Silverpaw is a beautiful, lithe silver tabby she-cat with green eyes and dark grey stripes. Her belly, muzzle and chest are a pale grey colour. The image portrays her with a floral crown, a leaf necklace, and vines wrapped around her leg.

On the Blog Edit

Currently, I am trying my best to be as active as I possibly can be by commenting on recent posts and things like that. In fact, I recently submitted my article titled What if Warriors was an anime? Don't be afraid to ask me anything, as I don't bite! I also really love writing fanfics, and I’m writing one about Silverlight currently.

On the Wiki Edit

On the wiki, all I really do are view random pages and comment on ones that I am interested in. You might find me on other wikis as well, who knows! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Personality Traits Edit

Silverpaw is a young, kind-hearted blogger who is actually very shy. Talking online is still a little hard for her, but she is able to make a few comments, If she is close to someone, she finds it easier to talk to them, whether they are kin or not. When she comments, she always reads over it multiple times to make sure the comment is fine (my social awkwardness kicking in).

Trivia Edit

  • My name is kind of over-used (Silverpaw). I found a lot of Silverpaw's in the list of Allegiances. :/
  • My mentor, Aprilblossom, is actually my close friend. I talked her into reading Warriors and being my mentor, as she is two years older than me.
  • My fur colour was my friend's (not April's) idea. Then, I started to watch CreamHeroes, a Korean YouTube channel. Turns out my character resembles TT the cat (not advertising, just sayin').
  • I've read all the Warriors books but for some reason skimmed through SkyClan's Destiny.
  • Loves watching anime but prefers reading manga. (My Hero Academia, Chi's Sweet Home, Chi's Sweet Adventures, Pokemon Adventures, Warriors manga, and Ouran High School Host Club).
  • A passionate writer who loves to write fan fictions, especially about Warriors.
  • Has a million OCs (over-exaggerated amount).