Plumeflake is a long-furred, large, broad and muscular grey-brown-and-white tabby she-cat with tall, tufted ears, a fluffy, plumy tail and dark blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Plumeflake is a clever, mature, laid-back, quirky and reserved she-cat who takes her work seriously, obeys rules without question and does what she is asked without complaining.

Plumeflake tries her best to be kind, but she thinks that she isn’t doing good enough. She is quite humble and honest to other people though. Her sense of humour is dry, which means that she says something amusing without any emotion. Plume likes to think herself as an introvert, but she might be an ambivert. She is mostly quiet and only says something when someone else wants to talk to her or she has something to say. She is also optimistic and content.

On the Blog Edit

Brightsky era (2013) Edit

It is unknown how Brightsky found blogclan, but she most-likely found it through the Warriors Wiki. She looked around the blog for a while, and decided that she would comment on the New Members’ Page. Her first and only comment as Brightsky was on the old blog’s first New Members’ Page, posted on the 8th of December 2013. Brightsky then explored the old pages of the blog, and found that a member that used to be on the blog was also called Brightsky. Not knowing what to do, she left the blog without giving a thought about changing her name.

Mapleheart era (2016-2018) Edit

Two years later, in March 2016, after becoming interested in Warriors again for the second time, Brightsky was reminded of Blogclan’s existence when she found out about two characters being named after Blogclanners in Mothflight’s Vision and the allegiances for The Apprentice’s Quest.

After checking out the changes to the blog and seeing that a new group of members have replaced some of the older ones, she decided to join once again. A new Purrsona was created, combining the appearance of a cat version of herself and a name she got from a name generator elsewhere, thinking that Brightsky wasn’t fitting for her anymore. After checking with the search box to see whether there were any other members with the same name as two characters chosen to be possible Purrsona choices, she commented for the second time on Blogclan, and the first time under the name of her new Purrsona: Mapleheart. At first she was hesitant about commenting, thinking about having to follow rules every time and not using any social media, but Mapleheart commented anyway, mentioning in the post that she was afraid of breaking any rules. The replies she got from other members stated that the rules are simple and straight forward, and that as long as she

uses common sense she is okay.  These comments calmed her anxiety.
Plumeflake Collab Drawing FINAL Vr

Plumeflake's own depiction of her purrsona.


commented on the Blogchat and interacted with these new members that joined after she first commented as Brightsky, and since there were other members with the same Prefix (Maple-), a nickname had to be decided for her. Mapleheart suggested Mapl’, with the last vowel omitted from her prefix, but someone else suggested a different one, replacing the l with the first letter of her suffix.

With a new nickname, Maph commented frequently, asking for Art to be made of her Purrsona by other members.

Using the Gravatar account that she made when she was still called Brightsky, Mapleheart commented with a picture of a cat similar to her new Purrsona with a rubber duck on top of his head.

After that period of commenting, she started to stalk the blog more and comment on random occasions; she once stalked the blog for so long that when she commented for the first time in a while the members were surprised and happy to see her.

She took part in gatherings on the blog, choosing one of whatever teams they had at the time, including the Relatively-Excitable Stoats.

In 2017 she only commented when something interesting happened in her life (which is rare) and when there is a discussion about something that she is interested in.

Around this time she decided that she was going to change her Purrsona, even though she had a connection to her current one. She stayed with Mapleheart afterwards.

In November she decided that she was definitely going to change her Purrsona this time, making up some characters named after her characteristics and with her favourite cat breeds.

A poll was posted to decide her new Purrsona, with only three out of the seven choices being actual characters/names. Out of these characters Cloudstep was the most liked, with the second most-popular choice being “Don’t change your Purrsona”.

Coming up with two new characters, she posted a choice of the characters, including the newest two.

Cloudstep was the most chosen character once again.

After deciding what her new Purrsona would be, she posted a third poll; this time with two more new characters, one eliminated and another one with a new name.

On the 1st of January 2018 her new Purrsona was revealed, based on the tri-coloured Maneki Neko and representing her love of lucky cats: Beckoning Paw.

Beckoning Paw era (2018) Edit

With yet again a new Purrsona, Beckoning Paw (Nin for short) had a plan to comment and participate more on Blogclan; the results of whether she is sticking to the plan or not can be seen on the pages of the Blog.

After a few days, Nin starts to feel unattached to her Purrsona, and decides to create a new one.

Due to problems with receiving forms, the Allegiances still displayed herself as Beckoning Paw for about five months. Nin still stuck with being Beckoning Paw through all this time, until it changed.

Misty Moors era (2018-2019) Edit

With a Purrsona she could finally identify with (but not as much as Mapleheart), Misty Moors strolls into Blogclan with her fourth Purrsona in 6 years. (More Info coming soon!)

On the Wiki Edit

Mapleheart era (2016-2018) Edit

She first joined the Wiki in June 2016, creating a page for her Purrsona at the time.

She commented on a few pages but stopped altogether, although she was on the Wikichat until the Blogclan Discord server became popular.

She still commented on the chat whenever it wasn’t inactive and took part in Wiki gatherings.

