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Redblaze is a large, reddish ginger tabby she cat with amber eyes. She joined BlogClan in September 2019 but was inactive for a while before coming back. She has now been on BlogClan for nearly 2 years and was the apprentice of the one and only Mapledrift!!

She now has an apprentice- Nightpaw/wish!!!

She wrote this


Redblaze is an ambivert but definitely more introverted than extroverted. She is a Hufflepuff and so is loyal to her friends and dedicated. She is often quite quiet but likes to talk with friends and family. She likes to imagine things and sometimes gets told off for daydreaming during lessons. She has.. self confidence problems but does try her best even if that's not very good.

She doesn't really like at making decisions and procrastinates on things such as writing. However, she thinks she's quite empathetic and hates discrimination or injustice of any kind. She tends to zone out when thinking which makes the majority of the population think she's very weird. She'll be reading at least five books at any given time as she tends to just read a few pages of a book one day and then a few pages of another if she gets bored.

She has a very good memory and will often remember completely random facts that she's picked up from who knows where. This makes her very good at quizzes and she gets lots of the answers right when watching quiz shows. However she tends not to remember the practical things like her mask or geography homework..... (she has been in trouble for forgetting homework even when she has actually always done it, just left it at home).

She is a stickler for grammar and the like and has alphabetically ordered all the books in her room (is that weird?)

She has just realised that this turned from a summary to a complete personality analysis :P

I did some personality tests!

On this one I got Mediator (INFP)

On this one I got INFJ

On this one I got INFP again

She thinks she is probably an INFJ-T

I also took this alignment test and I am Neutral Good

My Enneagram type is 6

Siggie History[]

Hi, how's life (random)

Hello There (Star Wars quote)

Happy pride month ppls (clue is there really)

Whovian alert (my current one and, for those who don't know, a whovian is a Doctor Who fan)

This pfp is a photo of my cat Misty (see the picture in the gallery)


Okay then...

Silence will fall..... (current)

RIP siggies :(

On BlogClan[]

Redblaze isn't usually on the biggest pages like the tavern but prefers going on game pages and discussion pages. She likes reading articles and most of her comments are on article pages. Her first article came out in July. She is most active on The Hazelpage, Tavern and art page as well as on the BlogClan discord.

How I discovered BlogClan and Warriors[]

It was actually meant for my sister! My grandparents sometimes get us books and I can't remember what I got but my sister got the first warriors book. I liked cats so I was interested. I read the blurb then the first page or so and was absolutely hooked! I got all of them and read them and loved them. Anyway, I had a period of kind of forgetting about them but my passion was awakened by Aquila (Eagleflight) because of one PE lesson where the teacher didn't care whether we did sport or not. Well, we talked and talked about it and I realised I still loved it. So I read a vision of shadows and loved it still. Then, Aquila told me she'd found a good website called BlogClan and after a lot of pestering (and maybe some sneaky looking it up during DT lessons) she convinced me to join and the rest is history!


I'm on a lot of other websites and here are some of my names on them!

  • Jewelem234 on Flight Rising
  • Red Blaze on Goodreads
  • Greatgem234 on Roblox (although I'm not really active anymore)
  • Blazeofredfire#8422 on Discord
  • Blazeofredfire on Youtube
  • Blaze on Spotify
  • Blazeofredfire on Fandom
  • Leopardcloud6093 on the Warriors Website
  • My country on Nationstates is Tekulan


  • Is a part of The Tests as Desear but was never active
  • In the Discord Shattered Stars Roleplay as Kalise but, again, isn't very active
  • Is also part of the Evergreen Valley discord roleplay with Copperhawk but that kinda died
  • Is an active member of the Clans of the North discord rp with Tallspark (seen below)
  • Signed up for the Tests 4


Feel free to yeet yourself in here.

Aquila (Eagleflight) (hiiiii)

Your fellow ambivert,Snowpaw/storm


Driftingpaw :)


Goldenberry ^^

Snowpuff :D

Your favorite online store


Ebay! :P



Cheetah :)


Rustlingleaves :D





Riv :p

Spark! (Sparkheart)




Tricklepaw ♡

Mossi :3 (Mosskit/fire)

Keeko, who is confused because fox thought fox was on this list already. (Hai Red!)

Book/film genres I like[]

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Dystopia
  • Spy thrillers
  • Comedies
  • Detective mysteries

Things I like[]


Wings of fire!

Harry Potter!

Fantastic Beasts!

Doctor Who!!!!!!!!


Spy books/films! (James Bond!)

His Dark Materials!

Lord of the Rings!


The Talon saga! (look it up)

The Inheritance Cycle!

Good Omens!!!!

Monty python!

The Wildings

The Last Dragon Chronicles


Robin Hobb

Dungeons and Dragons

Board Games

Dragons generally



All animals

Alex Rider


Ruby Redfort

Did I mention Doctor Who?

The Dragon Prince

Line of Duty

And more stuff I can't be bothered to remember!


  • Redblaze (as mentioned earlier) is a Hufflepuff
  • She wants to be a vet
  • Her favourite Warriors clan (other than BlogClan) is RiverClan
  • She has two cats named Merlin and Misty
  • Her favourite colour is blue/red/yellow (it changes on a daily basis)
  • Her spirit animal is a wolf
  • Her daemon is a wildcat (ironically)
  • She considers herself an atheist
  • She is a vegetarian
  • She suspects she may be asexual but isn't 100% sure
  • Her first OC was a tom named Eagleheart and Redblaze came from a fanfiction series she's writing (hey, maybe you'll even see it someday if I can stop procrastinating)
  • She can play piano and recently achieved grade 3
  • She is a Sagittarius
  • She was born in the year of the Dog
  • She has a serious and probably unhealthy Doctor Who obsession
  • She watches MAPs and her favourites are Ready as I'll ever be and Like a River Runs
  • She plays ancient games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering
  • The cat she is most like is probably Alderheart
  • She is learning Spanish and French
  • She used to learn German but was bad at it
  • Her favourite artists are Coco and The Butterfields, of Monsters and Men, David Bowie, Lauren Aquilina, Sam Smith, Elbow, First Aid Kit, Imagine Dragons and Coldplay
  • She hopes to learn Mandarin, Norwegian and potentially Basque
  • She likes languages :D
  • She is in a band and plays keyboard/piano
  • She draws traditional and digital
  • She likes writing but often runs out of ideas
  • She's a perfectionist and often ends up deleting what she does though
  • Her Patronus is a Black Swan and her wand is phoenix feather and apple wood
  • She's too obsessed with her gallery
  • She is on the Warriors Fanon Wiki too-


If I (or someone else) draws something

I will put it here!!
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