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Snowo is a small white female marshmallow w a mischievous expression.

If ur talking in CAT purrsona,id be a small shortlegged dakr gray Munchkin she-cat with ice-blue eyes and a white muzzle and forepaws.


Ty to my fabulous amazing older sis Icee for the coding<333

Also special thanks to Frosti for most of the work on my page, love u both<333


I don't exactly know how to describe it but I'll give it my best shot.

My MBTI type is ISFP-T,however on-blog I act more like an ESFP-A

I hate making decisions and am really indecisive.I can be smart,but I'm also dumber than my friends.Im really kind and loyal and I probably will try to make you feel better if you r having a bad day.

Generally happy.Except the days when I'm done with life.

I've been described as kind,friendly,loyal,happy,energetic,crazy,and chaotic.

my alignment is Lawful Neutral. Hehe.

I rarely take sides in an argument unless I have an actual opinion,

I'm slightly socially awkward and impatient irl as I don't know how to start convos with people who I don't know,but I want them to talk to me?it's confusing

,I cannot handle lines or anything with long waiting for the life of me lol.

I'm an ambivert,I like socializing but I panic in crowds and usually don't talk to people who aren't my friends lol.

I can also be sarcastic.

Pretty much the most accurate description of my personality is that im very quiet until i know someone well,then i become chaotic and crazy,then i start worrying that im being annoying and stop talking until my friends reassure me that im not,and then im back to being chaotic.(ty to Keeks for this very accurate description)

My irl friends described me as 'the one who gives good advice ' and 'the kinda person to walk into a line over and over again just to buy 100 brownies'

I'd also say I'm pretty agreeable,and I'm willing to do pretty much anything if my friends will do it too.

I have also been described as mature and likely to get a good grade on a test.I kinda disagree with the last part,but oh well.

My sense of humor is all over the place,it's been described as kinda sarcastic but also fun and extremely chaotic.The chaoticness depends on how well I know the person I'm talking to though.

I also got INFP and ENFP on certain personality tests so I overall don't know

Characters ive been compared to :P

-Anne Boonchuy(Amphibia)

-Sprig Plantar(Amphibia)

-Kinkajou(Wings of Fire)


-Parfait Cookie(Cookie Run Kingdom)

-Latte Cookie(Cookie Run Kingdom)

-Raine Whispers(The Owl House)

-Lilith Clawthorne(The Owl Houss,sometimes only)

-Edric and Emira Blight(The Owl House)

-Gus Porter(The Owl House)

-Eda Clawthorne(The Owl House)

-Hunter(The Owl House)

-Marcy(Amphibia,only in vibes)

-Sasha Waybright(Amphibia,I kin her a little bit but we don't act that much alike)

-Wendy(Gravity Falls)

-Mabel Pines(Gravity Falls)

-Connie(Steven Universe)

-Atticus(Infinity Train)

-One-One(Infinity Train)

-Jesse(Infinity Train)

-Amethyst(Steven Universe)

Friends(some brought back from old page)

add yourself, anyone and everyone is my friend!

Frosti <3333 love ya(Snowwy edit:love ya too<3333)


Tio Bruno



*/Archnemeses who are also related to you* Almondo(Archenemis?I doubt that.but hey cuz-Snowo)

Ivyshadow/Swift :D.

Airheart aka Sorrels♡













Camilo Madrigal



Moonseeker! (aka Moony!)

Koisplash who is SO SURPISED she wasn't on here yet <33

Cricket! (Cricketheart)

cypressheart your archnemesis

Wildpaw/frost who thought she was here earlier

Pancakes who was very busy and couldn't put herself on here earlier

Spiritpaw/wish who forgot to put herself here :O *audible gasp*

What People Say About me

Pls write whatever u think of me here

Snowwy is an absolutely amazing person, she is so kind and sweet and uplifting, being her first commenter is such an amazing feeling, she is just ojdhgiurbfjknlgrohwfb to amazing and cool of a younger sister to explain. If you hurt her in legit ANY way, I will murder you, she is so amazing and needs to be protectded at all costs, I love her so much<3333 Snowwy is a light in the darkness, the sun on a rainy day, the first snow of the year, we love you Snowwy you are the bestest most amazingest sweatest and kindest person ever. You are my fav sister and I love you so much it hurts- Icee<33333(Snowwy edit:tysm Icee.this means a lot and it legit made me cry cuz of how sweet it is.I love u so much too and I'm glad to have u as a sister and a bestie,ur my fav sister no offense to everyone else and ilysm.I can't imagine my bloglife without u and ur one of my fav people on blogclan <33333333)




