aka Starry, Nightbreeze, Night, Sunny

  • I live in Atlanta
  • My occupation is Shipping
  • I am an aromantic female person
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  • starry on the banning game you have offended me from saying you banned me because i was austrailan. please don't do this or i will report you. i forgive easily, but is easily offended. also, if you continue, you will not take a part in the sandclan fanfic.

    thanks, sandy.

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  • Hey there, Starry! I'm Willowlight, senior warrior of BlogClan, but call me Wollow. Welcome to the wiki! We've got a lot of cool features that aren't on the blog. For example, we have pages for your fursona or fanfiction, roleplays, 24/7 chat, and much more! Here's what you need to know...

    First of all, read the rules before anything. It makes it easier for everyone. If you want to go on chat, you should read the chat rules. There's already a message when you join chat but I want to make this thing longer.

    After that, you might want to make a fursona page. These are pages about you, and you can make one here. You might be confused on what to do, and if you are, check here. You can also make a page for your fanfiction, which is kinda self-explanatory.

    If your page is not a fursona page or fanfiction, you'll need to watch out for nearby Flos or make it a blog post, which can be anything. Except for notrulefollowing stuff. But yeah. You can make blog posts as trashy as you want, which is proven by my blogs. If you want to make a blog post, go here.

    Then there's the roleplay, which can be found here. That roleplay is the "main roleplay," created by Flame, but it's also run by Icy and Embix. There's also smaller roleplays, which, speaking from experience, are less confusing to join in the middle of. You can find those here.

    You might have noticed fancy, colorful pages (this one is quite... colorful) around. These are made with coding, which can be incredibly confusing, but if you want to learn it, Steppy or I can teach you. You also can get free coding from the coding shop.

    Thanks for reading this big long message (or not)

    Hope to see you around!

    ❀ Nothing is impossible except the possibility of the impossible ❀


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