Other Names Sandy, Sand, Sandstone, Snady, Sadpaw, Tidesong, Cloverdew
Relatives Boatykit (lil' bro)
Affiliation BlogClan and a whole lot of stuff
Biographical information
Mentor Thistleshark
Apprentice I am one :3
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender Female
Breed Maine Coon
Fur Color Ginger tabby
Eye Color Green
Sandpaw is a soft-furred sleek ginger tabby Maine Coon she-cat with forest green eyes and a bushy, thick tail. Although she is a Maine Coon, she doesn't have tufted ears.

Her alternate purrsona is a soft short-furred gray she-cat with darker splotches on her back, legs and face. She also has white around her clover-green eyes, muzzle, locket and belly. She is called Cloverdew.


Sandpaw's personality is very...let's say lots of words to describe it. More coming soon

Activity on the blogEdit

Sandpaw is active on BlogClan and comments daily. She mostly comments on the tavern, games page, allegiances chat page and spoiler pages. She joined on September 9 2018 and is now running for senior warrior. She also hosts three games on the games page, a mixed games, an acronym game, and a choose the story game (called change your reality). She used to host two NTAs.


With * mostly working hard on

^ is never really work on

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"Stalking is very bad. It is against the law." - Me when my brother Villagerkit points out a person doing something.

"STUPID AUTOCORRECT" - Me about autocorrect

"Hayay!" - Me after I combined 'hooray' and 'yay' together

"WhoaMG" - Me after I combined 'whoa' and 'OMG' together

"gaspie" - A word I use describing dramatic situations

"oh noo" - My way of saying oh no

comments but there's no speedy mods around

"no" - Me in a lot of situations

"Stop bullyin' meh" -when my brother bullies me

"yeet" - Me yeeting

"How dare you insult potatoes, you hecking tomoto!" - Potato Bot, a discord bot

"If you don't study, you won't go into university, and if you don't go to university, you won't get a good job and if you don't get a good job, you'll be poor and if you're poor,you'll live on the streets, begging for money!" - Me lecturing my brother about studying

"Sushtatoes rule!" - Me on PotatoClan discord

Real life friendsEdit

  • Echopaw/whisper (told me about warriors)
  • Lifepaw/light (was on BlogClan, but left :()
  • Mistypaw/sky (friends since I was 3)

My crazy zoneEdit

Post ANYTHING here, as long as it follows the blog and wiki rules


  • My birthday is April 25
  • I am running for senior warrior
  • I live in Australia
  • I have a brother
  • I'm right-handed
  • My favourite movie is My Neighbour Totoro
  • My favourite pizza is Pepperoni
  • I have discord
  • I have scratch
  • My IRL friend Echopaw told me warriors in year 2, and started reading the series in year 4
  • I don't play any sports
  • Fav arc in warriors is The Broken Code




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