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BlogClan 2 Wikia
Orangeflame's Lie is a fanfic by Sandy. It is only posted on the wiki, and is the second book of Sandy's fanfic series.


Orangeflame's lie is about a cat called Orangeflame, his life is normal, until a she-cat from StreamClan comes from a patrol to speak with Scorchstar, he falls in love with her. But he realizes that she is expecting his kits. What does he do?




Scorchstar-black she-cat with one white paw


Sorrelspots-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cats:

Honeyflower-honey-colored ginger tabby she-cat

Berryleaf-black and red tom


Sunshine-yellow tabby she-cat with emerald-green eyes

Olivebranch-dark gray tabby tom

Roseheart-brown she-cat with a pink nose

Apprentice, Alderpaw

Scott-gray tom

Lightshine-dark yellow she-cat

Gingerfur-ginger and white tom

Creamtail-cream-colored tom

Ferretnose-brown and white tom with amber eyes

Thistletail-white tom with a spikey, bushy tail

Raggedscar-dark cream tom

Redspots-red and gray tom

Graywillow-gray tom with amber eyes

Specklespots-white she-cat with ginger and black patches

Nutbush-brown she-cat

Bramblebranch-brown tabby tom


Alderpaw-dark gray she-cat with blue eyes


Amber-dark ginger she-cat (mother of Orangekit, orange, black and white tom; Plumkit, white she-cat with brown splotches; Snowkit, white she-cat with black ears)


Fallensight-blind tom

Chapter 1[]

Orangekit sleepily yawned. It was the perfect time. Without Plumkit or Snowkit-

Bap! A mossball hit his head. Orangekit angrily woke up. His annoying littermates had thrown the mossball. "Hey!" he angrily mewed.

Plumkit looked innocent. "Sorry Orangekit! But me and Snowkit have a plan! Come with us!"

"Fine." Orangekit grumped. It was annoying being woken up. He leaped across the rock dens.

Plumkit squeaked. "So, you know StreamClan cats, right? Let's sneak and see if they swim!"

Orangekit's eyes widened. "But that's breaking the warrior code!" he protested.

Snowkit rushed. "Fine. Stay then."

"Fine." he mewed angrily.

Orangekit crawled

More coming soon