SNEWS GOTTA BE ONE OF MY BESTEST BESTIES ON HERE (totally did not write bestoes first) and she's so awesome, very nice, super funny and talking to her is always fun and ILYSM SNOWO KEEP BEING YOU <33333333 -FWOXSON(Snowwy edit:tysm Foxi,that means a lot and ilysmt.same to you,love ya sis<33333333)

SNOWWY IS THE ULTIMATE BEST WIFEY AND THE BEST FRIEND ONE COULD EVER HAVE <33333333 WHY I WASN'T ON HERE SOONER I HAVE NO CLUE BUT SHE IS THE BESTTTTT AND THE NICEST, AWESOMEST PERSON EVER <3333333 - Frosti(Snowwy edit:tysm Frosti,this means a lot and same to you!ilysm ur da bestest nicest person ever,love u<3333333)

Snowy is a really great part of this blog. It wouldn't be the same without her-Scarletkit(Snowwy edit:thanks Scarletkit!that means a lot!same to you!)

Snowwy is so awesome idk where to start lol-She is amazing, wonderful, supportive, caring, awesome, a great person, and just an awesome presence on the blog and wiki (I use the word awesome too much :P ). Words can't describe how amazing Snowwy is!! You're the most awesome, wonderful, amazing person ever!! (Idk if that was grammatically correct, but grammar hates me sooo yea). Seeing Snowwy on the blog and on the wiki makes me really happy seeing her there, and she always brightens people's moods when your sad!! Snowwy is super supportive, awesome, and wonderful!!! She's an awesome friendo!! Love ya Snowwy :D <33333 - Moonseeker (aka Moony!)(Snowwy edit:tysm Moony!this was really sweet and same to you!ur super awesome and amazing and wonderful as well!love ya too Moony,ur awesome!<333 and btw don't worry about the grammar,I get a LOT of typos too but no one hates me yet so it's all good.Love ya<333333)

I'm baaaaack! Their's mod...Their's deputy's...Their's medicine cats.... Their's Snowwy. Snowwy is the best one.-Scarletkit(Snowwy edit:aahhhhhhh thanks Scarletkit this means a lot love u sis<3)

When I first came to the blog wiki, I didn't know many people, but Snowwy was one of my first friends. She is wonderful, caring, sweet, kind, generous, amazing, awesome, REALLY cool, brilliant, terrific, and SO MUCH MORE. Snowwy's comments always make me smile, and I cannot explain how WONDERFUL she is. She's just super great, KEEP BEING YOU SNOWWSTER <333 -Koipaw, used-to-be Sunpaw and Crepepaw(Snowwy edit:tysm Koi,im glad to have you as my friend<3.same to you,ur really awesome and amazing!)

Snowo is just the best, and her energetic and chaoticness never fails to make me laugh :D She is very kind, caring, awesome, brilliant, bright, and amazing, and is always there for someone when they're sad. She is a wonderful platonic mate and person in general, and she is super sweet and caring <3 Ily Snowo <33333 - Swiffer(Snowwy edit:thank you so much Swiffer,ily too<333333 ur very fabulous and amazing<333)

Third times the charm! Sry you have to read all of these. Snowwy is kind,sweet and amazing. She never fails to be great and make everything better. She makes this blog more amazing every day. -Scarletkit, your loving sis(Snowwy edit:tydm Scarletkit,this was really nice and same to you.btw u can write as many times as u want,I don't mind.Love u sis<3)

Another note cuz you deserve it- Snowwy you're so awesome and and and a great friend and you mUST know that ilysm because ilysm and um ily bestie <3 -your conjoined twin foxi-clean(Snowwy edit:tysm Foxi-clean ilysmt ilyt besties ur amazing dont ever forget that and same to you<33333)

Snowmallow is everything but the bad things. There is literally nothing about her that anyone can remotely hate. She's a loyal friend who always tries her best to be understanding, she's funny with an amazing sense of humor and this amazing chill energy and adsfhadskjfsf Ilysm apprentice your the best marshmallow ever <3333 - Lonestreetographic(Snowster edit:tysm mentor,this really means a lot<3.ilysmt,you're super amazing as well<3)

Q & A jar

ask me any questions and I'll do my best to answer

Mounty Question: What's your favorite book series?

Snowo:hard question,idk exactly,but my current favorite is probably just most of the series written by Alice Oseman.