In late 2017, when she decided to change her Purrsona, she frequently discussed her choice of characters to be a possible future Purrsona on the Wikichat, and when she was unsure of which one to pick someone else helped her choose her future Purrrsona.

Beckoning Paw era (2018) Edit

She didn’t visit the Wiki much at this time, due to switching to a new computer.

Misty Moors era (2018 - 2019) Edit

Misty Moors would frequently visit the Wikichat and talk to people there. (To be updated soon)

Trailing Stars Edit

Plumeflake appears in the Blogclan story project as Sundrift, one of her older Purrsonas in Chapter Twenty-Four, written by Cheetahspark. In the chapter, Sundrift tells her troubled clanmates to calm down and listen to Cakestar as the Blogclan Leader calls for a Clan Meeting.

Plume makes an appearance in the story again as Hootsnout in Chapter Twenty-Five where she and Starblossom joined Lionfire (the Writer of the chapter) and the other cats in the group who were speculating what Cakestar was going to say in the Clan Meeting. Hoot grins as she joins the group and asks what they are talking about when the conversation gets negative and awkward.

She is briefly mentioned again in Chapter Twenty-Six (Written by Kat) when Plumeflake is seen returning to the Blogclan camp with Viperfrost and Rainshine after picking flowers to decorate the Camp with.

Friends Edit

Plumeflake has a lot of friends on the Blog and the Wiki. some of her friends include: (Edit in a name and a link to your page, if you want!)

The Compliments Corner Edit

Say what you think of and like about Plumeflake (me), if you want!

Plume is so nice and gives encouragement when we need it. She also lets us rant in front of her XDD -Dusty

You are very kind and always greet people (including me) so nicely, especially on BlogChat, and you are also REALLY smart!-LazyKat (aka Brightkit/spark)

Plume is a great BlogClanner and friend, is amazing at making the Pronouns and Shipping Preference lists, and I would to see her become a senior warrior. -Moons

Plume is really nice. She is my friend. We both like They Might Be Giants. I’m happy that Plume has gotten all her vouches, and will become a senior warrior! ~Turtlepaw/ dapple who is too lazy to link their name. 😛

Plume is so approachable, nice, funny, and kind. She was so kind that she married me and eBay two times. Thank you, Plume for that. But knowing Plume, that is definitely not the only outstandingly weird nice thing she's done for other people. -Amazon

Ships Edit

  • Maple-Mart (Mapleheart x Wal-Mart)
  • SevenPlume (Plumeflake x The number seven)
  • Plumeclaw (Plumeflake x A cat from a dream called Kestrelclaw)
  • Plumeplumeflakeflake (Plumeflake x Plumeflake)
  • Luckyflake (Plumeflake x Lucky Cats)
  • Daft Plume (Plumeflake x Daft Punk)
  • Plume Crossing (Plumeflake x Animal Crossing)
  • Plumeförk (Plumeflake x Björk the Icelandic Music Artist)

Favourite things Edit

Video games Edit

  • Animal Crossing
  • Another World/Out of This World
  • EarthBound
  • MOTHER 3
  • Parappa The Rapper
  • Pokémon
  • Plok!
  • Stardew Valley
  • THE DOG Island
  • Toejam and Earl
  • Vib Ribbon

Tv shows (Live-action, Cartoons and Anime) Edit

  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Funny Pets (anime)
  • Gravity Falls
  • Gregory Horror Show
  • Infinity Train
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Mr. Stain on Junk Alley
  • One Punch Man
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Popee the Performer
  • Robot Wars
  • Steven Universe
  • Urusei Yatsura

Movies/Films Edit

  • Brad bird movies
  • Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem
  • Laika films
  • Pixar films
  • Wes Anderson movies

Books, Comics and Manga Edit

  • A Dog's Purpose (W. Bruce Cameron)
  • A Street Cat Named Bob (James Bowen)
  • Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson)
  • Tailchaser's Song (Tad Williams)
  • The Beano
  • The Dandy
  • The Lost Thing (Shaun Tan)
  • The Marvels (Brian Selznick)
  • The Wild Roads and The Golden Cat (Gabriel King)

Music Edit

  • Agrume
  • Air (French Band)
  • Animal Collective
  • AnTgry
  • Aphex Twin
  • Arcade Fire
  • Aritus
  • Bad Manners
  • Bill Wurtz
  • Boards of Canada
  • Björk
  • Breakbot
  • Captain Beefheart
  • Caravan Palace
  • Cassius
  • Daft Punk
  • Discoholic
  • Don Mclean
  • Earth, Wind and Fire
  • Echorobot
  • Electric Light Orchestra
  • Ev.Exi
  • Fibre
  • Flamingosis
  • Floating Points
  • Gorillaz
  • Her's (R.I.P.)
  • HOME
  • Jack Stauber
  • Jamiroquai
  • Johnny Cash
  • Justice
  • Kate Bush
  • Keiichi Suzuki
  • Kraftwerk
  • Laurie Anderson
  • Le Knight Club
  • Lemur
  • Madeon
  • Madness
  • Mariya Takeuchi
  • Massive Attack
  • Maximum Love
  • Midnight Generation
  • Moby
  • Modjo
  • Moonriders (including Keiichi Suzuki)
  • Mystery Skulls
  • Nelward
  • Paul Simon
  • Pink Floyd
  • Play Paul
  • Pomplamoose
  • Porter Robinson
  • Röyksopp
  • Simon and Garfunkel
  • Stardust
  • Studio Killers
  • Supersempfft
  • Talking Heads
  • Tatsuro Yamashita
  • The Lemon Twigs
  • The Phantom's Revenge
  • The Steve Miller Band
  • They Might Be Giants (TMBG)
  • Todd Terje
  • Tom Tom Club
  • TWRP
  • Unibe@t
  • Video Age
  • Yotto
  • Zero 7

