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Snowbreeze is a slender dark gray she-cat with a very light cream chest and tail-tip, stunning pale blue eyes, and a small scar on her throat. She has darker gray freckles on her cheeks and bridge of her nose, darker gray toe-tips, a wispy-like tail, and a black nose. She has a slightly narrow head, skinny wrists, and small paws. Her eyes appear more green when next to green things, and then back to blue elsewhere.  

Idiosyncrasies: She has one lone freckle on the left side of her middle toe on her right front paw, nearing the pad instead of tips (A bit to the right of the middle knuckle on human fingers if you get my drift :P ), and her left hind paw’s middle toe is shorter than usual. Her left eyelid has a freckle in the center (both of these are near her eyelashes, it just seems in the center when her eyes are open), and a smaller one to the left.

Despite being part Turkish Angora, she is a shorthair, and has regular ears instead of big ones. Even though her tail is wispy, it is not fluffy nor does it possess huge, long fur.

(If you have her with bangs, they would be a slight tuft and side-swept, usually to the left (your right) ^^)


In general, Snowbreeze hopes to be kind, and approaches new situations as shy and quiet. Once you get to know her, she gets to be bubbly, talkative, and cheerful . . . and sometimes loud. :P She enjoys making jokes, having people laugh, and has a playful, childlike nature. She likes talking and goofing around with friends! She's emotional and likes daydreaming, imagining, and creating things.

She has anxiety and when it gets out of control, she becomes detached, overwhelmed, and out of touch with reality. She's also impulsive and will usually say whatever she's thinking. When she gets angry, she becomes sullen, and tends to be an escapist - and also needs time to recharge.

She is an ambivert, and so has an amazing time hanging around people and friends, but also likes her alone time to relax too. She likes a good balance of fun interaction and time to herself. But being around you guys is always nice! <3

She took the personality test on two different websites and got three different results: INFP, ENFP, and ISFP. She thinks personalities are too detailed to fit in this sixteen-testy thingie, and you can always find something in every one that fits you - - but she's putting 'em here in case you're like, "Huh, I wonder what descriptions these come up with?" ;P She also took the Enneagram test on and came back as a Type 4w3.

Ahem apologies but Snowy forgot to add that she is literally the most awesome, sweet, bubbly, patient, helpful and kind person in the world. If you searched up the definition of amazing, it would say Snowbreeze. <3 ~ Coldie

On the Blog[]

Snowbreeze is pretty active on the Blog. She joined on October 20th, 2016! She goes to the Tavern to comment and see how everyone's day is going. She checks The Hug Page, is a part of Name that Apprentice, and sometimes likes to go to the Discussion Pages and the Poll page. She also checks out the Fan Name Generator and the Warriors Names page, various games on the Game Page, and the Art Page (she also very much likes Happy Mail posts). She's taken over the Recent Purrs at least once on the Tavern.

In June 2021, as a part of the BlogClan Gathering, she was on the team of Omnipotent Orcas, and enjoyed playing the games and having rap battles with the other contestants. She has attended many Gatherings on the Blog's Discord, being a part of the teams Shivering Snowdrops, Sweetpea Swans, Fairytale Faes, and Forest Finches. Also on the Blog's Discord, she has participated in voice chats, karaoke parties, and generally hanging out with everybody and chatting.

In Trailing Stars, she has appeared in Chapter Twenty-six, where along with Iceflower and Swanfeather, go on kit patrol and sleep curled up by said kittens. She has not written a chapter. On August 8th, 2019, she became medicine cat apprentice to Iceflower and served until July 14th, 2021!

A bit confused as to what is the Hazelpage. What is it.


Add yourself to the list if you would like!


On the Wiki[]

Snowbreeze technically joined on May 4th, 2017, but she made her new account on March 3rd, 2018. She likes to edit stuff, go on message boards, and join the Live Chat. But now that Live Chat doesn't exist any longer, she cannot do that (DO YOU HEAR ME, WIKI). She's played many games in threads such as Name that Warrior, Something Fell on My Head, 20 Warrior Cat Questions, and the Banning Page. She's also trying to earn various badges. Oh, and reading basically everyone's fursona page as well as editing her own. She also wants to try coding soon!

She has made a roleplay character by the name of Silentpaw(song), and is hoping to become more active here that way as well.


"WhaT." ~ Peb's (slightly random) overused quote

"I am currently tying to change my profile picture" - Me on BlogClan's Discord server

"I listened Petteri Punkaunono . . . he's not bad! Or it's not bad. Gosh I am ghieghw confused" - Me trying to explain this guy's music to Swan on Discord

"SO HOT A HOT TOHR HOT NRDGD" - Me trying to sing/type Blackpink's cover song

"WHY AM I TYPING IN ALL TYPES" - Me yelling about why did I decide to type in all caps while doing a voice chat

"WE WILL SLAM IN THE GINAT MEOJIES" - While talking to Spidey about emojis on Discord

"MY THROAT IS AIR WHERE THROAT SHOULD BE" - Is Spidey a good doctor?