Mounty Question: What's your favorite movie?

Snowo:i dont exactly have one,but if i had to pick,probably A Dog's Purpose,even tho its really sad.

Mounty Question: Who's your favorite Warriors character?

Snowo:probably Shadowsight,hes pretty cool



Uh so my mom is Lightningshadow so I have about 30 siblings like that,including Nightpaw/wind,Captain,Coldie,Pinestripe,Flare,Minkpaw,Silverstorm,Rainypaw,Seala,Cheetahheart,Violetpaw,Creationkit,Free,Frogpaw,Willa,Scarletkitand many others.

Also the fabulouuus Foxi(who btw is also a Lightningshadow child)is my long-lost conjoined twin<3.We dont know each irl and have different birthdays but we're still twins.End of story.

My other amazing mom is Longstreet(aka Constellationsong)so my siblings like that are Cloudpaw and Egg.

My fabulous blogbrotger is also Noven.

And I'm also Airheart's only and fav child :)

And I'm also one of Dovestream's children

My other moms are Snakewing and Nilla,which makes Chime,Nettlepaw,Sparkshimmer,and Emby my siblings.

Some of my other siblings are:Cloudypaw,Lionclaw,Icee,Keeko,Orcacall,Valleyspring, and possibly a frw more

Stormi is also my step-sis :>

My blogcousins are Aquila,Rustflame,Tinylight,Daykit,Scarletpaw/dawn,and Almondslip.

I'm platonically married to Frosti(Frostpaw/shine)and Swiffer(Ivypaw/shadow).

My adoptive blogchildren are Hazelnights,Flintpaw,and Pancakekit

Fronald the god

Also me and Foxi co-parent this duck thats the mascot of McFronalds,his name is Fronald -------------->

Lmk if u wanna join the fam





-Snowwa(by Wists)





-Snowster(by Nep)



-Snews(by Foxi)






-Blizzard(by Cap)

-Bill Snowpher(by Nep)

-Snow Queen


-Twix Queen



-Snowsnow(by Icee)

Snowzonia(The mystical land of Snowwy's by Letti)


-Snowwy Cat







-my little child of snow and storm(by Constellationsong)

-Snowsis(Letti realizing that the words go together)

-Snewsnow(by Foxi)

-Snewsy(also by Foxi)

-Snowsy(by foxi)

-illegal Snow child(by Pilot)

-Cleor(by irl sibling,the origin of it is questionable)




-Blizz(by CapsLock)

-Anne(by Constella only)

-Snowwosnowowowwo(by Noven)




-Snowazon Prime







-Overlord Twix





-Snowwy Lobby

-Snowwy Tree

add any more that u want

Iconic things said by me and others(add ur own here)

'yar'-a very amazing word invented by me and my irl sister

'Another day,another slayyyy'-the whole bus on 4/29/2022

'So slay'-me describing stuff

'I personally put the bowl first'-me about the milk or cereal debate

'KEVIN?What are you doing in my fridge?oh wait thats Kefir nevermind'-my irl sibling

'Life is not for the weak'-me omw to get a charger,being very inspirational

Random vandalism

Just spam this section in any appropriate way that you'd like

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NOW your page looks sufficiently decorated 🙂

Snowo edit:0 i love this


All are offblog and probably will be forever



Froggypaw(IRL twin)

Bluepaw(best friend)

Sunnypaw(out-of-school, my bestie)





Rowanpaw(out-of-school,technically an online friend now because we live in different places but we met irl first soo)





On the blog

Snowo usually hangs around the tavern,allegiances chat page,and say hi page.They used to be frequently seen around the hazelpage,the hug page,and a few discussion pages,but those visits have become much more rare.

Snowo's life on the tavern mainly contains of posting daily quotes and sometimes replying to comments

Snowo joined the blog on June 24,2021.She is currently running for senior warrior alongside Frosti and Swiffer(please vouch for us!)

Snowo has celebrated 1 birthday on the blog(with the birthday post),and 1 clanniversary(without the post).They've also been involved in the 2022 summer gathering as part of the Majestic Macaws,however were unable to participate in the events due to irl stuff

On the wikia

Snowo joined the wikia on October 6,2021 as Snowwy 123468.she was inactive for a while but officially started an active spree in December 2021 or January 2022

In late may 2022,Snowo lost access of their old account for unknown reasons.Their new account is Snowothetwix1.

