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Marblerose is a dark grey lynx point she-cat with an ear and leg pattern that goes from dark to light. She has a dark grey mask with a few silver markings on it, a black heart on her chest, and silver markings. She has a scar on her side and stripes on her tail that go from dark to light.


I am shy, socially awkward and sometimes depressed. However, I am also smart and sometimes kind.

💙What I do on the blog💙

I mostly do stuff at the Warriors Games page, BlogClan Tavern and BlogClan art. I joined the blog in November.

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Mosskit <3

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Dewy <3

Swifto, your lovely apprentice <333

Echo de heartio who wants to be your friendio! (I’m so proud of that rhyme :P)


Ice :D (Icepaw/pelt)


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✨My OC's✨


Wolfsong - muscular lilac-grey she-cat with blue eyes, a paler muzzle, eye circles, belly, chest and tail tip, long and soft fur and claw marks on her left eye.

Rosethorn - small, delicate, tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes, a dainty pink nose, a fluffy white-dappled light ginger tail, and a fluffy mane on her neck.

Owlflight - lean, brown tabby tom with yellow eyes, sleek fur, and a pale brown muzzle, chest, belly and legs. He has a long and sleek tail.

Hollyberry - tortoiseshell and white she-cat with light green eyes and a fluffy striped tail.

Hawkswoop - huge, muscular, sturdy dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes, a long tail, and a nick in his ear.

Fawnleap - small, light ginger fluffy she-cat with green eyes, brown ears, a white muzzle, chest, paws and freckles.

Raccoonheart - grey she-cat with a dark grey mask, paws, and tail stripes and amber eyes.

Snowfox - small, stocky, white she-cat with pale amber eyes, short legs, a long, fluffy black-tipped tail, rounded black-tipped ears, and a little pink nose.

Sunnylynx - golden spotted she-cat with amber eyes, a short tail, and tufted ears.

Ottermist - brown she-cat with a lighter underbelly, a short tail and amber eyes.

Peachfrost - light ginger fluffy she-cat with bright green eyes, a fluffy tail and dark ginger ears and head stripes.

Honeybriar - golden tabby she-cat with a white muzzle, belly and paws and amber eyes.

Songflower - small tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Leopardshadow - black spotted she-cat with amber eyes and long legs.

Littlefern - small cream she-cat with green eyes and a short tail.

Lilacdawn - lilac and cream she-cat with light purple eyes and tufted ears.

Featherwillow - silver and white she-cat with blue eyes, tufted ears and a feathery tail.

Shadowmask - dark grey tom with amber eyes, a black mask, black swirled patterns and a scar on his shoulder.

Darkstone - large black tom with blue eyes and a scarred pelt.

🐺Wolf (these are the characters I'm going to use for the chapter series I'm going to write)🐺

Luna - grey wolf with blue eyes, a white underbelly and darker ears, shoulder stripe, tail stripe and back toe stripes. She is very kind, nice and patient.

Ivy - brown wolf with a lighter underbelly, ear insides, leg soles and tail tip and yellow eyes. She is kind, but can be strict.

Star - tan wolf with a darker pattern and yellow eyes. She is very kind.

Silver Fang - dark grey wolf with a white underbelly and darker patterns and blue eyes. He is very wise and brave.

Misty - white wolf with green eyes. She is kind, brave, smart and friendly.

Flame - ginger wolf with a lighter underbelly and hazel eyes. He is brave and endurant.

Red Foot - black wolf with a red underbelly, patterns, muzzle and tail tip and yellow eyes. She first seems like a brave, kind and loyal wolf, but in reality she is cunning and cruel.


Sunset - a small, stocky ginger and white Pembroke Welsh corgi with dark brown eyes, short legs and soft fur. She is very kind, sweet, gentle and friendly, and enjoys helping, but is a little shy. She loves her brother, Cocoa. She was once a pet, but she escaped. She is a little lesbian.

Cocoa - a small, ginger, brown and white Pembroke Welsh corgi with dark brown eyes and short legs. He is very brave and fearless, and will never back up from a fight, even if it's someone bigger than himself. He loves his sister, Sunset. He was once a pet, but he escaped. He is also a good hunter.

Kit - a small ginger fox cub with golden-green eyes, a white underbelly and black legs. She thinks she is a dog and acts like one. Despite her small size, she is very brave and fierce. She is also curious and a bit reckless. She is part of a dog pack, even though she is a fox.

Dash - a brownish-grey raccoon with beady black eyes, a scar on his face, a fluffy stripy tail and nimble hands. He despises cats for killing his family, and he takes revenge on them by stealing their kittens. However, he can also be friendly and kind. He is a close friend of Kit.

