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It's your resident mop :P


Swift is a light gray she-cat with light green eyes, faint tabby stripes, and a pale belly, chest, paws, ear tufts, and tail-tip! The stripes on her face are optional.

Her former purrsona was Ivypaw/shadow, a sleek dark gray she-cat with big leaf-green eyes, a paler chest and belly, and a big plumy tail!

Detailed Description

Swiftfeather is a light gray she-cat. Her fur is fluffy, and her chest fur is especially so. She has a big fluffy tail, lots of head floof, cheek floof, and elbow fluff. She has a pale gray tail-tip, paws, belly, chest, ear tufts, and ear fur. The inside of her ear is pale pink, and so is her nose and her tongue. She has long white fangs that are great for gobbling cookies.

Swift has ish-faint tabby markings, that can be either mackerel tabby-like, or round stripes and dashes (see Darkwing's drawing below for reference). The stripes on her face are optional, and so are her darker gray ear tips. She has a long muzzle and a long tail and long limbs. She has a small build, and she is kind of weak. Her eyes are light green, but they can be gold in the right light.

On The Blog

Swift THOUGHT she joined the blog in September 7, 2020 but then she found out that she ACTUALLY joined on August 5th, 2020 :P She enjoys reading articles and is trying to write some of her own! She's also trying to find secret pages.

She's currently running for senior warrior (apprentice?) with Frosti and Snowo and would appreciate any vouches!! <333

She has written four articles: Who Shaped Who, Disabilities in Warrior Cats, Do the traits on the Warriors Website actually match the cats?, Why I Hate Silverstream, and Why I’m Glad Bristlefrost Died.

She's mostly found on the Tavern, the Games Page, and the Art Page! She hosts her own NTA and does daily inspirational quotes (found on the Tavern and the wiki). She also does daily doses of quotes (but they're more weekly). She's made 1461 comments as of June 3rd, 2022.

Swift's name on the Blog is "Swiftpaw/feather 🪶 | she/her | Running for SW with Frosti and Snowo! <33 | I am a mop! (a Swiffer Wet Jet!) | click my name! | formerly Ivypaw/shadow" and this wiki page is linked under it.

Her mentor is Marblerose!! She is very happy that she got a mentor! Her IRL friends are Wildpaw/frost and Maplepaw/breeze.

On the Wiki

Swiffer's username on the BlogClan Wiki is Ivymoon9. She is pretty active on the wiki, and likes following trends and making polls. Anyone can talk to her on her Message Wall:Ivymoon9 if they need anything :D

She's made 1223 posts, 485 edits, and is ranked #55 on the wiki, as of August 5th. The lovely Bean drew her PFP, and it looks wonderful!

On Discord

Swifto is in the BlogClan Discord server! Her tag is Swiftfeather5#4813, and you can send her an invite anytime, just tell her beforehand! Her nickname on the server is fifth sweater (swift).

She is also on many roleplay servers started by BlogClanners, and loves to roleplay! She's currently in the progress of making her own.


*switches to first person*

In real life, I'm kind of loud and annoying, but only around people I know. Around people I don't know, I can be as silent as a rock, but once I get to know them, I enjoy talking to them. I'd say I'm pretty caring and kind. I'm not the most upbeat or positive person, and I literally only see the bad in everything. I'm also pretty proud, and I'm not very sophisticated or dignified. I'd say I'm pretty smart, but that sounds braggy. (I also don't think I'm braggy but who knows).

I also worry a lot and I am pessimistic. I also like to procrastinate a LOT. I'm introverted, but I have extrovert qualities, so maybe an extroverted introvert? I'm not sure. I'm also gifted. My personality type is ISTP-T according to 16personalities. My spirit animal is a deer.


