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BlogClan 2 Wikia

Hi! You know me as Redblaze on the blog! Feel free to check out my page.

Me by Mapledrift

Warriors Opinions[]

My favourite arc is the Prophecies Begin or Omen of The Stars

My favourite main arc book is The Last Hope

My favourite super editions are Crookedstar's promise and Tallstar's revenge

My favourite novellas are Shadowstar's life and Mapleshade's vengeance

My favourite characters are Pouncetail, Ivypool, Stonefur, Brightheart, Crookedstar, Riverstar and Whitestorm.

My favourite villain is Mapleshade

My favourite medicine cat is Shadowsight or Puddleshine or Mothwing (although they butchered her character during Darkness Within)

My favourite ship is Ivy x Fern

The characters I think are most overrated are Hawkfrost and Firestar

The characters I think are most underrated are POUNCETAIL and Spottedleaf.

My least favourite arc is Power of Three

My least favourite book is probably Outcast

My least favourite super edition is Bluestar's Prophecy

My least favourite novella is Thunderstar's echo

My least favourite characters are Breezepelt, Firestar and Clear Sky

My least favourite villain is Hawkfrost or Thistleclaw

My least favourite medicine cat is Hawkheart (although he is interesting)

My least favourite ship is Spotted x Thistle (I mean, ewww)