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BlogClan 2 Wikia

Squirrelflight’s Love is an AU fanfic currently being written by Turtlepaw. It’s an AU where Squirrelflight and Jessy fall in love and become mates.

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Chapter one:

Squirrelflight was in love.

Finally, she had found a cat who matched her fiery personality, after looking for so long.

She felt her heart beat faster thinking of her love’s dark brown fur, kind amber eyes that made her feel warm.

Squirrelflight purred softly to herself.

Jessy. That was who Squirrelflight loved, and she adored every moment she spent with the kitty pet.


Squirrelflight’s happiness ebbed away as she realized that she could never be with Jessy.

Jessy would leave. She and two of her kitty pet friends, Minty and Frankie, were staying  with ThunderClan because of a flood. It was too dangerous for them to go back to their Twoleg nests.

But the flood wouldn’t last forever. Soon enough, it would be safe for the kitty pets to return home.

Squirrelflight’s heart ached, but there was nothing she could do.

“Squirrelflight?” a voice asked.

Squirrelflight looked up. “Hi, Jessy.”

The dark brown kitty pet told her, “I’m helping Blossomfall and Bramblestar bring fresh moss to the nursery! Want to help?”

Squirrelflight’s green eyes shone. “Sure!” she said.

“Alright, let’s go.” said Jessy.

The two she-cats walked across the camp.

“Hi, Blossomfall. Hey, Bramblestar. Squirrelflight’s here to help us.” Jessy told the tortoiseshell she-cat and the dark brown tom.

“Where’d you get this much moss?” Squirrelflight asked, looking at the pile in wonder.

“Right outside of camp. My guess is that the storm washed a lot of it over.” Blossomfall said.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Bramblestar said, looking at Squirrelflight.

Squirrelflight didn’t look her her former mate in the eye.

Ever since the truth about Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf came out- they were the kits of Leafpool and Crowfeather, not Squirrelflight and Bramblestar- things hadn’t been the same between the orange she-cat and Bramblestar.

They weren’t even mates anymore.

But now Squirrelflight was having feelings for Jessy.

Yet part of her still felt like she should love Bramblestar.

Uncertain of what to do, she now  felt  awkward around Bramblestar AND Jessy.

And the horrible thing was? Squirrelflight had no idea what to do, and she saw no solution to either of her dilemmas.

Chapter two:

Later that day, Squirrelflight was sitting in the clearing, her tail curled around her paws.

She watched Minty and Frankie share some prey, and noticed that Jessy wasn’t with them.

“Hey, guys? Do you know where Jessy went?” Squirrelflight asked them.

“I think she went hunting.” Frankie said.

“She didn’t leave long ago! You might be able to catch up to her.” Minty added.

Squirrelflight nodded, and started walking out of the camp.

She soon recognized Jessy’s scent, and started running toward it.

She saw the dark brown she-cat.

“Jessy!” she meowed, then realized that the kitty pet had been stalking a mouse.

The mouse ran off. “Hey! I was stalking that, and because of you the Clan will go hu- oh, Squirrelflight! Sorry! I didn’t realize that was you.” apologized Jessy.

“It’s alright. Sorry for scaring your prey.” mewed Squirrelflight.

“No worries. I can always catch more prey. Say, want to hunt together?” asked Jessy.

“Sure!” purred Squirrelflight.

She sniffed the air. “I smell a squirrel.” she said.

“You’re going to eat a squirrel? Your very name sake? The horror!” teased Jessy, letting out a mew of laughter.

Squirrelflight purred, and gently flicked Jessy with her tail.

“Race ya!” the brown cat meowed, starting to run away from Squirrelflight.

Squirrelflight started to chase after Jessy, happiness filling her heart to the brim.

She had never felt this happy before. Not with Bramblestar.

But with Jessy?


Chapter three:

Squirrelflight and Jessy eventually went back to the camp, both carrying a decent amount of prey.

Squirrelflight selected a thrush from the prey pile.

“Want to share?” she asked.

“Sure! I was getting hungry.” Jessy mewed.

The two she-cats began to eat. After a little bit, Jessy broke the silence.

“Squirrelflight? I have to ask you something.”

