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BlogClan 2 Wikia
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Stormpaw is a graceful, young, sleek-furred white she-cat with silver tabby marks, bright blue eyes, black-tipped ears, a pink nose, a cream chest fur, and black toe-tips except for her left front paw which is all black. And she has a sleek plumy black tail-tip with white and cream underneath.


Stormpaw joined the blog on Aug 30 in 2020. She most often visit's the Tavern, Allegiances page, Art page, and Say Hi.. page. She loves answering to every single one of the questions on Fan Name Generators when she has time and does not read articles much unless there's one in need of defending a beloved character - listing a lot of reasons why she thinks otherwise of what the article talked about - or it has an interesting title that catches her attention.

She became leader of the Apprentice Army in July of 2021.


She does her best to be friendly and welcoming to everyone but can sometimes come across as rude. She is terribly not funny but wants people to think that she is even though its very not true- she is most herself when around friends and is a 100% simp.


  • I'm 14 and my birthday is July 12th
  • I use she/her pronouns
  • I have 1 dog who is a white german shepherd named Storm, she is 3 yrs old & i've had her for that long. She's also been a momma! And I have a fluffy black tomcat called Lion (short for Lionheart), and a very pretty long-haired calico she-cat named Fancy, (her warrior name is Fancypelt).
  • Some of my favorite series other than Warriors is Pegasus and The Guardian Herd. They are both about winged horses but Pegasus has humans and greek mythology in it. Ask Moonbreeze if you want to know more about it 😉
  • My favorite color is blue
  • My favorite animals are wolves/dogs, and horses! I like cat's too their just kind of boring ;P
  • If I could be any animal I would be a wolf
  • I'm terrible at art atm and want to work on it but I'm not very motivated to
  • My 2 favorite foods are chinese rice and noodles w/alfredo sauce
  • I'm writing a mythical wolf series and hope to finish the first book before next year and publish it
  • I am 68% Gryffindor, 60% Slytherin & Ravenclaw, and 54% Hufflepuff
  • My Zodiac Sign is Cancer
  • My favorite song is "good 4 you" by Olivia, but it changes a lot
  • I love spending time outside, listening to music, and hanging out with friends
  • I have done Soccer, Cross Country, and Horse Riding in the past (all in that order) and have most enjoyed horse riding
  • My favorite warrior character is Bristlefrost, 2nd is Needletail
  • My favorite warrior ship is RootxBristle, 2nd is MothxMicah


Add whatever you think about me here! (Ahh tysm guys you're so sweet ily) <3

“I like her, she’s SOOO amazing. She always brings an amazing presence to the Blog, and I smile whenever I see her :D” ~Free (Stormi ~ aww, your such a great person free)

Stormi has a magical way of making the Blog a better place <3 - Silverblood (Stormi ~ your very amazing, thank you so much <3)

"Stormi is so sweet and polite, and she makes me happy when I see her cheerful and loving comments! She has a magical power that makes you feel involved and cared for, and the Blog seriously wouldn't be the same without Stormi." ~ Coldie <3 (Stormi ~ oh gosh, your awesome coldie)

Stormi is always posting positive comments on BlogClan and she is really great! ~Daze :3 (Stormi ~ aw ty daze!)

Stormi is such an amazing friend. She’s fun, kind, outgoing, and supportive. Also her purrsona and warrior name is beautiful and powerful like her, it fits her really well. Stormi ILY <333 ~ Nilla ^-^ (Stormi ~ luv you a lot bestie)

STORMI IS THE BEST AND SHE’S AN AWESOME FRIEND AND GREAT AT ✨MOTIVATION✨ Seriously, I love her. She’s amazing to talk to, and super kind and sweet and makes the Blog a better place <3333 ~ Juju (Stormi ~ ILYSM JUJU)

Stormi is our grand leader, and take over the blog make the soup we shall! Stormi is like amazing, awesome, cool, spectacular, postive, *inserts all other super positive words that describe Stormi* all combined into one! Gimme a high-five! (Stormi ~ *sobs happily*)

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Willowsong (Willa)


Bri :D

Juju!! (Fallowheart)

Nilla! <3 (Vanillapaw/spark)

Freepaw :D

Silverblood, formerly Twlightrose/Loneheart

Riv <3

Whirly! (Whirlpaw)


Dandelionpaw! :3

Lilybreeze/Lil who is really bad at remembering to add herself to these things 😛


Cheetah :D


Snowbreeze :)

Stormi who forgot to add herself

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