I'm Slatepaw, an apprentice in 7th grade! Thank you for looking at my info page because that shows me that you want to know me better or are curious about who I am! :3

w h e e !

Purrsona[edit | edit source]

Slatepaw is a sleek gray she-cat with white-streaked paws, white-tipped tail, and white ear fluff. She has one green eye and one blue eye, with a pink nose. She is loyal, reasonable, and smart, although rather short-tempered sometimes and can get offended easily. Slatepaw can get rather nervous in public situations, because she's afraid of saying the wrong thing and having awkward moments or being judged.

She also has a strong partiality for trees, and can often be found around or somewhere near one, especially at night. She enjoys feeling the shelter of their branches, and likes to see the shadows of the leaves move around, like a never-ending puppet show.

On BlogClan[edit | edit source]

Yes, let's add this sectionnn! Woo!

Slatepaw first discovered BlogClan after she had finished reading most, if not all, of the Warriors books out at the time. She was searching up "WHO'S THE IMPOSTER???" theories when she discovered an article on BlogClan that she really wanted to read! After seeing people put their comments in below the article with fascinating other tidbits she hadn't noticed, she decided to contribute and wrote a short two-sentence long comment under the name "Slatesong."

Favorite pages on BlogClan are the Allegiances Chat Page, BlogClan Tavern, The Rotation & Name That Apprentice!, and the homepage to see what articles have been published!

Slatepaw likes to make jokes and post some random things for people to wonder about >:)

Her warrior name is still undecided, and it would be great if you commented below! Front-runners for consideration are Slatefrost, Slatesong (the original), Slatemist, and Slateshade. Come up with your own if you like!

Click here to vote on a poll for Slatepaw's warrior name! There are more than just the ones listed above, so choose your favorite :D

Likes/Dislikes[edit | edit source]

I like:

  • Kefir. (it's a type of yogurt drink)
  • All kinds of juice
  • eating
  • Reading
  • Drawing (I do digital art mainly)
  • Watching animals
  • Browsing YouTube
  • The colors dark green, blue (all shades), and white

I dislike:

  • Running
  • Arguing with people
  • Being forced to do things
  • Forgetting to do homework
  • Reading books that are assigned vs books that I want to read on my own (assigned books are always so boring)
  • My boring Core teacher
  • Group projects (because only 1/3 of the people actually do their job)
  • "Explain your work" (AAAAAHHHHH why do they make us do that)

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • C l a n n i v e r s a r y ----- May 30, 2020
  • I play flute and used to play piano
  • I live in the California Bay Area
  • I have infinite stuffed animals and they all live on my bed
  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
  • ----- Patronus: white mare
  • ----- Wand: Redwood wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 ½" and hard flexibility
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
  • Personality type: Mediator --- INFP-T
  • I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese
  • The Oxford Comma is immensely important. You cannot convince me otherwise.
  • I have a goldfish named Goldie (yes very creative, right) and a cleaner fish named Rocky
  • I want a snake or a bird after I grow up
  • I have a younger sister; she is 6 years old
  • I have a DeviantArt --> https://www.deviantart.com/whirlingclouds
  • Favorite Warrior cats: Jayfeather, Half Moon, Ivypool, Turtle Tail, Shadowsight
  • Least fav warrior cats: Darkstripe (he gives me the oily suck-up vibe), Hawkfrost (beautiful name, dude, but you're horrible), Clear Sky, Sleekwhisker (wow such a brat)
  • Favorite warrior cats arc, favorite warrior cats book: Power of Three, The Last Hope

Siggies[edit | edit source]

I saw this in... Turtlepaw/dapple's page I think? But I thought it would be fun if I did something like that too!

I know siggies are gone, sadly, but I'll put what I can remember and the meanings :D

  • Greetings, fellow human beans. --- Referring to something taken from Roald Dahl's The BFG (book), where "human beings" are mistakenly pronounced by the giant (and purposefully written) as "human beans", because the BFG didn't have a good education lol and learned from a single book. Fun fact: he also said "right or left?" when he meant "right or wrong"....
  • Human beans will rice together --- Suggested by a Clanmate, I sadly forgot who it was, who said, "Saw your siggie, and methinks it should be 'We are all human beans, and together we will rice!' except it didn't fit." I improvised on that, and came up with this one! I thought that it was another smart play on words, with beans and rice :P
  • Have a nice day --- Plain and simple. Make every day have good vibes
  • I drew my pfp --- Somehow I felt the need to communicate that I could draw. But I did draw my pfp, it's of a fish with a flowery tail :D

i do wish siggies could come back. They're useful and fun, but I think the reason was that it messed with the Blog's new format? not sure.

(If it wasn't that reason, then it would be that some people were abusing the siggies? It's far less likely, as BlogClan is probably one of the nicest communities ever, but mAYbE?)

Friends![edit | edit source]

Add yourself if you like, would be great to gain some contacts on BlogClan and seem like a popular figure when i'm far from one :)

Rustlingleaves :D


Aquila (Eaglepaw) :)


Dovepaw :)

Twilightrose aka Loneheart the Great

Ebay! :D


Minktail who is lucky to have the bestest apprentice :3


riv <3

Gallery[edit | edit source]

I know i don't have many friends yet but if you want to draw me, and did, feel free to insert your drawing here in the gallery! :D

It would be an honor to have someone draw my purrsona :3

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