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Coding by Steppy! (i found it on the coding shop :\)


Blueish grey she-cat with light and dark patches, dark blue ear tufts, a light green eye, and a blue eye


I'm really awkward and shy when you first meet me, but once we're friends for a while i can be quite chatty.

My enneagram type is 4

I'm an ISFP


I like listening to:

  • AJR
  • Imagine dragons
  • Blixemi
  • Hamilton [Turtlepaw Edit: I love Hamilton! 😀 What’s your favorite song?] {Seal edit: Cool! I love guns and ships, helpless and the schuyler sisters!} [Turtlepaw edit: Awesome! Those are some great songs. I especially love Guns And Ships 😀]
  • CG5
  • Cavetown
  • The Family Crest

Favorite songs in no particular order

  • Heather - Conan Gray
  • Lemon boy - Cavetown
  • Heartstomper - Amphibia
  • Carnaval del barrio - In the heights
  • Helpless - Hamilton
  • Cousin - 21 Chump street
  • Life goes on - Oliver tree
  • Bang! - AJR
  • Burn the house down - AJR
  • Karma - AJR
  • Laskar pelangi - Nidji (this one is in indonesian so you mighhtt need english subtitles if you dont understand indonesian)
  • Monokrom - Tulus (also indonesian lol)
  • Literally most Cavetown songs
  • The world - The family crest
  • When the lights go out - The family crest
  • I am the winter - The family crest
  • The Headwinds - The family crest
  • Make me a boat - The family crest

Warriors Trivia

  • My favorite warriors book is Into the wild
  • My least favorite warriors book is Spottedleaf's heart
  • My favorite warriors character is Breezepelt
  • My least favorite warriors character is Thistleclaw
  • My favorite leader is Leopardstar or Firestar
  • On the "which clan do you belong in" quiz she got "Shadowclan"
  • Her favorite clan is Thunderclan or Shadowclan

General Trivia

  • Her tribe name is "Sea that splashes on stone"
  • Her pronouns are She/Her
  • She lives in Indonesia
  • She's fluent in English and Indonesian
  • She hates math
  • Her birthday's on 11th May
  • My favorite movies are "Encanto" and "The lion king"
  • Her zodiac sign is Taurus
  • She dislikes Exams, homework, Art thieves and bugs
  • She likes Books, Drawing and Watching
  • I don't like candy and absolutely loves broccoli (yes i'm weird :P)
  • My favorite subject is social studies
  • My favorite color is blue
  • My favorite fruit is Mangoes and Papaya
  • Her favorite food is Noodles, Fried rice and Meatballs
  • Her favorite drinks are Mango juice, Bubble tea and guava juice
  • My spirit animal is a deer
  • I eat a lot of mango yogurt, way, WAY more than i should


Old purrsona art

My current purrsona art

How i found Blogclan

I don't really remember, but I'm pretty sure I was just scrolling and found a link that led to the blog.

Then i just watched the blog for a few weeks before making an account and well, joining the blog!!

How i got into Warriors

I was in my Lion king phase at that time, when after i watched all the movies and the series, I got pretty bored. Warriors videos were filling my recommended page (which annoyed me) then i was like "Meh, i'll try watching 1 of the videos to see what the hype's about" Then i watched one of the videos and started getting addicted ig XD.

Then i started watching more and more videos and well became way too obsessed XD


  • Warriors (of course)
  • Amphibia
  • WoF
  • Countryhumans (don't know how to explain this-)
  • Dsmp (not that into it though-)

Reviews! :D

Clover is so sweet and has gorgeous art! She is so kind and highly appreciated and loved by everyone who she meets and who meet her! She is such a lovely person and an amazing kind hearted person. -Drizzle ♡♡♡ (Clover edit: AAA thx drizzle!)

Cloverkit is really sweet and an awesome coder!-Snowpaw/storm ( Clover edit: aww thanks Snowpaw!)

Clola is a kind a sweet cat! She has amazing art and is a tender-hearted person. She is a awesome coder and loves to talk about that weird thing called Hamilton i think. She's above awesome! -Snowla (Snowdrift) (Seela edit: adsankdkna thank you Snowla! Ur awesome too!)

Heyaaaa you mighta seen me on the blogo or the wikia... But I would LOVEEEE to get to know you and be your bestio fendo<33333 love Icee<3 (Seal edit: Hi! i've seen you before.. somewhere on the blog heh. Sure just message me on my message wall if you want to talk to me! :D)

Seala is super sweet suuper nice and sosososososoosossooo kind and i love her so much not only does she have this really cute AWESOME name but she is an absolute awesome amazing frienddddddddd -Foxi (Cloverpaww) <3 (Seal edit: AWWWWWWW THX FOXI- you're awesome too!)

Seala is really nice, modest, and super talented! Seriously, her art is just AMAZING! Seala is an absolutely amazing cat person, and I'm so happy she's a member of the Blog!! ~Mounty (Seal edit: awww thanks Mounty! You're amazing too! <33)

Seala ia a very talented, fun, sweet, and just overall a fantastic person. She's practically perfect in every way, and a truly wonderful presence on the Wiki and Blog. I'm so lucky to know you, Seala! -The Falconstormer (Seal's edit: awww thanks Captain! I'm really lucky to know you too! <3)

Friends! (Add yourself!!)


Potato (Blueflower)

Drizzledip ♡



Stormii <3


Whirly! (Whirlpaw/pool)

Mossi :3 (Mosskit/flame)


Frosti <3






Icee<3 Or Icepaw!

YO HOW WAS I NOT ON HERE btw its Foxi lol

Froggy! :)

Mounty! :D

Coyotototo who thinks your awesome :D (Coyoteshine)




(Put any random quote here!)


boop - snowy

"Yeahh samsung wallet" - Me

"baaah kooo gohhh" -Foxi teaching Icee to say bakugo before she watched mha

Bakagugoogoi-Icee on purpouse saying his name wrong, I now shame my self for that lol

burblewert - Mossi

'U nasty lil roach'-Snowo's sister jokingly

"Yar'-Snowo"s entire grade pretty much

"Ancient goats, sPeaK to mE" - Me jokingly

'Ew is that a line how dare u put that there'-Snowo making their friends hate lines


The rise of Wildclan (unfinished)

Art page: Here you go!

Accounts on places :>

Profile: User:Seala the cat

Cookie run kingdom name: Blogclan (server: Dark cacao)

Scratch: Here

Discord: Sealsker_kat#1034

Amphibia quote page: Bloop

Thx for reading my page!! :D