I have 26 days left (14/02/21) and I swear I will actually cry if I lose the streak...

Hello, I’m Eaglepaw of BlogClan, but I get called Aquila, so you can call me that too! I have a wonderful mentor called Flamecloud, an amazing cousin called Lapisdapple, a birthday buddy called Appleflower, and a clanniversary buddy called Dovepaw. I consider myself very lucky to have all of these and BlogClan!

I have many obsessions that I have gone through, my current being a mix of Doctor Who, ER and So Awkward. Purely because they are the things I am currently watching/rewatching. (And go watch them all because they’re amazing!!)

Oh and here is my wiki page, do go check it out! :D

About Me[edit | edit source]

I like cats and Eagles, I am in Secondary School (I live in the UK), I have a fluffy cat called Honey. I have been reading warriors for 4 and a half years now and my favourite character is Bramblestar! I also read the first Wings Of Fire book and my favourite character from that is probably Clay, but I’m not sure. 😛 Other books that I like include: The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Harry Potter and Shadowhunters! Note: this is a little outdated so ask if you want what I currently like! I don’t bite that much so feel free to start a conversation with me. I like meeting new people and finding others that share my love of warriors! and if you love spoilers, then you are INSTANTLY my friend!

Phantom of the Opera[edit | edit source]

I also have an extremely large and unhealthy Phantom Of The Opera obsession and I love to scream about it on BlogClan!! My favourite characters are Erik and Raoul and I can’t stand Christine, she annoys me sooooo much. I have seen it live twice before, once as a school play and once at the West End, I also own the DVD of the 25th anniversary edition and I’ve seen it too many times...

Merlin[edit | edit source]

I like watching Merlin, and my favourite character is Agravaine (he is THE best!!!), followed by Morgana (she is such a queen) and I hate Arthur!!! If you want to know why I hate him so much I could probably give you thousands of reasons! 😛 I so wish they would make a season 6...

Doctor Who[edit | edit source]

BlogClan turned me into a Whovian and I’ve watched the entirety of the reboot and I wish I could watch the classic! Also I like finding Merlin actors in episodes of Doctor Who because they actually appear a lot! 😛 [15/09/20: I have found 5 Merlin actors in DW! :P] My favourite character is Missy(!!!!!) followed by River Song (love her), and then Rose, Donna, Eleven, Rory, Martha, Clara, War Doctor, Amy and then more characters I find okay then all the ones I hate.

ER[edit | edit source]

I enjoy watching ER as a way to relax in my spare time and I'm currently watching it (2nd Feb). My favourite characters are currently Carol, Carter, Susan and Mark and I really want to punch Doug Ross in the face(20/02/21). I like most of the characters though. My favourite parts are currently when Hathaway punches Ross (Chicago Heat), when Deb accidentally shocks Carter with the defibrillator (The Luck of the Draw), when the team go and steal back the Crash-Carts from Cardiology (Feb 5, '95), and there's actually so many more that I can't be bothered to add.

Warrior Cats[edit | edit source]

I discovered Warriors when I was in the library and I saw one of the old editions that said 'Warrior Cats'. I love cats so I picked it up, read the ending, and decided I wanted to read it. It said number 5 on it so I looked for more Warriors books and found one that said number 4 on it and I borrowed that instead. That was Starlight. I didn't read it for a while and left in untouched but when I picked it up and read it, I knew I was going to love Warriors so so much.

Honey[edit | edit source]

This is Honey!

Honey is my cat and I love her very much! <3 She was born on the 5th February 2015 and is still alive currently. She's a tortoiseshell-tabby cross and a rescue cat. She like sleeps all day too ahhhh :P

Have a nice day and may StarClan light your path! 🌟

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