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Sandfrost is a splotched dilute cream and blue tabby she-cat with lime eyes. Her fur is sleek and soft, fluffy. In some cases, she is a devil, with horns of red and brown, with dragon-like dark brown-red wings. Sandfrost also has a small scar on her chin, but barely noticeable. She also wears an emerald-green gem necklace.

She is a SkyClan apprentice, in some cases, a warrior. She was also ThunderClan at some point.

Her old fursona, she is a fluffy dark ginger tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes. Before that, a splotched ginger, brown and white she-cat, called Sandstone.


Sandfrost, can be kind and friendly. She is not optimistic, but nice. She can be also classified as weird, and sometimes emotional, angry and rude. She is very awkward and quiet sometimes, while around friends, she's very loud.


Sandfrost used to be super active on the blog on September 2018 - March 2020. Now Sandfrost usually posts a few comments on the tavern a day. She joined BlogClan on September 9 2018 as a kit.

She used to run several games, but they were canceled. Sandfrost also likes to write fanfiction, and draw. She usually posts art on her scratch account, @Sandy_Sandstone.

Sandfrost used to run for senior warrior--starting September 2019, but canceled it due to inactivity.

She also is also a moddo of BlogClan Wildlife with Thistle and others. She created the website.

Her mentor is the amazing Ironthistle!!!

BlogClan wikiEdit

On the BlogClan wiki, in November 2018 she created a fandom account-- 'Sandstone the BlogClanner'. She created this page, with the help of Bluebell's coding.

She soon learned how to code, and started to take requests. She re-coded her own page, and made a thread called: 'Coding Teaching'.

Currently Sandfrost is semi-active on the BlogClan wiki, and cannot code that well anymore, but still can.

She also renamed her account 'Sandstone25' sometime.

Sandfrost is ranked #4 on the wiki.


Forest Fires ~~ Work in Progress but maybe canceled

Unnamed fanfiction ~~ Planning in Progress

Scorchstar's Find ~~ Old Completed Fanfiction

MLG StarClan ~~ Very old {spoof} Completed Fanfiction

Potatobrine comes to BlogClan ~~ Old {spoof} completed Fanfiction

Allied ~~ Old {spoof} Completed Fanfiction

Wasted ~~ Spoof probably canceled Fanfiction


  • Sandfrost lives in NSW, Australia.
  • Her birthday is April 25.
  • She likes Minecraft.
  • Started to read warriors in November 2017, I believe?
  • Loves art
  • Wants to become an artist / author
  • Personality type is a INTP-T (Logician)
  • Sandfrost is Asian.
  • She have a beautiful bird called Fin, a lutino cockatiel.
  • She used to have three other birds.
  • Is a Gryffindor


Gallery of Sandy's artEdit

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