Youtube Channels Edit

  • Abroad in Japan
  • Alli Kat
  • Artzie Music
  • Ashens
  • Beffalumps
  • Dream Beach
  • Echorobot
  • Grand Illusions
  • Heatherly
  • Incuriouscat
  • Lemur (Animator and Composer)
  • Moonkitti
  • Nelward
  • Nifty-Senpai
  • Origami with Jo Nakashima
  • Purrinq
  • SiIvagunner
  • SilverThePuppy
  • TribbleOfDoom

Other Edit

  • Animation
  • Art
  • Computer Demoscene
  • Dala Horses
  • European Culture
  • Music
  • Maneki-Neko
  • Origami

Former Purrsonas and characters that could've been a Purrsona Edit

Former Purrsonas Edit

Brightsky - a long-haired calico She-cat with blue eyes

Breed - feral cat

Mapleheart - a long-haired dark brown tabby She-cat with long legs, a dark brown M marking on her forehead, dark brown ears, a cream-coloured belly, chest, muzzle and paws and amber eyes.

Breed - Norwegian Forest Cat (?)

Beckoning Paw - a calico She-cat with a stumpy tail and golden eyes

Breed - Japanese Bobtail

Misty Moors - bluish-grey-and-cream She-cat with a broad, flat face, folded ears and amber eyes

Breed - British Shorthair & Scottish Fold

Sundrift - tall long-haired ginger-and-white She-cat with yellow eyes

Breed - Oriental Longhair

Hootsnout - grey-and-white She-cat with folded ears and yellow eyes

Breed - Scottish Fold

Characters that could've been a Purrsona Edit

Circuit Tree - no definite appearance

Cloudstep - brown-and-white She-cat with blue eyes

Breed - British shorthair/Ragdoll mix

Heavyflight - a thickset tabby She-cat

Breed - Scottish Wildcat

Morning Song - tall reddish-brown tabby She-cat with green eyes

Breed - Abyssinian

Pigeonfeather - grey tabby-and-white She-cat with green eyes

Breed - feral cat

Rhythmic Steps (formerly known as Patternspotter) - thick-furred thickset tabby She-cat with green eyes

Breed - Scottish wildcat

Speckled Egg - mottled brown-and-cream She-cat with blue eyes

Breed - British shorthair

Future plans Edit

Plumeflake plans to be more active on the Blog, and to become an Animator, Artist, Illustrator and maybe even a Musician in the future. She also has ideas for a Video Game that she wants to make.

There are rumours going around saying that Plume is currently in the development of making her own Roleplay. It isn't known whether it will actually happen or not, but if the rumour is true, it won't be proven for a long while.

Trivia Edit

  • Plumeflake first commented in 2013 under the name Brightsky.
  • She joined Blogclan again as Mapleheart in 2016 after nearly a three-year break.
  • Mapleheart was once shipped with Wal-Mart (Maple-Mart).
  • Plumeflake was the Blogclanner who suggested that Blogclan fursonas could instead be called Purrsonas.
  • Plume also runs the Shipping Preferences List (where Blogclanners' sexual orientations and preferences on themselves being shipped are listed by alphabetical order) on the Shipping Discussion Page and the Pronouns List (Genders and Pronouns of Blogclanners are listed, also in Alphabetical order) on the Allegiances Discussion Page.
  • She has one dog, an Alaskan Malamute called Malakai.
  • Plume has owned two chinchillas in the past.
  • She knows how to swim, but hasn’t done so since 2013.
  • She owns a collection of lucky cats, including 15 ornaments and coin banks.
  • She once had a crush on the number 7 as a child, strangely enough.
  • Her favourite number is 3. Other numbers that Plume likes are 4, 7, 64 and 180.
  • Her least favourite number is 9.
  • If she could choose which Clan to live in, she would choose Thunderclan or Skyclan because she likes being in forests and agrees with the values of both clans.
  • If Plume had to choose which role she would be if she was a Warrior Cat, she would either choose being a Permanent Queen or Elder because she would rather take care of orphaned kits that need it than have her own, and also because she likes telling stories to Kits.
  • Her Horoscope is a Taurus and her Chinese Zodiac is the Snake.
  • There is a star in Andromeda that is actually named after her, no joke.
  • She has roots in Scotland and possibly also the Scandinavian countries, most likely Norway.
  • She is possibly also Polish and/or Irish.

Gallery of Art featuring Old PurrsonasEdit

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