Sugar - a small, lithe, elegant albino ferret with a long body, reddish-pink eyes, and soft fur. She wears a pink bow on her neck. She is sassy, sarcastic and sometimes naughty, but she is also kind and friendly sometimes. She is Spice's sister. She is also a pet.

Spice - a small, lithe, nimble brown and white ferret with beady black eyes. He wears a blue bow on his neck. He is fearless, fierce and is a troublemaker. He is Sugar's brother. He is also a pet.

Elizabeth Rosaline Martha Annika FluffyPaws (Fluff for short) - a large, fluffy silver tabby cat with golden-green eyes and a feathery tail. She is kind and gentle, and she is also smart, even though she is a pet. She lives with Sugar and Spice and treats them as her younger siblings.

Maple - a fluffy copper-coloured red panda with warm brown eyes, dark legs, white face markings and a long, fluffy tail. She is sweet, kind, gentle, friendly, bubbly and playful.

Whitney - a fluffy silver arctic fox with ice-blue eyes and a fluffy tail. She is kind, friendly and comforting.

Topaz - a sand-coloured serval with black spots and golden eyes. He is sarcastic, fierce,and sometimes cowardly.

Sakura (she/her) - a fennec fox with hazel eyes who wears a flower headdress, a flower cape and a pink ribbon wrapped around her tail. She is sweet, kind, friendly and confident. (Voice claim - Lalisa by LISA)

Copper (he/him) - a maned wolf with brown eyes who wears a red bandanna and a black watch, and has a scar on his cheek. He is calm and joyful. (Voice claim - Light Switch by Charlie Puth)

Autumn (she/her) - a red panda with hazel eyes who wears a crown made of red, orange and yellow flowers and maple leaves, maple leaf earrings, a bracelet with maple leaf, oak leaf and acorn charms, a cape made of leaves and maple leaves on her tail. She also has a heart-shaped beauty mark on her cheek. She is kind, sweet, friendly, joyful, and a social butterfly. (Voice claim - I'm a Mess by Bebe Rexha)

Lemon (he/him) - a serval with yellow eyes and a torn ear who wears a dollar necklace. He is arrogant, sarcastic and fierce, but also quite cowardly. He is kinda friendly, though. (Voice claim - Cake by the Ocean by DNCE)

Karma (she/her) - a black leopard with one deep blue eye and one pale yellow eye who wears blue-framed glasses, and moon and star earrings. She also has a skull tatoo on her shoulder, one white paw and a white tail tip. She is silent and shy. (Voice claim - Copycat by Billie Eilish)

Dune (she/her) - a caracal with amber eyes and white markings. She is friendly and kind. (Voice claim - Gone by ROSE)

Flash (he/him) - a raccoon with brown eyes who wears a black shirt with grey striped, and black cuffs on his arms. He also has a scar across his face. He is optimistic and calm. (Voice claim - Arcade by Duncan Laurence)

Toffy (she/they) - a "strawberry" cheetah with bright purple eyes who wears a strawberry hair clip and a bandanna with strawberries. She is friendly, kind and helpful. (Voice claim - Just Like Fire by P!nk)

Dusk (he/him)- a black lynx with amber eyes and a missing eye. He is arrogant and rude. (Voice claim - Believer by Imagine Dragons)

Angel (she/her) - an albino painted dog with light purple eyes, a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet. She is sassy, rude, and kind of a drama queen. (Voice claim - Psycho by Mia Rodriguez)

Ginger (he/him) - an ocelot with green eyes and a small nick in his ear. He is mean, but cowardly. (Voice claim - Blood//Water by Grandson)

Rina (she/her) - a brown wolf with amber eyes, a scar on her face, a tan crescent moon on her forehead and a green bandanna. She is calm and friendly, but sometimes shy. (Voice claim - Solo by Clean Bandit)

Amethyst (she/her) - a marble fox with light purple eyes, an amethyst and smaller aquamarines on her forehead, silver bracelets, aquamarine earrings, an amethyst charm on her tail, a black collar studded with amethysts and a scar on her right front leg. She is mysterious and quiet, but kind. (Voice claim - Loser by Neoni)

Heather (she/they) - a coyote with one heather purple eye and one tea green eye, two tea leaves and a bunch of heather on one ear, a necklace with a peace sign charm, heathers braided on their tail and a small scar on their throat. She is calm, chill and peaceful. (Voice claim - Cake by Melanie Martinez)

Obsidian (he/him) - a black tiger with bright white eyes, a scar over one eye, a skull mask and some white stripes. He is mysterious and fierce. (Voice claim - Warriors by Imagine Dragons)