Snowo's wikia activities include:starting cookieclan,being involved in taigaclan,causing chaos in random posts alongside Captain and Longstreet,and posting chapters of their book,Mazebox.

Oh yeah also spamming their closest blogfriends' pages with compliments


Blog Trivia

-Platonically married 2 times!Love ya Frosti and Swiffer<333

-I actually do not really have a favorite sibling,but I have some that I know better than the rest so I'm closer to them<3

-I am very officially the blog Marshmallow<3

-Snowwy is a very proud member of the Mayhem Triumvirate alongside Falconstorm and Constellationsong

-I'm apparently about 10 different stores simultaneously?idk its my nicknames

-I have 64 blognicknanes as of August 10th,2022(yes I actually took the time to count them)

General Trivia

-I'm 12 years old and in 7th grade

-my fav colors are blue and mint-green

-I live in the USA

-I have one irl sibling

-I'm the older twin by 3 minutes

-I speak Russian as well as English as u can see lol. Russian is also my native language.

-my Fav candy is Twix

-my favorite drink is coffee lol

-my birthstones are pearl,alexandrite,and moonstone!

-I'm an ISFP-T

-according to some random quiz I found,my spirit animal is a dog!

-aroace pride :)

-agender and use she/they pronouns but virtually fine w all besides he/him

-bow down to Fronald,he's superior:)

-I'm either 5'3 or 5'4 idk

Weird Trivia

-I used to be ambidextrous when I was like 5.then I accidentally taught myself to be right-handed

-I have at some point fallen down the stairs without feeling anything

-I hate ketchup.

-I do not like boba tea(the drink,the blogclanner is cool)

-I am simultaneously both smart and dumb.u can ask my irl friends lol(even doe u can't cuz they all offblog)

-I like the crust better than the actual pizza

-i have 3 difderent colors in my eyes(blue,green,and grey)

-i spell snowwy as snowwy,not Snowy

-yes i am in fact the queen of typos

-my daughter Hazelnights is actually older than me irl

-I probably have more blogparents than anyone on the blog,w a total of 6(its very complicated)

-i actually love rainy weather and idk why everyone hates it

-i love snow(totally not something everyone knew)

-ive accidentally thrown my phone across the room before(its somehow still absolutely fine though)

-I hate mozzarella

-I share a birthday with the show Amphibia(June 17.well it's not exactly since I'm 9 years older than the actual show,but still,pretty cool)

-Pilot became my mom because i was attempting to type something else(i forgot what tho)but it autocorrected to mom for some reason so now shes my parent :) plus a joke on one of the extremely older posts on the wikia

-i for some reason look way more tired after 9 hours of sleep than if I got 4 hours of sleep

-Snowwy once had a dream that featured part of a Gravity Falls episode when Snow was 3 without having ever watched or even heard about the show

-Snowwy gets way more nosebleeds than the average person(it's called weak blood vessels or something)

-Snowwy is a very loyal hater of peach and mango ice cream

-Snowo used to dislike Anne until watching the full show of Amphibia

-I've watched Amphibia and The Owl House about 5 times each,and I've rewatched Gravity Falls 4 times I think

-I've accidentally taken apart a salt-shaker and then put it back together

-Snowo once accidentally bought the agender pride pin in roblox a year before they actually realized they were agender(Snowo likes to call it 'i foreshadowed myself')

-Snowo's opinion on characters has sometimes changed purely because if how the fan base views them(ex:starting to dislike Hunter and Willow simply due to how everyone loves them,and their strong dislike of Jayfeather partially came from that)

-as of last tested(in March 2019),Snowo can read 190 words per minute.However,the amount is possibly more as that was the highest possible result available at the time and about 3 years have passed since then

-I used to hate lemonade until I was like 9.i still don't know why

-ive been in 5 trios,and all of them worked out :) ig I'm just lucky

-ive accidentally spoiled a part of Steven Universe for my sibling even tho i havent watched ANY full episodes of the OG show and my limited knowledge of it comes from my sibling's ranting,and ivr watched like 4 episodes of Steven Universe Future at best

-I sometimes say ow when I fall even if it doesn't actually hurt,just a habit

Where u can contact me

My wikia account is Snowothetwix1.u can message me at any time and I'll respond as soon as I see it:D.

I'm also active on Discord,my tag is Snowwy#7949

i also have a secretwhisper,heres the linko: I also have 2 roblox accounts,message me for the users if u want.

Gallery of Art

feel free to add any art you've done of me here,I'd love to see your talents