatives None on the Blog
Affiliation BlogClan, LightingClan
Biographical information
Mentor Goldi/Goldenfawn
Apprentice None
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed American Shorthair
Fur Color Black with silver stripes
Eye Color Dark blue

Welcome to Moons' user pageEdit

Hello! I’m Moonpaw/stripe but everyone calls me Moon, Moons, or Moonie. (Moons seems to be the most common lol) I (try) to be active and I’m usually here and the Blog on Saturdays. My favorite things are drawing, writing, and gaming. (favorite games include Minecraft, most Sonic the Hedgehog games, Mario, Legend of Zelda, and many more, my favorite things to write/draw about are CATS!) I can also code thanks to this handy coding thread.


I'm a jet-black she-cat with sleek silver stripes and dark blue eyes. (listed on the allegiances as Moonpaw- black she-cat with silver stripes and dark blue eyes)

How I discovered BlogClanEdit

I was looking at pictures of Ivypool online and clicked one that linked to the Blog. I made a comment but I didn't know about the mods-thing so when I came back and my comment wasn't there I was confused. I didn't really intend to be part of the Blog but in the end it just sort of happened. :😛


I'm writing a few fanfics, but only one is currently online: "The beginning of LightingClan"



Sonic the Hedgehog


Legend of Zelda


A bunch of others I'm too lazy to list lol

Gallery: Art of meEdit


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