I have come! Welcome to me, Meadowpaw's, page. My nickname is Dawny, and my

Warrior name is Meadowstripe. Don't

where the 'Dawn' came from, I already told off Cheetah when she asked because I'm rude. Cheetahspark, you know, our mod who created the big bang and still lives to this day with her infinite knowledge? Yeah, that Cheetah. My mentor is Fawnspots and she is amazing. Fawny does *smuch* gud art and doesn't try to eat me or arson me. The BlogClanner I talk to the most is Dovey, though we mostly talk on Scratch. My Scratch is ChickenScratch82 if you want to go bother me there.


Small, stout dark blue-gray cat with light toes, tail tip, flecks, and face with ice blue eyes and long, lion-like tail


First comment: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2020/10/22/who-are-graystripe-and-crowfeather-going-to-choose-in-starclan-by-wildspirit/comment-page-3/#comment-927293

First article: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2021/02/16/unhealthy-relationships-in-warriors-by-meadowstripe/

First birthday post: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2021/01/16/happy-birthday-meadowstripe/

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"Yes please bribe us." -Viper

"best form ever 10/10 would cheese ball again" -Viper

"oh pls no anything but str*ight" - Rainie

"I have been selected for the grand honor of being a cat chair 😀" -Flamo/Earthling


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Dawny x Sunni

Dawny x Frosnolga

Dawny x Dove (What is life?) (Dawny edit: Life is apparently being shipped with your good friends)


This is more of a note for me, but this is the text/code I use for my art requests (Fill the form out in my comments If you want. My requests are open.) The text/code used:


Alright, my requests are open. * Is optional. I’ll try to get as many as possible done, but I’m sorry if I don’t get yours done as quickly as the others, but it'll most likely still get done. Strictly dragon, cat, or wolf, but any type of wings can be in the accessories field. [spoiler title="Explanation of each field if you need it"]

Name: Welp, pretty self-explanatory.

Physical description: Tall and lanky, short and stout, that kinda thing.</span>

Color description: Tell me what colors the character is and where the colors are.

Eye color: The color of the character's eye/s.

Full body or headshot: Either a drawing of the whole body or just the head+neck.

Dragon, cat, or wolf: Which species is the character.

Fluff level (0-10): On a scale from 0/10, how much fur your character has.

Spike level (0-10): On a scale of 0/10, how spikey is their fur is they have fur, if they don't, how spikey are they.

Pose: The position you want your character drawn in.

Expression: The expression you want them to have.

Background: The background colors, scene, or whatever you want the background to be.

Accessories: If the character has, say, a flower, here's where you'd put that.

Filters: Black and white, saturated, brightened, or glitched, but those aren’t the only options.

Other: Any other notes about your character.

Reference sheet: If you have a drawing of them or a reference sheet, that would go here. [/spoiler]

Here’s the form:


Physical description:

Color description:

Eye color:

*Full body or headshot:

Dragon, cat, or wolf:

Fluff level (0-10):

Spike level (0-10):







*Reference sheet:

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