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Silverwind is a fun-loving, yet somewhat wise she-cat. She is a silver tabby with light blue eyes and white front paws. She is also relatively small for her age and dislikes it when others comment on it. She is the former medicine cat apprentice of BlogClan.

On the Blog

She is the former medicine cat apprentice of BlogClan and was part of the Gathering group Neon Weasels. She was a very active member. She was also a member of the old roleplay site.

Trailing Stars

Coming soon

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel

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Fan Art

Silverwind has produced multiple pieces of fan art for the blog. Most notably, she created the promotional poster for Trailing Stars.


  • She can play piano, guitar and violin.
  • She loves most manga and anime, her favorites including Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Soul Eater, Baccano!, and Hetalia.
  • She is also an avid reader and enjoys works by J.K. Rowling, Erin Hunter, Philip Pullman, Eoin Colfer, Cassandra Clare and John Green to name a few.
  • Following her recent inactivity, the new medicine cat, Kat, chose Winterpaw as her apprentice.