Glacier (he/him) - a white tiger with dark grey eyes, a scar over one eye and a black circle on his forehead. He is kind and calm. (Voice claim - Stitches by Shawn Mendes)

Safira (she/her) - a dark grey snow leopard with dark blue eyes, a headdress made of ice crystals on her head, an ice crystal necklace, ice crystal bracelets and ice crystals decorating her tail. She used to be rude and mean, but now, she has reformed, even though she sometimes returns to her old ways. (Voice claim - Lily by Alan Walker)

Marnie (she/her) - a silver snow leopard with ice-blue eyes, a diamond and flower headdress on her head, a diamond necklace, silver bracelets, and flowers decorating her tail. She is kind and caring. She is Safira's twin sister. (Voice claim - POV by Ariana Grande)

Mira (she/they) - a red panda and macaw hybrid with one gold eye and one green eye. She is friendly and sometimes shy. (Voice claim - On My Way by Alan Walker)

Blizzard (she/her) - a lynx and mountain goat hybrid with fur on sie of her face torn off, blue eyes and long fangs. She can be grumpy and serious, but she is a secret sweetheart. (Voice claim - Roar by Katy Perry)

Jupiter (he/him) - a wolf and raccoon hybrid with gold eyes and a raccoon tail charm on one ear. He is brave and intelligent, but sometimes grumpy. (Voice claim - Level of Concern by twenty one pilots)

🍪Books I'm writing and planning to write🍪

Runaway - a chapter series about a young white wolf pup named Misty. She discovers a traitor in her pack, and runs away with her best friend, Flame. On her journey, she meets new friend, discovers new things and finds clues of how to save her pack.

The Last Lynx - a book about a young lynx named Timber who gets separated from his family. He has to go through a dangerous journey to save his kind. On his way, he realises that he is the last lynx in this forest... or is it?

My Inner Fire - a book about Huo, an ordinary young red panda who doesn't know he has a power. After his father dies and the war between his clan and the other clans still doesn't end, he must go on a long and dangerous journey to make peace among the clans. Along with two of his father's friends, Xunsu the fearless deer and Ziran the lazy but noble giant panda, and the mysterious she-wolf Shenmi, they go on an adventure to find the stolen Star Crystal.


  • My favourite characters are Ivypool, Dovewing, Hollyleaf, Briarlight, Daisy, Crookedstar and Sol
  • My least favourite characters are Brokenstar, Rainflower, Ashfur, Oakstar, Raggedstar, Rowanclaw and Mistystar
  • My favourite series is Omen of the Stars
  • My favourite Warriors book is The Last Hope
  • I'm 14 years old, and I'm in year 9
  • I really love reading, drawing and writing stories
  • My favourite animals are wolves, foxes, lynx, leopards, red pandas, otters, coyotes, snowy owls, snow leopards, cheetahs, tigers, caracals, maned wolves, painted dogs, dolphins, gorillas and many more.
  • I live in England
  • I speak Russian
  • My favourite Warriors ships are Briarlight (or Foxleap) x Dovewing, Ivypool x Fernsong, Rosetail x Bluestar and Firestar x Sandstorm
  • My element is earth
  • My spirit animal is a fox
  • According to the What Warrior Cat Are You quiz on the Warrior Cats website, I am Bluestar!
  • My Zodiac sign is Gemini
  • My gemstone is Lapis lazuli
  • My favourite colours are light purple, mint green and blue
  • I love doing art
  • I go by she/her pronouns
  • I love fruits, especially mangoes, strawberries and lychees
  • According to the Which Clan do you belong to quiz on the Warrior Cats website, I belong to SkyClan!
  • According to the What power would StarClan grant you quiz on the Warrior Cats website, I have the power to walk in dreams!
  • According to the Which mythological Clan would you belong to quiz on the Warrior Cats website, I would belong to TigerClan!
  • According to the Which role would suit you better - moor-runner or tunneler quiz on the Warrior Cats website, I would be a tunneler!
  • My Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw!
  • My patronus is an otter
  • On the Medicine Cat quiz, I am Cinderpelt!
  • My favourite movies are Zootropolis, The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp and The Greatest Showman!
  • On the Which of the Three would you get as a mentor quiz on the Warrior Cats website, my mentor would be Dovewing!
  • I'm planning to have a YouTube channel where I do speedpaints and animations with voice acting
  • My friends on the blog say that I am most like Leafpool or Cinderpelt
  • My favourite singers and bands are Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons, BLACKPINK, Carly Rae Jepsen, Melanie Martinez, AURORA, twenty one pilots, Ariana Grande, P!NK and Neoni.
  • I am Chaotic Good
  • I'm lesbian


Old Purrsona

🌈OC art🌈