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~Purrsona Info~[]

Mossflame is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a floofy chest, dark brown splotches, long ears, and dark amber eyes. Her original name was Mossfire (named after a cat only mentioned in Code of the Clans and Enter the Clans) but was later changed to Mossflame after I started disliking the 'fire' suffix. Her purrsona took a lot of thinking and was created on July 21, 2021 (the day I joined BlogClan). It was originally going to be a brown she-cat with ginger splotches or something along those lines, but I remembered tortoiseshells existed and made that her purrsona. The floofy chest and long ears came later.


Everyone says I'm sweet, kind, and helpful, and I guess I am. . .in front of most people. But around people I know very well and people I know won't blame me for how I am, I'm sarcastic and sometimes taken as rude. I am most definetley an introvert, and when people come over I hide in my room and read. Reading this makes me look rude and antisocial but I'm not :P. Also I'm working on it so yeah.

~On The Blog/Wiki~[]


WIKI JOIN DATE: October 17, 2021

HOW I FOUND BLOGCLAN: Um, so, I actually knew the blog existed for a long time, but I only thought it was for Kate to post things about Warrior Cats. Then I was looking at writing things and I found BlogClan again, and, well, yeah.

HOW I FOUND THE WIKI: I was looking for a writing app to share my stories without giving away my name, and I decided to try the wiki!

PAGES TO FIND ME ON: I'm very active on the blog (according to my sister I'm the most active person ^^ ) but I kind of drift around the pages. You can find me on the Art Page, where I ask people to draw me and I draw people. I have a couple of forgotten games that I sometimes post on the Warriors Games Page. And I read almost every comment on the Tavern but rarely reply to them for some reason.

~Warrior Cats Information~[]


Holly x Fallen

Dove x Tiger


LEAST FAVORITE SHIPS: (note: I do not mean to offend anyone)

Jay x Stick

Dove x Bumble

Bristle x Root


LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER: Bumblestripe and Ashfur are tied


- My pronouns are she/her

- I like reading, writing, song-writing, drawing, listening to music, and playing piano

- I dislike bad punctuation, bad capitalization, Social class, and Ashfur >:C

- Both my sisters are on BlogClan but are very inactive

- My cousin also joined BlogClan but is also very inactive

- I have a dog named Pepper, and she's a border collie yellow lab mix (borador)

- I have a cat named Chi Chi and she's a tortoiseshell (we don't know her breed)

- My favorite cat that I've ever had is Fidget. Sadly, he passed away on February 14, 2021 :(

- My favorite season is autumn

- I have a fan fiction called the Longest Darkness, and you should go read it :D

- According to this:, I am Violetshine

- According to this: I belong to RiverClan

- I'm in grade five

- I'm ten years old

- My birthday is March 26, 2011

- I live in Canada


- Apparently I am a Gryffindor but also really Ravenclaw-ish

- I really like chicken nuggets. Enough that my mom says I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and supper


Gallery Of My Purrsona![]


Mosskit by Rabbitpaw/fur!


Mosskit by Firepaw/splash!

Mossflame by Mini Maker.png

Mosskit by the Warriors Mini Maker!


Mosskit by Picrew Maker!


The L o a f Cat.jpg

My friend's cat, the Ancient L o a f Cat


I consider everyone on BlogClan or the wiki my friend, so if you read this, feel free to add your name! ;)

Tricklepaw ♡




Aquila :)

Minty <3


Stormi who should have been here already



Bearpaw!! 👍

Lilypaw/fox (Foxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) <3




Your adoptive sister,SNOWWY

Keeko, who just woke up


Reed (Reedpaw/wish)


Eggsnake :D

~What People Say About Me~[]

Add what you say about me here! ;)

I love Mossi's kindness and energy!-Fern (Mossi edit: Ahh, thank you so much Fern <3 )

Mossi is super sweet and such a wonderful member of the blog! She is always kind to everyone and I always love seeing her comment! (I love jay x half too :P) -Juju (Mossi edit: Your so sweet, Juju!)

Mossi is very kind to everyone! She's a really nice member of BlogClan! -Minty <333 (Mossi edit: Thank you, Minty!)

Guys, Mossi is such a sweet and awesome person. She instantly became a big part of the blog as soon as she commented on there and I'm glad that she joined the apprentice army because I was able to get to know here better ~ Stormi! (Mossi edit: Aw, thank you so much, Stormi. I'm glad I joined the App Army, if only for a short time)

Mossi is so nice and amazing! The blog is really lucky to have you! :D ~Cloverkitti! (Mossi edit: The blog is lucky to have you too. Thank you!)

(When I realize I haven't written anything) Hi, so I don't know Mossi very well, but I DO know that she is very kind and that she is sweet.-Violetpaw (Mossi edit: Thank you so much, Violetpaw!)

Mossi is one of the best people I know (she’s my sister :P), and she’s super funny, sweet, and always eager to help others, even if she doesn’t really know how to help. -Bearpaw (Mossi edit: Thank you, Beary. Your sweet too!)

Hm, where to begin? Mossi is so sweet and kind and amazing and understanding and so stinking good at art and helpful and one of the sweetest cats I know and overall WONDERFUL! - Emberstream 😉 (Mossi edit: Your wonderful too, Ember! Thank you!)

MOSSI is so funny, smart and really kind and sucha huge part of the blog, if you think otherwise you're so wrong and Mossi is just a really amazing friend and I'm so glad she joined the bloggo <3 -Randomo- (jk TIS LILYPAW/Foxi😛) (Mossi edit: Thank you Foxi! ily <3 )

Mossi is so nice and helpful! As a blogclanner I look up to her. He kindness meets no limits! :3 -Crowpaw/flight. <3 <3 (Mossi edit: Ahhh, thank you Crow <3 )

Mossi"s really sweet and one of the kindest people on blogclan!-Snowpaw/storm (Mossi edit: thank you, Snowwy, your super kind too!)

Mossi is just... amazing! She is so, so, so kind and awesome, and I bet that if I interviewed 1000 BlogClanners (are there more than a thousand BlogClanners??? Anyways...), 1000 of them would say that she's a great person with a great personality. Because she is! - Frosti <333 (Mossi edit: thank you so much, Frosti!)

I don't know Mossi so well but looking at the comments and friends you can tell she is an amazing person, I am so happy to be her friend and would love to get to know her better (the pic of the cat is adorable) Love your bestieeeee ICEEEEEEEE (hehe I love caplocks) (Mossi edit: thank you so much Icee I would love to get to know you better too! <3)


If you wanna read some articles I wrote, here you go :3

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Special thanks to Nessi for helping spice this page up, to Juju for adding an infobox, Ember for offering, and Frosti for amazing coding! (also, the title coding is Coldie's, I used her code :( but I did code the background!) (that's okay, your coding is still awesome Frosti <33 )