Mistypaw is a flame-colored she-cat with green eyes.

On the BlogEdit

She joined BlogClan on July 14, 2015, and has been active ever since. She founded a prank squad which's official name is still unknown (wink wink). Her friends on the blog include Flowerkit, Stoatkit, Mistpaw, Stormy Sea, Wollow, Wavepaw, Winter, and Maplesky.(feel free to add yourself to the list)


  • She has two dogs: Tammy (girl) and Atreyu (boy)
  • Her dogs have had 2 litters of puppies.
  • Her warrior name is also her Valentine's Day name, Mistyheart
  • she is known to have random prank wars with willow on the blog and wiki chats.
  • she can do impersonations of other blogclanners.
  • her Clanniversary is on the same day as Flowerkit's b-day.