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eggi/snekkers - she/her - mutated snowshoe/cornish rex mix - artist, writer, and snake lover
birthday: 22 april
clanniversary: 17 may
mood: still tired
art: closed
coding: open


Eggpaw is a light beige she-cat with dark beige markings and wide, snake-like dark brown eyes.


Eggpaw joined BlogClan on May 17, 2021. Since then, she's been very active, commenting on pages and submitting articles. It's been this way ever since, because she has nothing else to do.

She is currently writing a fanfiction, The First Nightmare, and she'd appreciate if you checked it out.

As of July 5, 2021, I can teach coding on Fandom! I can code pages for you, too, but coding can get really tiring for me, so not all the time.


Eggpaw's ref sheet
Eggpaw is a smaller than average, scrawny off-white she-cat with a black mask marking on her eyes (like a bullsnake) and black ears with a slit in her left one. She has narrow, snake-like icy blue eyes and scruffy, messy fur with eyes ears awkwardly large for her size. Her tail tapers into a point at the end like a snake's, and her instinct is to flicker it whenever she's threatened, similar to a rattlesnake. She also has a slightly upturned muzzle like a hognose snake, making her face look a lot like grumpy cat's. She has many scars scoring across her pelt; The most notable one goes across her front right leg.


Eggpaw is used to represent me. She is mostly kind and loves to argue. She is also very active, commenting and submitting articles very often.

In And Then There Were Five, the currently work-in-progress BlogFic, she's more sinister and manipulative and is the villain of the story. Of course, though, this is just a book.


Interesting Facts[]

  • Eggpaw's warrior name will be Eggsnake.
  • Her old purrsona was Skypaw/blaze.
  • Eggpaw's personality was based on Sol.
  • In real life, Eggpaw loves to code and knows HTML, CSS, and a bit of Python and Lua.
  • In real life, Eggpaw loves the series 3rd Life and was there from the very beginning.
  • Eggpaw is planning on starting a Minecraft gaming channel sometime in December.
  • Eggpaw's birthday is on Earth Day.
  • She is very against cat and dog breeding.
  • She loves snakes, ants, bees, wasps, blobfish, and many other creatures others seem to hate.

On the Blog[]

Eggpaw is very active on the blog and loves doing art. She is also working on a fan arc, the first book being The First Nightmare.

Favorite Characters[]

Clear Sky
Gray Wing
Ivypool and Dovewing
Hawkfrost and Mothwing
This list will be endless, I love so many cats!

Least Favorites[]


Note: These are my opinions. Not only are they bound to change, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion! If you hate Mapleshade, or love Foxheart, no worries! I'm sure you have a good reason! Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments


First of all, I like science stuff. Like Dyson Spheres, wormholes, black holes, and all that stuff. And it can't possibly be a coincidence that the strongest thing in the universe is called nuclear pasta and looks like spaghetti, gnocchi, and lasagna.

Writing is awesome, and so is reading. Two of my favorite things to do. Next to surfing the internet and binge watching Youtube, of course.

Finally, art. It's obvious. I drew the art in the infobox at the top of the page. I have tons of art examples but I kind of don't want to upload them here just yet.

Skypaw by Whirly



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