Other Names Sandkit (formerly), Sandy, Sto, Sandtato, The Potatobrine Master, Stonesand, Sand
Relatives Villagerkit (brother), Shadowstalk (mother), Hawkswoop (dad)
Affiliation BlogClan, SandClan, CrystalClan, MoonClan, PotatoClan, MeowingClan, CheetahClan, CloudClan
Biographical information
Mentor Asterflame (formerly), Thistletooth
Apprentice N/A
Rank Apprentice, Kit (formerly)
Physical description
Gender Female
Breed Maine Coon
Fur Color Ginger tabby
Eye Color Forest Green


Sandpaw is a soft, long-furred ginger tabby she-cat with forest green eyes. She has a bushy tail, and mane-like fur on her neck. She has a broad chest, and a long flank. On the allegiances, she is listed as a ginger tabby she-cat with forest green eyes.

Personality Edit

Sandpaw is friendly, funny and kind. She is very shy in real life, but is also very talktive. She is sometimes annoying and selfish. She is hopelessly obsessed with BlogClan, and is really depressed when she can't do it. She is ALWAYS being cringey (sadly.). Sandy is also VERY stubborn and stuff.

Sandy is AWESOME and so kind. The BEST BlogClanner and the best SandClan leader! -Smoke

Sandy is SUPER awesome and amazing. She is my best friend, the best BlogClanner and SandClanner!!! I love to play her games!!!:D" - Crystie

Sandy is awesome! ~ Navy

Sandy is amazing! She is active and kind and ready to welcome all new BlogClanners! AND SANDY IS THE BEST MINECRAFT AND POTATO CAT EVEEEEEER :D -Shadow

Sandy is great she is very nice and kind-Bluebell

BEST 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀 - Squirrelpaw

Sandy is super sweet and always nice to everyone and I am terrible at working the wiki, and she's one of the nicest people I think I've ever met, always there to help - Maple

Sandy is my bf, she's funny, kind, helpful, and is always the potato girl!!! ( and herbronie girl!) 💕😜😜 -Flighty (I think?)

Sandy is super awesome and the POTATOBRINE MASTER! - Raven :D

On the blog Edit

Sandpaw joined the blog on September 9 or 10. She is mainly active on the tavern and games page. She oftenly checks the allegiances chat page to vouch for people who are running for Senior Warrior.

On the wiki Edit

Sandpaw is very active on the wiki. She comments everyday, checks her page and takes coding requests. She often plays the banning game and the story starter.

On discordEdit

Sandpaw isn't really active on discord. She often chats with Cloudy and Bluebell. Sandy never commented on the BlogClan discord server, and is on Cloudy's RP server.

Live chats Edit

I'm mostly active but I don't go on live chats. My time zone is different to USA people, so I won't be on chats oftenly. Although sometimes I'll have time and go on the wiki live chat.

How I found warriors Edit

My best friend Sorrelpaw (she's on the blog, but inactive), old me about warriors. She made a few and we started roleplaying them. Sorrelpaw then asked me if I could read them. I agreed, and my mom bought POT collection.

How I found BlogClan Edit

Sandpaw found BlogClan while stalking warriors wiki. She found a reference to Kate's blog, and found the link there. She had joined the blog, but forgot about it until a month. She started being active on November, and joined the wiki. Now, she is very active.

Trailing Stars Edit

Sandpaw is not in Trailing Stars. She is in the Jar!

Her OCs Edit

Here are a list of some of Sandpaw's OCs.

  • Scorchstar
  • Sorrelspots/star
  • Sunshine
  • Olivebranch
  • Orangeflame
  • Alderleaf
  • Heatherflower
  • Flowstream (not FLOWERSTREAM :P)
  • Rushriver
  • Hazelbush/star
  • Leopardheart

And more.....

Friends (add yourself) Edit

Please add yourself! I'd love to be friends with you!

Real life friends Edit

Sorrelpaw/fang, who's a BlogClanner, but is inactive.

Crimsonpaw, she is my best friend at school, she going to help me make my warriors scratch movie.