  • I live in Canada, and I am Chinese-Canadian!
  • I am trying to learn how to draw cats better
  • My favourite foods are spaghetti and soup dumplings. And ramen.
  • I am in RiverClan, but maybe ShadowClan too
  • I have NO IDEA which Hogwarts house I'm in (I took the test three times: first I got Ravenclaw, second I got Hufflepuff and third I got Gryffindor...)
  • My pronouns are she/her and I am a girl
  • Other books I enjoy are Wings of Fire, KotLC, The Lunar Chronicles, and The Hunger Games (did I already put this somewhere else? I have no ideaaaa)
  • My favourite colour is blue
  • My favourite animals are leopards, wolves, tigers, falcons, and snakes
  • I have no pets but I had 8 fishes, 2 snails, and one hamster
  • I prefer cats over dogs but both are great
  • I love all animals except for gyspy moth caterpillars and mosquitoes
  • I don't have any allergies but I'm mildly allergic to mosquito bites
  • I have glasses, but my prescription is very low
  • My irl friend is also on the blog (her name is Wildpaw/frost)
  • I love reading and writing
  • I don't really play any sports but I swim, ski, and bike
  • I want to get better at archery
  • (What exactly is axe throwing?? Is that an actual sport?)
  • I'm not crazy-obsessed with cute baby animals or anything
  • I don't swing my arms when I walk
  • I have braces
  • I've gotten 6 cavities, I guess the dentist has made lots of money off of me
  • I've never broken any of my bones (yet)
  • Yellow, orange, and pink are kind of obnoxious colours
  • Snowo edit:Swiffer is amazing and a wonderful wifey and bestie<333 Swiffer edit: Snowo is even more amazing and kind and caring and funny, and a wonderful wifey and bestie and person
  • I'm gifted
  • My favourite subject in school used to be language, and I used to hate math and gym but now I really like math and gym, and I like language less so
  • I'm 5'1 and I weigh 75 pounds
  • I'm very weak and I'm really wimpy
  • I'm afraid of heights and I'm semi afraid of the dark
  • I hate horror movies and horror stories because I always get super scared haha
  • I'm an only child
  • I play the piano
  • I draw with my finger
  • Gray over grey
  • My favourite season is winter, but autumn is really cool too
  • I get bored super easily
  • I used to eat grass all the time when I was a kid
  • I also used to eat my lip-balm and lip gloss when I was a kid (it tasted pretty good)
  • And I also used to eat the toothpaste at my grandparents' house but only because I read the label and it said "Safe if swallowed" (it also tasted pretty good)
  • I literally wrote a book entirely on rocks (also when I was a kid)
  • I was kind of dumb as a kid
  • I'm still kind of dumb but less dumb
  • I love arguing and watching people argue
  • I want to learn how to fence
  • I'm super ticklish
  • When I was younger, I used to wrestle with my dad all the time, and whenever he had me pinned, I would tickle him and then he would laugh and release me. It wasn't a very good strategy though because he used it on me too.

Warriors Trivia

  • My favourite warrior cats are:
    • Ivypool: She's so brave! I love her development <3
    • Mapleshade: Her story was so sad!! And I love that she actually has a reason for doing everything she

did (all of the other villains' reasons were just ambition)

    • Squirrelflight: WOW! She's fiery and brave and loyal and she believes she is doing what is right all the time! Plus, I love how she changes from a feisty and headstrong apprentice to a more mature warrior and deputy.
    • Clear Sky: This is probably controversial. But I love his development :D
    • Tawnypelt: Woo!! A fierce and independent female character that managed to stand up to Tigerstar himself!!! Tawnypelt is amazing and should totally become leader :)
    • Alderheart: Awwww he's so sweet and shy! I love him
    • Jayfeather: Yas! Jayfeather, the grumpy old medicine cat that is TOTALLY in love with a stick xD ye
  • My least favourite warrior cats are:
    • Dovewing: OK OK, I like Ivypool better than Dovewing. BUT I DO respect your opinion! I just don't like Dovewing because I find her whiny and self-obsessed. BUT I do admire her loyalty.
    • Star Flower: I don't like Star Flower. She's too manipulative, not to mention that her relationship with Clear Sky is kind of gross.
    • Lionblaze: He's super boring! And I find that he has no personality at all.
    • Twigbranch: Like Dovewing, I find her whiny. She's also very selfish.
    • Spottedleaf: I find her a Mary Sue, and a creepy stalker. Like seriously! Firestar has a mate already!
    • Silverstream: She's very annoying and whiny and thinks she can do anything just because she's Crookedstar's daughter.
    • Thistleclaw: you know.....
  • My favourite ships are:
    • Brightheart x Cloudtail: They're SO cute and I love how Cloudtail loves what's truly in her and wasn't afraid of her scars :D
    • Firestar x Sandstorm: I love how Sandstorm hated him at first and then grew to love Firestar!!! (Also. Who else finds it annoying that Firestar can't choose between Sandstorm and Spottedleaf? Like, just choose, dude!)
    • Jayfeather x Stick: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is such a funny ship! (Also, I'm not one of those hardcore JayxStick shippers, I just put this here because I thought it was funny)
    • Mothwing x Leafpool: My favourite LGBTQIA+ non-canon ship!! I seriously believe they could be together, they're so sweet <3
    • Ferncloud x Dustpelt: Soooooo sweet! I was so sad when Ferncloud died :(
  • Mounty has convinced me to ship Feather X Crow
  • I ship Clear Sky with Bright Stream
  • I don't like Spottedleaf or Thistleclaw

