BlogClan 2 Wikia
BlogClan 2 Wikia

Hi everyone! My name is Reedpaw/wish- but you can call me Reed! Here’s some info about me!

Names/Nicknames Reedpaw/wish

Reed, Wish Upon a Reed that sways in the wind

Family I have an older brother anda mom and dad
Fun Facts
Mentor and Apprentice (insert content here)
Rank Apprentice
Age 11 and a half
Gender, Pronouns and Sexuality Female, She/Her and straight
Pelt Grayish Blue
Breed Russian Blue
Eye Color Dark Brown
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My current purrsona is - Reedwish- A bluish gray apprentice with dark blue tabby stripes and dark brown eyes.

If I were to say I was a cat breed I would be a russian blue.

On BlogClan[]

I joined on November the 22th 2020. I'm usually on the FanFic page. I'm also on nearly all the articles commenting! I visit the Hug Page time to time.


I'm very shy. In class nobody really talks to me except my best friend. Whenever I try to socialize its an epic fail. I'm very loyal. And very protective of my stuff.


I have no published articles. I did submit one with Willowpaw/fur though, and I'm currently working on another articl with her. I am also working on an article with Hollyfrost.

Friends! (Add yourself if you want)[]


Free (Freepaw <333)





  1. I am a Ravenclaw
  2. My patronus is a robin
  3. My zodiac is Sagittarius
  4. I have Cynophobia ( Which is fear of dogs) Nyctophobia (Fear of the dark -Thanks to my older brother) and Acrophhobia (Which is the fear of heights.)
  5. My favorite colors are either sky blue or rose pink.
  6. My clan is SkyClan- apparently my free nature beats my fear of heights.
  7. I am 11 soon to be 12 years old
  8. I am going to 6th grade
  9. My bday is December the 7th
  10. I have one cat- he is extremely playful and is a Snow Bengal - which isn't an official breed- YET
  11. My favorite warrior cat is Twigbranch
  12. I HATE Ashfur
  13. My favorite past time is reading- and I'm crazy fast doing it.
  14. Once when I took the warrior cat quiz with my BFF she got Firestar and I got Graystripe. That was a hilarious coincidence!
  15. My favorite food is pizza.
  16. My favorite dessert is ice cream!!! Or boba tea- Cause in my eyes that counts as dessert- I can't choose


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