Sunpaw/fire, she's also my best friend, she loves potatoes and supports the Potato Foundation. She likes YouTube, Fnaf and Roblox.

Villagerkit/boat, my annoying little brother. He's on blog, but is super inactive.

Blossompaw/sky, another friend, she knows warriors but doesn't read them.

Mistypaw/song, One of my friends I met when I was 4 years old.

Riverkit/tail, Darkpaw's little sister.

Weedpaw/smoke, A weird dude who I'm not really friends with :P

Quotes Edit

"Yee" ~ Sandy most of the time

"OMSC!1!1!1!" ~ Sandy mostly again

"There were no toms in SandClan because they were killed in battle." ~ Sandstar in SandClan's Decision, chapter 3

"I HAVE TOOK OVER RECENT PURRS! MWHAAA!!!" ~ Sandy about taking over recent purrs on the tavern

"*Herobrine dabs*" ~ Sandy reacting to Shadow's comment on the games page

"I like potatoes." ~ Sandy's past siggie

"#POTATOES4LIFE" ~ Sandy's past siggie

"why do you think everything is interesting?" ~ Fangy to Sandy in real life


"You scared me :P" ~ Crystie to Sandy about creating a fake account

"I live under a rock." ~ Sandy's current siggie

Ships Edit

Sandy x Crystie=Candy

Sandy x Shadow=Shandy

Sandy x Bluebell=Sandbell

Sandy x Smoke=Soke

Sandy x BlogClan=SandClan :P

Sandy x Darky=Sarnky

Sandy x Flighty=Flandy

Sandy x cringe=Sainge

Sandy x warriors=Sarriors

Sandy x Potatoes=Sandtato

Sandy x Potatobrine=Sandtatobrine

Trivia Edit

  • She lives in NSW, Australia
  • Her birthday is on April 25.
  • She has a BlogClanner brother called Villagerkit!
  • Her clanniversary September 9 2018
  • She joined the wiki on November 3 2018
  • She started reading warriors in November 2017
  • She had two lovebirds and a rainbow lorikeet, but the lovebirds died and gave the lorikeet away. Their warrior names are Jewelheart, Bluespirit and Lugialeap.
  • She also has a pet plant: Leafy.
  • Her favorite foods are pizza, meat pies, sushi, cereal and more.
  • She is LAZY oof.
  • She is kinda active.
  • She is on minecraft (Sandstone25)
  • Her favourite mobs in minecraft are creepers and enderman.
  • Her favorite warrior cat characters are Hollyleaf, Gray Wing, Turtle Tail, Twigbranch and more.
  • Gif.gif
    Her least favorite warrior cats are Brokenstar, Thistleclaw, Tigerstar, Darktail and more.
  • Her favourite warrior cat book series is Dawn of the clans, A vision of shadows and Power of three.
  • She plays piano yeet.
  • She has wrote too many fanfictions that are one-shots.
  • She drew many fursonas including Crystie, Bluebell, Shadow, Squirrel, Kat and more.
  • She loves using emojis on BlogClan.
  • She runs a secret clan called SandClan.
  • She ran a SandClan gathering but no one joined (probably they were busy :P)
  • She sucks at drawing fursonas
  • She was inactive last year for a month.
  • I like potatoes.
  • Potatoes are life. Don't judge.
  • She is unpopular at her school :(.
  • Her best friend on the blog is amazing Crystie!
  • She knows how to code (I can code your page)
  • She is Korean (don't judge)
  • Her real name's Ella
  • Her favorite color's purple.
  • Her favorite seasons are winter and autumn.
  • She is a gryffindor
  • She has many OCs with her friends!
  • She told many of her friends about warriors and they love it!
  • Her mentor is Thistletooth!
  • She owns many wikis
  • Her username on the wiki is Sandstone25.
  • Her favorite ice-cream flavor is COOKIES AND CREAM :P
  • She is on Scratch and is currently hosting a voice audition (Sandy_Sandstone is my username :P)
  • She is ranked #9 on the wiki!
  • She loves being shipped with Potatobrine (Sandtatobrine)
  • Her fave soft drink is Fanta
  • Her fave video game is minecraft!
  • She really needs to update this.

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