My BlogFam

The Basicness:

Father: Foxi

Mother: Keeko

Platonic Mate: Snowo :D (Formerly Icee but we broke up)

Siblings: Seal, Fluffpaw, Wildpaw/frost, Frosti, and Scarletkit

Cousins: Egg and Bean

Kits: Hazel, Pancakekit, and Fronald! (With Snowo) (And Daykit!!)

The Not-Basicness

(skip if you don't want to read it)

(I know we're not supposed to talk about this but I really really really wanted to know....)

So Keeko, aka Hawkeye, my mother, has a lot of siblings and they are Captain, Cheery, Constella, and Snowo. So.......Snowo is my aunt but also my platonic mate? (Idk).

Keeko also has a bunch of kits (Almondslip, Hazelmist, Tinylight, Nightpaw/wind, Wisteriapaw/dove, Fluffpaw, Echopaw/heart, and Mosspaw/flame) so they are all my siblings :D

Now Snowo's parents are Lightningshadow and Nilla I think? Snakewing is listed there too so idk but I think it's safe to say that they're my parents-in-law. Snowo's siblings are also Nep, Captain, Icee, Foxi, Cheery, Coldie, Keeko, Nightpaw, and Violetpaw. So they're also my siblings-in-law. But Cheery, Captain, and Icee are Keeko's siblings too?

(Should I stop?)

Seal (sibling) also has other siblings (Moonseeker, Pancakekit, Canarynight, Fluffy, Snowwy, Almond, Foxi, Icee, and Stella) so they are my siblings too. Well Snowwy is my platonic mate and Foxi is my mother....and Icee is my aunt/sister in law. Seal also has some cousins, Moontabby, Egg, Tiny, Rabbi, and Captain. Tiny's supposed to be my sibling but whatever. And Cap is supposed to be my aunt but who cares.

Fluffpaw, my other sibling, has a cousin and that's Snowo.... Fluffpaw also has some siblings, Moonpaw and Beanpaw, so they are my siblings too.

Frosti, my sibling, has parents: Tigerlily and Minnowheart. Let's assume Frosti is my adopted sibling.

Okay, now Beannose, my cousin, has two parents: Hawkeye and Icee. Let's assume we're second cousins. Beannose's siblings are also Stella and Captain.

That's ittttt! If I REALLY wanted to go further I could find my sibling's sibling's sibling or something, but I'm done for today.

(Didn't know I was related to so many amazing people!)

(this isn't updated by the way)

Art Requests

I guess I'm taking art requests! My art isn't the best, keep that in mind, lol

Just ask me on my Message Wall or ping me in a discussion post! I'll probably get back to you soon, and if I don't, try again:)


Name of Character:

Physical Description (try to be as detailed as possible):

Type (fullbody, headshot, halfbody.):


Personality/Backstory (optional, but will provide more insight):

Reference/image (optional):





Floof, no floof, or some floof?:


(It's all free, obviously!)


Add your name!! Everyone is my friend! <333

Mothy :D







Icepaw/storm (Icee)

Mounty! :D (Mountainpaw/storm)

Eyechemic, your new bestie <3

Frosti, the coolest B)

Mossi :D


Fluffy! (Fluffpaw)

Shadeleap :)

Foxifoxifoxifoxifoxi the fatherrr

Cloudy Who THINKS She Remembers Swifty!


