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New Member's Page[]

The New Member’s Page is a quick guide to BlogClan, written by Kat. It currently has introductions from Blogteam members, but formerly had introductions from any members of the Blog, as well as links to some of the important pages.

The members featured on this page are Kat, Jayfrost, Flowerstream, Cheetahspark, Rosefur, Goldenfawn, Birchfoot, Winterwhisper, and Rainshine.

Some members formerly featured on this page are, Dashy, Dawnfrost, Rainsong, Swifty, Copperclaw, Cinnamonswirl, Amberstorm, Snakepaw, Flameshine, Ambergaze, and Cypresswind.


New Camp[]

New Member's Page

Old Camp[]

New Member's Page

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