“Yes?” asked Squirrelflight. Her heart pounded.

“What would you say if I... asked you to come with me when I leave?” Jessy said. Her amber eyes were full of curiosity.

“I...” Squirrelflight didn’t know what to say. Who would she choose? Jessy or Bramblestar? Which cat did she truly belong with? Was she willing to leave the Clan for Jessy?

“I know it’s a hard question. But I had to ask. Squirrelflight, you’re probably my closest friend in ThunderClan, and I’d really miss you. But don’t feel pressured to come with me.” Jessy mewed.

Squirrelflight whispered, “I want to. But I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what? You should always follow your heart.” Jessy urged.

“I’m afraid of what Bramblestar would say. I don’t think he’d approve.” Squirrelflight confessed.

Jessy’s normally warm amber gaze was now serious.

“Who cares what Bramblestar says? You don’t need HIS permission to make YOUR own choice. Are you really happy with him, deep down? I know you aren’t mates anymore. But do you care for him?”

Squirrelflight thought about Bramblestar when they’d first became mates... BrambleCLAW.

He’d been kind. She had loved him. He had loved her.

But after the truth came out about Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather... he changed.

Squirrelflight’s mate was only JUST starting to warm up to her again. But he could still be cold, controlling, generally... not a cat she wanted to be with.

He wasn’t the same cat. Deep down, she knew that she didn’t want to be with him.

“Oh, Squirrelflight. I’m sorry.” Jessy whispered, understanding what Squirrelflight had not said.

“I know that Bramblestar let you down. But I will ALWAYS be here for you.” the brown kitty pet went on.

Squirrelflight licked Jessy’s ear. “Thank you,” she said.

She meant it with all of her heart.

Chapter four:

The next morning, Squirrelflight woke up. She blinked sleepily. She got up and stretched, yawning.

Walking out of the den, she purred when she saw Jessy.

“Hi, Squirrelflight! Want to go hunting?” asked Jessy eagerly.

“I actually have to organize border patrols right now.” Squirrelflight explained.

Seeing the disappointment in Jessy’s amber eyes, Squirrelflight added, “Would you like to go on a patrol?”

Jessy perked up. “Sure!”

Squirrelflight called to some cats, “Lionblaze, Bumblestripe, Ivypool! Want to go on patrol?”

Ivypool nodded, and started to walk over.

Lionblaze said, “Alright.”

Bumblestripe shook his head. “I’m actually going for a walk with Dovewing. She’s just finishing up some prey.”

“Oh. Okay.” Squirrelflight looked around, and spotted Cherryfall.

“Cherryfall, would you like to come on a patrol?” she called.

Cherryfall replied, “Sure!” She walked over.

Looking at Jessy, Ivypool, Lionblaze, and Cherryfall, Squirrelflight meowed, “Let’s go!”

They started walking. The scent of rain was in the air- it had rained overnight.

After walking for a couple of minutes, Cherryfall suddenly stopped walking, her eyes widening in alarm.

“I smell foxes!” she gasped.

Sniffing the air, Squirrelflight realized that Cherryfall was right: the scent of foxes was indeed in the air- and it was strong.

“Should we go back to camp to tell Bramblestar?” Lionblaze asked.

Squirrelflight pondered this. Then she said, “How about we continue to hunt, then we can see if we spot the foxes’ den while we do so. Then we at least know where they are.”

Ivypool flicked her tail. “Alright.”

Jessy crouched down low. Squirrelflight realized that the brown she-cat had spotted some prey.

Soon enough, Jessy leapt, and caught a mouse.

Squirrelflight’s green eyes gleamed with admiration for the kitty pet. She’s adapted to Clan life so well!

She would make a wonderful warrior.

If only she could stay...

Chapter five:

Days past. Squirrelflight started not spending time with Jessy, in hopes that her feelings for the kitty pet would go away.

It would be easier that way. And maybe saying goodbye would be easier, too.

Part of her felt guilty for ignoring Jessy, but at the same time, she couldn’t leave her Clan for her... could she? Or ask Jessy to stay... could she?

