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Ravenpelt is a large, thickset, fluffy black tom with big paws, a brick red nose and pawpads, and brilliant forest green eyes.

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Ravenpelt is an odd tom, always one to crack jokes and make strange observations about the other Blogclanners. He often refers to himself as terrible, trashy, or gay, but he does not mean this in a derogatory way. People say he's easy to warm up to, and he's quick to befriend people. Despite his goofy exterior, he can be mature when the situation calls for it, and is often level headed and cool when a conflict rises up.

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Ravenpelt can usually be found on the blog's live chat, but also can be seen commenting on articles and other places. He is also the mentor of Goldenpaw, which was decided on Blogclan. In the relationship department, Ravenpelt identifies as Panromantic Homosexual, but is not currently looking to get into a relationship. Despite this he is very open to shipping, some noteworthy ships include Raspen (Aspenflame), Razel (Hazelburrow), Radawn (Dawnmist), and Raflo (Flo/Flowerstem). His closest friend is Aspenflame, they talk outside the blog nearly every day and are very close.

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  • It is possible that the early settler Raven Pelt was named after him, but this is unconfirmed.
  • He sometimes will switch into speaking in the third person, and refers to himself as the King of Trash during those times.
    • This is apparently involuntary, it is unknown what causes it.