Silverpaw is a small dilute calico with long, fluffy fur, dark green eyes, a bright pink nose, and a short, thick, scar above her right eye.



Silv is a very socially awkward weirdo.

She's also a "kind, caring, squishy, smol orb".

Silv's the kind of person who tends to live in her head. She usually overthinks/overanalyzes things, something that holds her back in social situations a lot. Basically she's shy and awkward, especially when she first meets someone, because she's afraid of offending and hurting others, or just making a fool of herself in general. However, to the people she's close to, she's usually a little all over the place, saying stupid things and such.

She's irresponsible and messy, a little spacey, and very oblivius, especially to the obvious. Silv is what you would call a pushover. However, she gets incredibly defensive over her friends, even to an annoying extent, and usually winds up yelling if someone's being awful to them. Also, prepare yourself she's a bit of a fangirl soo...

Trivia Edit

  • She loves reading and writing (stories and poetry because everyone needs their daily dose of edgy poetry)
  • She loves drawing.
  • She likes anime and manga but reads manga more often then she watches anime. 
  • Yo, watch out, she's a fujoshi with no life.
  • She likes Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil,... etc etc
  • She ships Frodaisy. Frodaisy is life.
  • She only made this trivia thingy because she was bored.
  • She edits her page when she's bored.
  • She's been shipped with Laurelpaw and Frostfeather (all though they weren't really major ships or anything)
  • She is asexual, apothisexual, and heteroromantic and possibly grayromantic. It's uh, kind of complicated? Feel free to ask what each means if you'd like. ^^
  • She's a vocaloid fan. *coughand harbors dreams of being a utaitecough*
  • She's scattered everywhere on the internet, find her if you can
  • Anyone else think Viktor's dub voice is cringy as heck? 
  • She is a wiki stalker surfer for both the Blogclan Wiki 2 and every other fandom she's in. She totally doesn't stalk your pages. Ever.
  • She doesn't know when her claniversary is, but she's pretty sure it was some time around October-ish 2015.
  • In real life, she loves to sing. A lot.
  • Jayfeather is her favorite Warriors character and if she could, she'd marry him.
  • She has many, many fictional characters she's totally in love with. Say their name and she'll start screaming about why exactly they're amazing and the loves of her life.
  • Her personality type is INFP-T.
  • Lets take a moment to appreciate just how hot anime vampires are.
  • Kikuo. Creepy, dark, and freaking amazing. Her favorite vocaloid producer of all time as well. <3
  • Her first anime was Soul Eater. (and her favorite character is, of course, Crona.)
  • She's afraid of lots of things:
    • Pain
    • Being alone (Like, being left in a room or a house or any place, without other people/mammals.)
    • The dark.
    • Heights.
    • Making the wrong choice/decision.
    • Escalators
    • Strangling


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