Either way, Squirrelflight wasn’t sure what to do, so she decided to go to her mother, Sandstorm, for advice.

She found Sandstorm by the prey pile, eating a sparrow.

“Sandstorm? Can I talk to you about something?” Squirrelflight mewed.

“Of course. Is something wrong?” Sandstorm asked, concern in her green eyes.

“I’m in love with a cat, and I don’t know what to do,” began Squirrelflight.

Sandstorm’s eyes softened. “It’s Jessy, isn’t it?”

Squirrelflight shuffled her paws. “Well... yeah. I want to ask her if she likes me that way, but I’m scared. Part of me wants to leave with her, but I couldn’t! Could I? And could I really ask her to leave her Twolegs? They’re her family! But could I leave my family?”

“Squirrelflight,” Sandstorm gently said, “only you can make this decision. But as long as you follow your heart, I know you’ll make the right choice.” She touched noses with her daughter before continuing, “Do what you think is right, not what another cat tells you is right.”

Squirrelflight was quiet for a moment before responding. “I’ve felt uncomfortable around Bramblestar. I’ve kinda realized that... maybe he wasn’t the best choice for a mate. I mean, after the truth came out about Leafpool’s kits, he didn’t even talk to me! It’s just... I don’t feel like he’s a cat I can confide in. But Jessy is.”

Sandstorm replied, “I know.” She rested her tail tip on Squirrelflight’s shoulder. “Good luck, Squirrelflight,” she murmured, walking away.

Squirrelflight watched Sandstorm walk across the camp, and talk to Leafpool about something.

Then she focused her attention on something else- well, a someone else. Jessy.

The brown she-cat was talking to Minty.

Squirrelflight padded over. “Hi, Jessy. Hi, Minty.”

“Hi, Squirrelflight. I’m gonna go talk to Frankie. Bye!” mewed Minty, bounding away.

Jessy softly purred. “Minty’s adjusting to Clan life well.”

“Yes. Listen, Jessy, I have something to tell you.” Squirrelflight said.

“What is it?” asked Jessy. “Are you alright? You’ve been acting strange.” Her amber eyes full of concern, she whispered, “I’ve been worried about you.”

“I-“ Squirrelflight could hardly breathe. She started hyperventilating, and her pelt felt hot with shame. “I...” She felt herself shaking.

She was vaguely aware of Jessy asking if she was alright. She nodded repeatedly.

“Jessy, I’m sorry,” she finally meowed, running the opposite direction.

“Squirrelflight?” called Jessy.

But Squirrelflight didn’t reply.

Oh, StarClan, she thought. What am I going to do?

Chapter six:

Squirrelflight avoided Jessy for days after the incident where she tried to tell the kitty pet how she felt about her, but failed.

She had been insane to think that Jessy would ever love her that way. And she could never try to share her romantic feelings again, that was for sure. She’d screw up again.

Leafpool seemed to notice that Squirrelflight seemed upset, and occasionally asked if she was alright. Usually it was a brief question, but one day, Leafpool persisted.

“Please, Squirrelflight. Tell me what’s going on. I’m really worried about you. I’ve noticed that you haven’t been eating, or going about your regular warrior duties. You haven’t been acting like yourself. I’ve asked this before, and I’m gonna ask again: Are you alright, Squirrelflight?”

Squirrelflight whispered, “No.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Leafpool sat down, her pale brown tail wrapped neatly around her paws.

“I... um, I have a crush on Jessy, and I tried to tell her how I feel about her, but I messed up. Horribly, just... horribly. And now I’m afraid to try again, because I’m worried I’m going to fail all over again, maybe even get rejected. And if I get rejected, I just- I just don’t think I could handle that.” confessed Squirrelflight.

“Squirrelflight,” Leafpool gently meowed, “you’re the bravest cat I know. Now, telling Jessy how you feel is your choice. But I believe that you can do it. Jessy is kind. Even if she didn’t like you romantically, she would never be salty or rude about it.”

Leafpool had a good point. Squirrelflight nodded. Her sister had made her feel better- and now? Now she knew exactly what she was going to do.

But it would be one of the hardest things she had ever done. Yet Squirrelflight knew that this was the right choice.