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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Apprentice Army has been opened!


The Apprentice Army is run by all apprentices and accepts literally anyone as long as you are an apprentice and will be a loyal member. But even though warriors can’t join; the apprentices in the army that have become warriors will still be allowed to stay in the army if they wish and can still participate in everything we do. And you are of course allowed to leave anytime you wish as long as you tell us so that we know you will no longer be participating in Apprentice Army planning.


It was first made official by Dawny; our former leader and now wonderful third-in-command! The idea was thought up of back when the threat of apprentices being thrown into the pot was very real, and even though that has subsided a lot, we still plot to overthrow the mods someday C:< Actually no we don’t, shhh. I think this is mainly just for fun now-


Other than plotting, we have secret pages that we chat on, play game’s on, and host the elections on. We also host a coming-of-age party every July on BlogChat; anyone is allowed to jump in and we celebrate any up-coming birthdays, not just Apprentice Army one’s. The Apprentice Army is a very friendly community and a great way to make friends! Before I had joined the apprentice army I didn’t have many people to talk to, but then I met Nilla, Lil- and lot’s of more people there close to my age that I became great friends with! Everyone there is an amazing, incredible person, and I’m VERY proud to be their leader <3 So feel welcome to join at any time - and there is also an Apprentice Army discord server, so if you have discord then I'd be happy to shoot you an invite if you ask!


Every June people who want to run for the leadership position will start campaigning 3-4 days before election day. (So they would explain a little bit about themselves, why they want to run, why they think people should vote for them.. ect).

The high ranks in the army are; Leader, Second-in-command, Third-in-command, Medicine cat, Medicine cat apprentice, and Mediator. But you cannot run for second or third-in-command, if there is more than one person running for the leadership position then the runner-up will automatically be second-in-command. And if there is only one person running, then the second-in-command will just be hand picked by the leader. And as for third-in-command, the leader will always be the one to choose the person they think is best suited for that job.                                                                                            

For Medicine cat and Mediator, you are allowed to run, but it is done differently than the vote for leader since I didn’t think it was suitable for the medicine cat and mediator to be giving speeches about how they would be a better med cat/mediator since those cat’s are supposed to be the peacemakers. (And the new Medicine cat will choose who they want their apprentice to be).

So anyone running for Med cat or Mediator position will not be obliged to write a speech. In fact, all they have to do is say that they’re running and one of the Apprentice Army members will post a voting poll for the leadership and Mediator/Med cat that will decide who the winner is for each of those positions. The votes will be anonymous, and by election day the person who has the most votes for Leader/Mediator/Med cat, will be announced as our new Leader/Mediator/Med cat.

- Written by Dawny, edited by Stormi!


  • The leaders (obviously) lead, so they will post announcements about important things.. And I’m sure you get the gist already!
  • The 2nd and 3rd-in-commands will be the helpers, so they can also post announcements if their leader has asked them (or if they just feel the need to about something).
  • The Ultimate Accomplice position is currently unavailable as this role is specific to Lil
  • The Medicine cat will be a friendly presence for the Apprentice Army and help to comfort anyone in need of it.
  • The Mediator will also be a helper, they will help to smooth out arguments, voice their opinions, and be a friendly presence for the army.


LEADER - Loonpaw/song

THE ULTIMATE ACCOMPLICE - Lilybreeze (petite, fluffy tabby she-cat with white patches and green eyes) Mom

2ND-IN-COMMAND - Flintpaw/blaze (jet black semi-floofy tomcat with ginger spots and ice-blue eyes)

3RD-IN-COMMAND SPOOK - Snakepaw/bug (Agile, pale cream cat with lime-green eyes and ginger tabby dapples)

MEDIATOR - Owlpaw/talon (Cream she-cat with reddish brown overcoat and amber orange eyes)

MEDIATOR ASSISTANT - Acornpaw/spark (Fuzzy calico she-cat with ginger and brown spots with two colored eyes [R = Hazel L = Blue] and an extremely fluffy tail)

MEDICINE CAT - Snowpaw/storm (tiny and fluffy shortlegged dark grey Munchkin with a white muzzle and forepaws and ice-blue eyes)

MEDICINE CAT ASSISTANT - Frostpaw/shine (floofy silver-and-white tabby cat with ice-blue eyes)

