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Pineblossom is a dark red tabby she cat with even darker paws, a chestnut colored chest and tail tip, and dark green eyes, which have a lighter ring around the pupil.


ew this old description was gross lfkajdlkjf

so yeah hi im pine!!! im a super enthusiastic person who uses keysmashes and emojis way too much, and i try to be friendly, open, and helpful to everyone :DDD i always have a ton of fun on blogclan and i don't aim to sound super formal or anything gosh darn what the heck was my past self doing

anyways my personality!!! it's definitely different irl but im a bit of a social chamelon, im pretty different depending on who i'm around :p however like i said above, online im a really open and warm person and i love meeting new people

ASDFGHKJLKECFGDHSHGDFJKLA THEY'RE BAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just *had to* come in here and say how wonderful Pineyyyy is because she is amazing, wonderful, friendly, helpful, speeeeeeeedy(!!!!!), friendly, and so active too I have such fun talking to her on the Tavern and she's funny too, and love to ruin my purr takovers /lh yeah ilysm Pineeeeee! ~Renda
NEW new pine!!!

official reference sheet!!! (updated)

On the Blog[]

ok we're fixing this now!!!

i joined on march 19, 2019, after stalking the blog for ehhh like a month bc i was worried about internet safety haha :p so basically i joined after staking out the blog and first commented on page 155 of the "say hi" page!

anyways according to past me i headed to the tavern but it was superrr busy so then i went on the names page BUT that wasn't busy enough! so then my ventures took me to the games page, the PERFECT fit (at least for past me) :p i played tons of games and i hosted a couple games such as my clan builder and minor character nta! anyways that was like my first week on blogclan

these days i mostly spend time on the tavern!! i also wander into the pokemon discussion page, say hi page, and allegiances discussion page from time to time but tbh u could find me anywhere

Trailing Stars[]

In Chapter 25, Pine was mentioned talking in a group with Lionfire, Willowstep, Shadefrost, Laurelcloud, Hootsnout, Starblossom, Doeleap and Kinksong.

In Chapter 26, she headed out of the warrior's den when the apprentices returned with breakfast.

Friends + the destruction of my page (add yourself!)[]


  • "It just squished " -me about a foam pit block
  • "i am a drag queen now, all i'm missing is eyeliner and feather lashes" - Pine about my crazy drawing of her (Fawny)
  • I LIVE BUTT FLOWERS" - Pine about a doggo I drew for her (Liv)
  • “i like the floor. i feel a great kinship with the floor.” -said by pine, added by moons
  • 'The laws of time, space, oxygen, and windows don't apply to meee'-Wint being chaotic
  • ”It just- decided to be annoying. I didn’t make it this way, I swear” - Moony (Moonseeker) when her chips won’t dip into the salsa


  • outside of blogclan, i'm a gymnast and dancer!!! i dance ballet, chinese dance, and contemporary :DD
  • i'm in high school and i live in the usa!
  • i'm an avid secret page collector!!! at one point i had several hundred but now theyre probably all reclaimed haha
  • i was blogclanner in the spotlight in september 2020!!!
  • i'm an isfj, gryffindor (according to pottermore), and taurus, and my patronus is a raven!!! tho the most recent time i took it it was an osprey
  • some fandoms i'm interested in are pokemon, miraculous ladybug, marvel, dc, kotlc, wof, kpop, grishaverse, the list goes on