Morphed is a fanfic by Sandy. It is about a warriors fan (me :P) is living a normal life until one day she wakes up in the warriors world. Join her crazy adventure as a cat! Credit to my dad (even if it's kinda like Trailing Stars :P).== Chapter 1 == Ugh...

The sunlight's awesome, I thought. It's better than it usually is. The Earth must have got-

Wait a minute. It was right at my face. It was never in my face. I opened my eyes. Trees, birds and bushes. A forest? I must be dreaming!

But it was too real to be a dream. I carefully stood up. On four legs.

What the heck is wrong with me? I stared at my feet. They were furry. Paws?

I stared at my back. More fur. Even a tail! Then it hit me. I was a cat. Wait, like Trailing Stars?! BlogClan?!

I panicked. Then I remembered. When Dawnmist woke up, she scented and found Copperclaw. I needed to scent to.

I sniffed. Nothing. Nothing. And...

Cat scent! Something! I rushed in the direction.

A gray she-cat stood behind a brown tom. Wait, is that Twigbranch and Finleap?!

Finleap looked confused. "Uh...who are you?" he asked awkwardly.

It was my turn to be awkward. "Uh...I'm..."

Wait...what was my name?! In the warriors world?! In BlogClan, I was Sandstone aka Sandpaw/Sandy. Who was I here? I was a ginger tabby cat, like my fursona!

"My name is Sandy." I said. I looked at Twigbranch.

"Hi!" I said. "Twigbranch, you're my favorite cat from AVoS!"

She looked confused. "Sandy, how do you know me? And what is AVOS?"

"It's a vision of shadows!" I exclaimed. "Oh...Never mind!"

Finleap flicked his tail. "Let's take this strange cat to Bramblestar." he mewed.

Omg, I'm seeing Bramblestar? I thought. I remember on the the spoof Brambleclaw animations! Yay! I can't wait to brag to my BlogClan friends when I get home!

A sudden thought appeared. If I go home.

Chapter 2 Edit

I was escorted by Twig and Fin. Aw...I thought. I finally get to so the TwigXFin ship in real life! Yay!!!

At ThunderClan camp, I saw Squirrelflight who was looking sick, Ivypool's kits all grown up! That's when I noticed Flipkit. Flipkit! The master of flipping!

Many cats gawked. Incuding Hollyleaf, my favorite character.

HOLLYLEAF?! I screamed in my head. HOW IS SHE ALIVE?!

That's when I realized I was imagining it.

Bramblestar leaped off the highrock. "Who is this?" Bramblestar asked. "Why is she here?"

Twigbranch looked at me. "She was...ur-on our territory!" she explained.

Bramblestar looked at me. "Who are you?"

"I--I'm Sandy!"

He twitched his ears. "A friend of Crystie, I assume?"


"Yes, I am Crystie's best friend!"

That's when I noticed a Norwegian Forest Cat. She had striped legs, patches on her eyes....


She looked at me. "Sandy? Is that you?" she purred.

"*Gasp* Crystie?! Is that you?!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She nodded. I couldn't believe it! I saw Crystie in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hi Crystie!" I said. "How did you get here?"

Ideas/Credits Edit

Ideas for TBC, please! I need ideas, ideas!

So far:

  • Crystie comes out (by Crystie)
  • Make it a Trailing Stars 2.0 and include all your friendies :P idk if jk or not (Shadow)

Thank you everyone for your ideas <3

Cover Edit

The cover is by me, but sucks because I can draw cats but not humans 😛.