Snowypaw (Snowystorm)

Cat 2

Other Names Snowy, Snowypaw, Snowystorm
Relatives Pawpaw - brother, Healthcat - mum, Silvermane - dad
Affiliation Blogclan, Heatherclan
Biographical information
Mentor none unless I'm secretly being trained😲
Apprentice none
Rank Warrior
Physical description
Gender she-cat
Breed Persian and Fluffy (if fluffy is not a breed... it is now I just created it)
Fur Color Fluffy and White
Eye Color Bright Blue

Personality Edit

Snowypaw is an energetic, crazy, stubborn, very persistent cat. Snowy loves making new friends but is only usually accepted by the most welcoming.

On the Blog Edit

Snowypaw is relatively new she joined on the 27th of March 2018 but has been reading Warriors for a lot longer than that. She has no Apprentice or mentor at this moment that she knows of. Snowystorm is officially an apprentice - Snowypaw but is more commonly know as Snowystorm but will be a Warrior next year.

Friends Edit

add yourself please I feel so lonely here

Trivia Edit

  • Snowy has read all Warriors books available
  • Snowy started reading Warriors in year 1, 2011
  • She has a cat with the most original name ever - Puss
  • Snowy has been trying to get her brother pawpaw( I hate his chosen cat name) for years now to read Warriors
  • She was introduced to it by her friend who came back from a holiday in America with it.
  • Snowy was born 3rd of August 2004 (so she's currently 14)
  • none of her family can create good Warrior names
  • Snowy has introduced many people to warriors but only some have continued reading
  • she is currently in year 9
  • in her free time, she spends it reading thinking and watching tv
  • Snowy has lots of weird ideas and thoughts about life
  • Always stats facts no one cares about at the most random of times

Fursona Edit

Cat 4
Cute cats yas
Cat 8

Snowypaw is a pure White Fluffy Persian cat with bright blue eyes a spot on her nose a black tail tip and only minor hearing impairment.

~ Coding by Snowystorm ~

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