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Shimmers by Ravensnowpaw.png

Other Names Former Name: Silverpaw/fall

Nickname: Shimmers

Relatives None on BlogClan
Affiliation BlogClan & SkyClan
Biographical information
Mentor Cinderflame
Apprentice None
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender Female (she/her pronouns)
Breed Unknown
Fur Color Silver tabby with white markings
Eye Color Sapphire Blue

My Purrsona[]

Shimmers (Shimmerpaw/storm) is a silver tabby she-cat with sapphire blue eyes. She has a white belly, chest, muzzle, and paws, along with white speckles on her muzzle.


Shimmers is an apprentice on BlogClan! She joined on January 13, 2021 with the name Silverpaw/fall. She changed her name to Shimmerpaw/storm, because she didn't feel that she connected with the name Silverfall.

She is smart, energetic, creative, and friendly (she hopes). She enjoys reading, singing, drawing, playing her instruments, chatting with friends, school, acting, playing with her pets (2 cats and a dog), and playing video games.

How I Found BlogClan[]

Shimmers found the Blog by pure accident! She was searching up info about Darkness Within because she hadn't gotten it yet and really wanted to know what happened, even if it meant a TON of spoilers, when she stumbled upon it's spoiler page on the Blog. She read through some of the comments, hoping for hints on what was going to happen and discovered that she liked this Blog. A month or so later, she asked her mom if she could join the Blog. When her mom said yes, Shimmers set up her account!

Friends on the Blog[]

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Spark! (Sparkheart)



JuJu! (Fallowheart)


Willowdance (Willa)

Cheetah :D


Bri! (Briarpaw)


  • Shimmers is a vegetarian!
  • Shimmers plays the flute, piano, and piccolo!
  • Shimmers has read almost all of the Warriors books.


Thank you for reading my page! If you'd like to draw my purrsona and add it to my gallery, that'd be cool, but if you don't, that's cool too! :D