COMMANDERS - Stormflurry (Lithe, sleek-furred white she-cat with dark brown swirl-like patterns and warm pale green eyes) Mom & Former Leader

Gaypaw/petal (Emberpaw/fox) - (sleek, floofy black she-cat with white legs, forest green eyes, white freckles, gray underbelly, gray muzzle, one white ear) Former Leader

Bloomingpaw/light (blue-gray cat with lighter markings, freckles, and ice-blue eyes) Former leader

Mountainpaw/storm (greyish-black she-cat with white tail tip, ear tip, white toes on front right paw, white flecks on face and back, and bright blue eyes)

Vanillapaw/spark (slightly smaller than average cream she-cat with warm amber eyes, and brown markings)

Dovestream (Light gray cat with white paws, chest, underbelly, tail tip and muzzle with blue eyes and a dark gray stripe down back) Mom

Whirlpaw (smol black cat with fox poofy tail, grey swirls on face, mint green eyes, long black claws, and pearly white teeth)

Blossompaw/rose (Greyish-white she-cat with black-and-grey stripes and green eyes)

Sparkshimmer (sandy-gold she-cat with black paws and hazel eyes) Mom

Firemoon (ginger-furred she-cat with round eyes) Mom

Blackpaw/shade (A dark gray and black patched cat with blue eyes and markings)

Cinderpaw (sleek gray tabby she-cat w/blue eyes and a long tail)

Bouncepaw (short calico tom with a stub tail)

Gracepaw/blossom - (sleek night-black she-cat with aquamarine eyes, pale gray hind paws, and a long tail and claws)

Frogpaw/storm - (long furred brown tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes and a long tail)

MOD SOUS CHEF - Minkpaw (dark brown with splotches of light brown and scars running across front leg with amber eyes)

HIGH RANKING SOLDIERS - Molepaw (gray tom with white stripe down the spine and green eyes like the night sky)

Reedpaw/wish (greyish blue cat with dark blue tabby stripes and dark brown eyes)

Nettlepaw/tail (pale brown tabby with white paws and green eyes)

SOLDIERS - Mintpaw/sky (white she-cat with big gray splotches, gray tail tip, gray right hind foot, and minty light blue eyes)

Cranepaw (tall, semi-fluffy silver she-cat with dark green eyes)

Fernpaw (fluffy pale grey she-cat with pine green eyes and darker speckles)

Sunpaw/whisker (black she-cat with a white underbelly and green eyes)

Flowerpaw/mistle (white she-cat with amber eyes and petal-like spots on her tail)

Amberpaw/cloud (pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes)

Springpaw/tail (floofy white and cream masked tuxedo she-cat with white underbelly and legs, with green eyes)

Nightpaw/wish (pretty, soft-furred silver and white tabby she-cat with black patterns and blue eyes)

Prismpaw (cream tom with white paws and blue eyes)

Willowpaw/song (pale grey tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, and tail-tip and black ear-tips and toes)

Flamepaw (orange she-cat with a white belly, paws, ear-tips, tail tip, and muzzle with burnt-colored stripes and emerald green eyes)

Nightpaw/wind (Black tom with bright blue eyes)

Cloudypaw/storm (All-white tom with one blue eye on the right and one yellow eye on the left, with head and chest fluff)

Shiverpaw: A blue-point soft-furred cat with blue eyes and long fur

Rosepaw/flight - A cream white cat with a rose brown tail and darker tabby stripes on it. She has a rose colored face and darker rose ears and rose-amber eyes. She has a darker cream patch on her and darker cream legs.


Ghostpaw (tuxedo black-and-white cat with black eyes and a polandball necklace)


Stormy (candy cream)

Crystalpaw (bangle tiger she-cat with one blue and one green eye)

Squidpaw (Viperfrostpaw) - (black tabby she-cat with dark gray paws, muzzle, chest, and electric cyan eyes)

Wildpaw - small dark gray she-cat with emerald green eyes and white paws

Crowpaw - Fluffy black she-cat with white speckles and sky-blue eyes.


Luckypaw (Snakewing) - (ginger-and-white tabby with blue and green eyes)

Number Of Apprentice's

  • 50


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