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Maplesky is a well proportioned she-cat with reasonably large ears and a long tail. She is a fluffy, golden brown-and-white tabby with green eyes.


Maplesky is, for the most part, type A. More specifically, she is of the INTJ-T type, however, she is close to INFP-T. She often feels sorry for things, including not being able to be more specific about her personality. Maplesky also recognizes that personalities can't actually be summed up in a number of types.

On the Blog[]

Maplesky is no longer an active member on the blog due to her chosen path of life. On the rare occasion however, she can be spotted on the chat. In the year Maplesky had been on the blog, she found a plethora of secret pages. She did her best to post all around, but devoted the majority of her comments to being random on the tavern, hugging people on the hug page, and dominating name that apprentice. Maplesky was a common sight on the live chat, however often lurked in the shadows awaiting her chance to pop out and make somebody smile. During gatherings, Maplesky was a proud member of the Relatively Excitable Stoats , until the change in names. She became now a Chromatic Mole, which she was happy to call Molefacent.

On the Wiki[]

Maplesky joined the wiki to enjoy the chat, but was convinced to join the role play. Maplesky became very neglectful of her duties as a role player, she was working towards much more activity on the forums. But that ultimately failed. She is now only occasionally seen popping in on the chat.

In Trailing Stars[]

Maplesky made an appearance in chapter 17 of Trailing stars.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel[]

Coming Soon.


  • Maplesky's clanniversary is July 15 (2015).
  • Maplesky takes drawing requests (of one's fursona or something else). (Hey guys, I might not be around much more but I'd be happy to draw something if you ask!)
  • Maplesky makes it her job to have everybody smile and get to sleep.
  • Maplesky is known to go a little crazy..... What are you talking about!.... Us dummy..... Hey! That's not very nice!.... Well it's the truth..... Well the truth isn't exactly very kind..... Would you rather have the painful truth or a buttery lie?.... I'd rather you to shut up!.... Now look who's being mean..... I'm no- oh be quiet!.... You'll have to first..... Fine..... I said you first.
  • While Maplesky is not on the blog some activities she likes include: soccer, softball, dragon boating, hiking, backpacking, art, writing, and being nostalgic.
  • Much to her disliking, Maplesky has been shipped on multiple occasions, most notably Minter and Meli.
  • Meli sunk. Haple is going strong.