aka Wave, Wavey, Waves

  • I live in The Internet, BlogClan,
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Being awesome
  • I am Female
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  • It's Flighty, because I forgot my old password in my old account! I have a question:

    Where is the newsletter? I am kinda confused....

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  • I haven't talked to you in forever. How are you?????????????????????????????????????

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    • That's ok!! I'm sorry for not getting back to you until now, I saw this about a week ago but I got sick and I'm right in the middle of finals rn :( should be working on a French presentation rn, but I can't focus. but it's not just you i haven't been on the blog either I'm excited to get back to it! I feel bad for ghosting you guys haha 

      tbh I was at a loss too! I wrote about Judaism and marching band :P they're both culture but not exactly what you'd think of when you think of culture :P I got it back the other day and I think my teacher liked it! I was a little self-depricating and she drew little smiley faces over those parts and I'm not really sure what that means :P

      I'm so glad!!! Validation is so meaningful but it's so cool to go beyond validation. That doesn't happen very often. that kind of thing happens to me a lot too so I'm so happy to pass the torch & help you

      Ok phew! Finals are almost over, so I'll probably be around a lot more over winter break. Or I might be watching nonstop movies :P but I'll probably be here. I'm glad you weren't stressing over it though that's probably what I would've done :P

      -wavey <3

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    • Yo, I totally forgot this existed.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Wavey! I was wondering if I could help with the BlogClan Newsletter - I was thinking of maybe drawing a magazine style cover for it each month? You know, like the ones that kinda say what the issue contains and stuff :P I would love to help!

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  • Hey Wavey! I'm interesting in helping out with the newsletter; are you still looking for people or am I too late? :-P

    random note: I was just looking at your badges and dang you must be the Lucky Prey queen :-P

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  • Hey folks I’m bored come chat with me :D people who come chat get free cookies!! ;) 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

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  • Happy birthday Wavey!! :D <3

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  • Did you know you're named after a character in Thunder and Shadow?

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  • Psssst. Haven't been on here since June. oooof. I may be back for good, but it is going to take some time lol.. Last June I said I was making a probable comeback, but now is a more definte comeback. I am more determined this time around then back in June, so we shall see how things end up.

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  • We haven't talked in a while, how's it going? :) 

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  • HEY!!!!!!! GUESSS WHO"S BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!! Also sorry for not telling you or anyone I was leaving. I forgot to be on here for a few days then it turned into a few weeks, then a few months. :/. Sorry. I may be making a comeback on her or maybe not, we'll see.

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