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Hello, I’m Eagleflight of BlogClan, but I get called Aquila, so you can call me that too! I had a wonderful mentor called Flamecloud, an amazing cousin called Lapisdapple, a birthday buddy called Appleflower, a clanniversary buddy called Dovepaw and now a great apprentice called Willowpaw. I consider myself very lucky to have all of these and BlogClan!

I have many obsessions that I have gone through, my current being crime/detective shows. I am pretty unstable and I change my mind on things all the time like GCSE options, favourite show/book, and future profession (but I think I'd like to be a trauma or orthopedic surgeon, well I definitely know I want to work in medicine).

Oh and here is my wiki page, do go check it out! :D

About Me[]

I like cats and Eagles, I am in Secondary School (I live in the UK), I have a fluffy cat called Honey. I have been reading warriors for 4 and a half years now and my favourite character is Bramblestar! I also read the first Wings Of Fire book and my favourite character from that is probably Clay, but I’m not sure. 😛 Other books that I like include: The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Harry Potter and Shadowhunters! Note: this is a little outdated so ask if you want what I currently like!

I don’t bite that much so feel free to start a conversation with me. I like meeting new people and finding others that share my interests! and if you love spoilers, then you are INSTANTLY my friend!

My Interests[]

Phantom of the Opera:

Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical which I used to love to scream about on BlogClan. Thankfully I have now moved on. My favourite characters are Erik and Raoul and I still can't stand Christine, even after all these years. I have seen it live twice before, once as a school play and once at the West End, I also own the DVD of the 25th anniversary edition and I’ve seen it too many times...


BBC's medieval drama based on Arthurian Legend. I watched it in April-June 2020 and my favourite character is Agravaine (he is THE best!!!), followed by Morgana (she is such a queen) and I really disliked Arthur. In Merlin's words, he is such a prat. I so wish they would make a season 6...

Doctor Who:

BlogClan turned me into a Whovian and I’ve watched the entirety of the reboot and I wish I could watch the classic! Also I like finding Merlin actors in episodes of Doctor Who because they actually appear a lot! [15/09/20: I have found 5 Merlin actors in Doctor Who] My favourite character is River Song who I absolutely love. I also love the Eleventh Doctor and I'd say I have a bit of a reputation for hating the Tenth Doctor.

Medical Dramas:

It started back in year 5 when I would watch Casualty with my friends. It was rekindled in year 9 after my mum suggested I watch ER because she recognised the actor of River Song in Doctor Who as Dr Corday from ER. Then I branched out and watched more different medical dramas, and fell in love with medicine. I am always looking for new recommendations, so if you have any I’d be very glad!

Warrior Cats:

I discovered Warriors when I was in the library and I saw one of the old editions that said 'Warrior Cats'. I love cats so I picked it up, read the ending, and decided I wanted to read it. It said number 5 on it so I looked for more Warriors books and found one that said number 4 on it and I borrowed that instead. That was Starlight. I didn't read it for a while and left in untouched but when I picked it up and read it, I knew I was going to love Warriors so so much.


This is Honey!

Honey is my cat and I love her very much! <3 She was born on the 5th February 2015 and is still alive currently. She's a tortoiseshell-tabby cross and a rescue cat. She is a very sweet and good tempered cat, but is easily scared of strangers. She like sleeps all day too ahhhh :P

Have a nice day and may StarClan light your path! 🌟