Koisplash (Wild)

Lenny aka Canarypaw

Your sis Letti

Coldie! <3

Your mentor, Marb! <3

Duskypaw <3333

Captain, your aunt, cousin, and who knows what else :P

Aquilaaaa :D



Graysteroniiiiiiii the Gray Crayon <3


Pilot ♡


What People Say About Me

10/10, nicest mop in the history of mops ~Dayo :D

Even if i don't know Ivy well, i can tell they are a great member of the blog :D - Rainie Tysm Hazie!! You're great too <3 -Swift

I done know I've that well,but based off what I've read in some of her comments(sounds creepy lol)I can tell that she's a really cool person!-Snowpaw/storm Ahhh thank you! (And it doesn't sound that creepy, lol) -Swiffs

Hi Ivyshadow! - Wildpaw/frost Hi Wildfrost! -Swifto

Swifty is really kind and welcoming and fun. She is a great addition to the Blog! I love her articles -Mothy :D Tysm Mothy!! You're super kind and fun and amazing too, and the blog wouldn't be the same without you!

Awesome, Grade-A person -Canarynight Ahhh thanks!!! You're great too!!

Ivyshadow is so sweet and kind and clever and generous and beautiful and honest and modest and a bunch of other awesome sauce. She's a really cool cat human bean being!! ~Mounty Thanks Mounty!! You're sweet, kind, clever, generous, beautiful, honest, modest, awesome, and cool too!! <33

Ivyshadow is the best! Her art that she made of me is awesome, and she's such a kind person! - Frosti Thanks Frosti!! You're the best too!!

I remember Swifty from her comments! She is super kind and caring, and very thoughtful too! She makes the Blog a happier place just by simply existing and commenting! Swifty is also very bright too! (Both bright and bright, if you know what I mean😜) I really hope to know her better, and I bet she will be more awesome once I get to know her! - Cloudy sends her best wishes!🌹 Awww thank you, Cloudy! You're amazing and always super cheerful! I hope we can be very good friends <3

SWIFTO IS AMAZINGGGGGG! Don't listen to her when she says that she's annoying IRL cause she's not! She's super great at drawing and a great person overall :D - Wildy Ahhhhhh tysm Wildy!!! But you're even more amazinger than me! And you're a brilliant artist and super smart and very good at debating :D (Also I'm KIND OF annoying to some people IRL (like Annoyingpaw) because they are annoying back :P)

Swifto is awesome! She's the best apprentice ever, and I'm glad I have an apprentice like her!! - Marb Tysm!!!! You're awesome too, and I'm very happy to have you as my mentor, you're the best!! <333


Art of former purrsona!







Very amazing person-Snowo

TWIX R AMAZING ALso i eat water-guezs who?


Random Out-Of-Context Quotes

Add some!!

(most of these are from school by the way)

"Because you just touched your eyeball and then touched my desk" - Puddlepaw

"Slideshowpaw threw her baby in the garbage can" - Me

"I have a million friends. I'm best friends with the queen of the world. And I have 10 cyborg hands, oh, and the universe is named after me. Oh and I've known the Prime Minister and Joe Biden ever since I was born. And I have one hundred trillion friends." - Bookpaw

"I am the centre of the universe" - Puddlepaw

"What's that word for when you put food in your mouth" - Shortpaw

"When in doubt, draw Tim." - Glassespaw

"Smell my chair!" - My cousin

"do you




bush?" - Wildpaw

"i need to make sure that swifty gets her bush" - Maplepaw

"I am a god at Tetris" - Puddlepaw (dang, this guy is so arrogant)

"bibdfibgkbfjgkkjskfigrgfhdsihgjhirhiuhgriuehgiuh lol my computer is way toooo laggy for this because it keeps stoppping ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kiok me be lame noooooo i lost itttttttt" - Maplepaw

'With all respect intended,pls shut up'-Snowo telling someone to stop in the nicest way possible

'Ew lines'-Snoao becomes a line hater

'The audacity of u to put that thing there'-Snowo when their friend has the audacity to draw a LINE

'I married a stranger on the internet'-Animepaw(Snowo's irl friend)accidentally so loudly the whole class heard

Other Pages

Coding Test by Swift - A sandbox place for me to test coding stuff and figure out how to code in general! (I can only code in Scratch XP)

Swift's Art Page - Some of my hooooorrible art!!!

Swift's Art Challenge - Some of my art/drawing challenges

Thanks for visiting my page, friend! <3