Snowypaw (Snowystorm)

Cat 2.jpg

Other Names Snowy, Snowypaw, Snowystorm
Relatives Pawpaw - brother, Healthcat - mum, Silvermane - dad
Affiliation Blogclan, Heatherclan
Biographical information
Mentor none unless I'm secretly being trained😲
Apprentice none
Rank Warrior
Physical description
Gender she-cat
Breed Persian and Fluffy (if fluffy is not a breed... it is now I just created it)
Fur Color Fluffy and White
Eye Color Bright Blue

Personality[edit | edit source]

Snowypaw is an energetic, crazy, stubborn, very persistent cat. Snowy loves making new friends but is only usually accepted by the most welcoming.

On the Blog[edit | edit source]

Snowypaw is relatively new she joined on the 27th of March 2018 but has been reading Warriors for a lot longer than that. She has no Apprentice or mentor at this moment that she knows of. Snowystorm is officially an apprentice - Snowypaw but is more commonly know as Snowystorm but will be a Warrior next year.

Friends[edit | edit source]

add yourself please I feel so lonely here

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Snowy has read all Warriors books available
  • Snowy started reading Warriors in year 1, 2011
  • She has a cat with the most original name ever - Puss
  • Snowy has been trying to get her brother pawpaw( I hate his chosen cat name) for years now to read Warriors
  • She was introduced to it by her friend who came back from a holiday in America with it.
  • Snowy was born 3rd of August 2004 (so she's currently 14)
  • none of her family can create good Warrior names
  • Snowy has introduced many people to warriors but only some have continued reading
  • she is currently in year 9
  • in her free time, she spends it reading thinking and watching tv
  • Snowy has lots of weird ideas and thoughts about life
  • Always stats facts no one cares about at the most random of times

Fursona[edit | edit source]

Cat 4.jpg
Cute cats yas.jpeg
Cat 8.jpg

Snowypaw is a pure White Fluffy Persian cat with bright blue eyes a spot on her nose a black tail tip and only minor hearing impairment.

~ Coding by Snowystorm ~

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