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Mistheart is a pale gray she-cat with darker gray splotches and bright, clear, sky-blue eyes that reflect the shimmering silver of moonlight. She also has long, thick, and soft fur, as well as a thick, fluffy tail.


Mistheart is shy, generous, bright, and sympathetic. She is also very calm, emotional, and understanding. Some of her flaws including being insecure, impatient, lazy, idle, procrastinating, hypocritical, and not very open-minded (I call it being close-minded).

Favorite Characters[]

My 20th favorite character is Daisy. Although she was a bit whiny and spoiled in the beginning, I love Daisy because she is kind, generous, compassionate, loyal, and willing to adapt to suit Clan life. It's also really interesting, given her personality, that she decided to become a permanent queen and raise generations in ThunderClan.

My 19th favorite character is Cinderpelt, and I love her because of her spirit. Cinderpelt was a feisty, stubborn, and very brave apprentice who injured her leg on the Thunderpath and was forced to becoming a medicine cat. Although she had to give up her lifetime dream of becoming a warrior, I love how she was so spirited and willing to move on in Clan life, despite her broken leg.

My 18th favorite character is Brightheart, and I love her because of her spirit and her willingness to adapt, somewhat like Cinderpelt. What makes me love her even more was that she stayed strong (both physically and mentally). She was strong when all her Clanmates kept looking at her with a flinch in their gaze, and she continued to stay strong when her Clanmates learned to accept her. She also shared her strength with others when she taught the apprentices to how fight with one eye closed.

My 17th favorite character is Sandstorm, and I love her because of her courage and loyalty to ThunderClan. At first, she was a bully to Firestar when he first came into ThunderClan, but she was willing to accept the fact that Firestar was a skilled and loyal warrior, despite his kittypet roots. I also love Sandstorm because she was fierce and headstrong in battle, but somehow so gentle and patient with her friends and family.

My 16th favorite character is Bramblestar. Now, I know many of you may disagree, with I love Bramblestar because of his strength (both physically and mentally). He didn't collapse, bristle, or run away when others mistrusted him for being Tigerstar's son. Instead, he stayed strong. I also love his open mind and patience (don't blame me, I haven't read Squirrelflight's Hope). Although he was currently being blinded with Squirrelflight's lie, Brambleclaw was so warm-hearted and