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silver tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes, white paws and white tail tip

How I got into warriors Edit

I was with my friend (Honeypaw/cloud, she’s on the blog) in the school library. I asked her “What book do you recommend?” because I was bored. She told me about warriors. In the beginning I didn't really like warriors. She forced me to read warriors and I really thank her for that. She also was the one to tell me about the blog!

How I chose my name Edit

When my friend told me about the blog, I just read about Silverstream’s death and I decided to be Silverkit. I wasn’t decent at picking names at the time because I was only in the first series, so she was giving me ideas for my suffix. She said Silversong and I instantly fell in love. I had to change it because an older member re-joined the blog. So I was choosing between three suffixes snow, sky, and spark. (With the prefix silver I really like something that starts with a “s“ for a suffixes. I don’t know why.) I chose sky because I have a bird named sky and I LOVe the color blue! (It’s my all time favorite color.)

Fun facts: Edit

  • I changed my name to Silversnow because thought Silversky doesn’t look that good.
  • Me and my sister wanted a cat or a dog since we were 3
  • We have 3 birds. Notes, a green parakeet with a yellow head and cinnamon wings, Sky, a blue parakeet with a white head, and youngest, Frost, a turquoise parakeet with a white head with markings and a patch inside the markings
  • Me, Honeypaw, and Gingerpaw, make a lot of fanfics about our birds as warriors
  • My sister thought warriors was about pirate cats because when we were 7 my mom bought us a book that had a pirate cat and dog on the cover
  • I play the piano and violin
  • I also play basketball (I’m really bad at it though)
  • I’ll be entering 6th grade next year
  • My friend Honeypaw/cloud has a bird named Cloud (after Cloudtail) and I have a bird named sky. So, my sister Gingerdrift wanted to be Gingerfrost (because we have a bird named Frost) but the name was already taken
  • I joined the blog on March 3rd 2018

What people say about me Edit

Silvs is super sweet and friendly, she's always up for joking around, mainly teasing me and Bramb :P I couldn't have asked for a better apprentice, Silvs is amazing, and awesome and incredible ! - Maple

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Honeypaw who doesn't know how to add her link!!!


Maple !!!!!!


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