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Other Names Nicknames:

Moon, Moons, Moonie.

BlogChat names:

I Love Sonic (current)

Wiki user-names:

Broomstripe (current)

Seasonal names:

Moon the stripes over Autumn leaves (Autumn name) Bright Moons and holiday lights (Winter/holiday name)

Relatives (Not on the Blog)

Mother: Graycloud

Father: Hawkspirit

Brother(s): Dustbriar, Icelight

Sisters: None

Affiliation BlogClan, LightingClan
Biographical information
Mentor Goldi (Goldenfawn)
Apprentice None
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed Norwegian forest cat
Fur Color Very fluffy, tan-and-brown patched
Eye Color Light green

Moonspiritis a soft-furred, very fluffy tan-and-brown patched Norwegian forest cat with light green eyes, fluffy inner ears, and a dark, coco-brown underbelly. (Listed on the allegiances as Moonpaw – fluffy tan-and-brown she-cat with light green eyes and darker underbelly) She is an apprentice of BlogClan.

Her user-name on the wikia is Broomstripe and her user-name on the BlogChat is currently “I Love Sonic.” She is usually called “Moons” on the Blog but is also called Moon, Moonie, and even Brooms. (Thanks Shadow 😛)

Her old purrsona was Moonpaw/stripe – tall, slightly fluffy jet-black she-cat with sleek silver stripes and deep, dark blue eyes. She changed this on November 17th, 2019.

Her Clanniversary is April 22nd, 2019, Blog Time.

You can contact her through her message wall.

Her mentor is the amazing Goldi. (Goldenfawn)

She can code somewhat and is a teacher of Coding Teaching. Ask her to code your page!

She has her own wiki, LightingClan Wiki.

Her main fandoms are Warriors, Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft, and many more.


Moons' personalty is a bit different on the Blog then in real life. In real life she can get sarcastic and even a bit snippy when stressed, but tries not to lash out at loved ones. On the Blog she's friendly and tries to make everyone feel welcome. She's also a nervous wreck and gets nervous over pretty much everything, in real life and on the Blog. She also pretty socially awkward at times, listening to someone but never saying a word. If she makes a mistake she gets very embarrassed and tends to beat herself up over it. She is a bit of a perfectionist.


Moons found the Blog looking at pictures of Ivypool online. Her user-name was Moonpaw/stripe and her purrsona was “tall, slightly fluffy jet-black she-cat with sleek silver stripes and deep, dark blue eyes.” (April 22nd, ~ November 17th, 2019) She didn't originally intend to be part of the Blog but ended up being active on it in the end. She's usually there on Saturdays once a week but more if she can. She’s usually on the Tavern, NTA, or contests, but will join a discussion on pretty much any page.

BlogClan Wiki

Moons is fairly active on the wiki. She edits this page regularly and other pages to be helpful, or to add herself as a friend on a friends-list. She participates in several activities on the Fun and Games board. She is currently a coding teacher on Coding Teaching, and runs one very simple game, The Confused Game. She is usually on the wiki the same time as the blog.

Trailing Stars

Moons has not been mentioned in Trailing Stars yet.


Moonpaw enjoys writing and currently has one fanfiction online.

The Beginning of LightingClan. (In progress)

IRL Friends

None on the Blog, Moons simply gave them warrior cat names based on what they like and stuff.

StarWarspaw (Her absolute best friend who moved away )

Amberpaw (She was nice but Moons hasn’t been able to talk to her in a while rip)

Wishpaw (Hasn’t seen her in yeaaaarssss )

Note to self: make more friends irl gosh this list is sad.

BlogClan Friends:

Feel free to add yourself!

This list, I am happy to say, isn't sad.




Crystalpaw/shine/Crystie (Sonic fans together!)






Shadowcloud/Clo (LightingClan wiki mod!)


Thistletooth/Thistle (Also LightingClan Wiki mod!)


Blackkit/Blackie the emoticon master


Cheetahpaw/ Flighty



What Others Say About Moons, aka The Destruction Of her Page

Uh, type something nice here or something.


Write weird stuff that Moons has said here.

“He’s out to get Potatobrine we must stop him >:////” -Moons officially inventing Tomatobrine.

“I un-friend you.” -Moons to her laptop, at some point.

“What up Sally.” -Moons to her Minecraft dog everyday.


“Pillagers are ruining my life.” -Moons about Minecraft again.


Gallery of Random Things

Feel free to add something random here as long as it follows wiki rules.

Gallery: Art of Moons

Put art of Moons' new purrsona here.

Gallery of old purrsonas

Gallery: Art by Moons

She loves dark chocolate anything

She loves pizza

She just loves food in general

She really likes Sonic

First page coding by Crystie.

Current Page coding by Moons' herself</div>

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