"Shhot for the stars

I mean shhoit

I mean shot


I mean SHOOT

FINALLY" - While in the Wiki's Live Chat

"Creppy" - Her obviously more perfect version of the word "creepy"

"Holy holes" - An expression of astound-ment

"Bwsiedes Snowy color which is the color of the Snowuy" - Apparently she's a color?

"BANATY BLUE SAPPJHERE" - A ring option that Fawny would give me, as described by me

"SNOWBALLS BY HAGGINE FSDASD" - I'm not sure anymore

"DiD yOu SAY sOMEthING?" - Queen Ariana

"I wud like sum gud fud that's not rud" - Snowy's example of the SUPERIOR version of the english language


"I CAN TOO SPEELL" - Snowy, claiming she can spell (Sorry not sorry, Snowy ;D - Appy)

"I'M CLOSED MY EYES" - I think this works without context

“What do they look Louie” - Blue and Swan think that context tastes like a donut

”The truth is, Ms. Johnson, that CDs are for suckers” - a scam call document that Snakie found

yes I know how to word what are you talking about


  • My interests are reading, drawing, singing, animation, writing, and being in nature! I especially like forests, winter landscapes, and bodies of water. Speaking of going outside, generally I like any weather (unless it's dangerous) and will have fun if it's raining or foggy!
  • One of the things she enjoys about her gallery is when some go out of the box and make up new and interesting designs! Thank you all for your artwork! <3
  • My birthday is June 10th. Should have been September 26th, but nope!
  • I have Emetophobia, which is the fear of vomiting for any reason. I'm also a bit afraid of germs in specific ways but am trying to work through that.
  • I learned about the Blog from clicking on one of Moonkitti's videos by chance - the one about the old Warriors Forums.
  • I bicycle and swim, and I'm learning how to skateboard. I used to cross-country ski, but stopped when I broke my wrist (it'd be nice to do it again, though!). I also like running. These are less of sports and more things to do when I want to have fun on a whim. :P My favorite one is swimming!
  • I like to read! My favorite genera is fantasy. Asides from Warriors, some of my favorite books/book series include Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, Keeper of The Lost Cities, and fairytale-esque books. I also like non-fiction at times, such as The Diary of Anne Frank.
  • I'm ambidextrous! Although my right hand is a little bit stronger, and better with some specific things.
  • Some things I absolutely cannot do is a tongue roll, basically any trick involving a trampoline other than jumping (or gymnastics in general :P ), pratfalls, and wiggle my ears.
  • Thinking about things I can do, I can move each pinkie toe on both feet independently, and pick things up with my feet. I can also twitch my nose like a rabbit's and flare it, and wink with both eyes.
  • I am homeschooled. I used to go to school but quit halfway through fifth grade since my anxiety was terrible there.
  • I married Fawnspots (Fawny) on Discord. We are now best wives. It was a whole thing. <3
  • I enjoy things such as makeup, the color pink, dresses, et cetera. Despite that, I don't always dress up that way. :P
  • I like musicals and plays! I also like Old Hollywood movies as well. Some of my favorites in both of these are Hamilton, The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Wizard of Oz! I also like theater and acting, but I have a case of stage fright, so -
  • Speaking of music, I have a great time listening to all sorts of genres of music. This can be anything ranging from classical to electro swing to New Age - anything!
  • If I could be in a Clan, I'd pick either WindClan or RiverClan, and would be a medicine cat apprentice.
  • I am a Hufflepuff (and also apparently a little bit Slytherin???), a Wampus, and my patronus is a Greyhound. But I took the quiz again and ended up with Orca - since I chose some answers on the other one that I didn't mean to . . oops :P
  • I have pulled two all-nighters, and both of them were on an airplane. I once almost pulled an all-nighter at home and kept falling asleep on random things throughout the day. :P
  • I like healing herbs and plants! It's fun to go into a forest and figure out what the plants can do and such. Flowers are interesting as well ^^
  • I like grammar and prepositions! On top of that, I used to enjoy getting spelling tests in school and spelling in general. (Although I misspelled "unlabeled" in my categories down there. Let's just gloss over that *sweats nervously*)
  • This coding was made by the amazing Spidey, and the also-amazing Waffle constructed the categories and layout ^^


Other Places on Social Media[]

I have a YouTube channel called Treetop Gardens, though I've never posted anything. :P (YET)

I have a DeviantArt account by the name of SoftHint. I post every now and then, basically whenever I get the chance to finish something. :P

Find me on Discord! My username is VanillaTea (Snowbreeze) #0636. It brightens my day to see new messages! I may take a few days to respond, but don't let that fool you!

I have an Amnio account: I'll be there as 'Snowbreeze' (@Snowbreeze_22) and maybe soon I can come up with a more creative name. :P (I'm also on the Wings of Fire and Equestria one!) ☂ (I really don't know why that umbrella is there) account for music - Frosted Chimes! I'll post whenever I get the chance to record something :P

I also have a BlogClan account. Find me there as ButterIsGud1000. (Just kidding :P)