Bluebell the Sponge

aka Bluebellpaw

  • I live in the Earth
  • My occupation is looking up stuff on the internet (mostly spongebob stuff)

hei der! velkommen

til meldingsveggen min.

vennligst permisjon hyggelig og

passende meldinger på her, takk!

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  • Remember when I was talking to you about the dream I had when I was playing a Warriors-themed video game and the cat that I was playing as (or maybe that She-cat was me) fell in love with a brown tabby Tom called Kestrelclaw?

    Well, I remember half of the name of the black She-cat in the dream now.

    Her warrior prefix is Ebony, but I forgot the suffix.

    Ebonyfang? Ebonydusk? I honestly don't remember the suffix that my dream-cat had.

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  • Bluebell, do you have Discord? If you have a server, can you show me the link? Mine is this:

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  • It's Sundrift on her new HP Pavilion All-in-One desktop computer!

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  • The Nat Peterson Appreciation Song-0

    The Nat Peterson Appreciation Song-0

    good music

    that is all
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  • Reading your profile is so hard

    -Just Misty passing by

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  • Helloooooo Bluebell! Do you want to join the SandClan Gathering? It's starting now! Here's the chat page:

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  • Here are some words I like that can be used either as a prefix or a suffix for my character.

    You can use words from the list to be both the prefix and the suffix, or just one word and come up with a fitting prefix or suffix for it. You can then create a fitting description for the name.

    You can also create an appearance and then choose words that suit the description to create a name, if you want,

    You don't have to do  any of this, though. You can come up with a character, whether it is based on the words or not.

    Argus, flax, frond, gull, dock, cormorant, slough, copper, clover, bark, wood, hay, hoot, jump, mole. mumble, nut, puddle, rook, sedge, slate, slight, sleek, stag, timber, tall, wooly, bittern, thistle, tip, fleck, moth, jay, kestrel, avocet, brambling, loch, quill, shore, thaw, antler, chase. chaser, bite, stripe, berry, blink, blotch, leg, patch, path, step, swipe, spiral, sight, snout, spot, tooth, tuft, watcher, speck, leap, tree, branch, flake, pad, whisker

    Here are some names that I have created: 

    Stagbranch, Slightstripe, Haywhisker, Thawpad, Mothswipe, Shorewatcher, Woodspiral, Hootsnout, Nutshell, 

    My possible future fursona will probably be a Norwegian Forest Cat and/or a Manx cat.

    If I lose connection with Misty Moors, then I could have a choice of other characters to make my Blogclan fursona.

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    • The nickname(s) could be Drifter (like the chocolate bar) and/or Sunny-D (like the drink)

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    • you're welcome :D ooh ilike that nickname :P

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hej Bluebell! Jag... well I'm not speaking Swedish here :P I added something on the drawing of you and SpongeBob cuz the last one is kinda weird :P

    Bluebellpaw by Crystie


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  • Just casually dropping a message here for no reason :P

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  • Hi Bluebell I'm asking that do you wanna ship with me? You don't have a ship so I'm not sure...

    If so we can be called Bluecrystal :P Just wondering

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